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Motorbike Experiences & Gifts

Fun motorbike experiences! Motorbiking as a rider or pillion passenger is all about that sense of freedom, be it on a tour of twisting country roads, or an off road motocross track. From dirt bikes to Harleys, there's a whole lot of horsepower with just one twist of the handlebar. Motorbike experience FAQs...
pillion rider

Harley-Davidson® Pillion Rides

Alton, Hampshire

Special Offer From £125.00

Harley-Davidson® Pillion Rides
• Harley Davidson� rides around Hampshire
• Choose from 1, 2 and 3 hour pillion rides
• Discover the South Downs on your ride out
• All tours are driven & hosted by ROSPA bikers
KTM e-bike jump

Electric Dirt Bike Experience

Preston Brook, Cheshire

Buy For £85.00

Electric Dirt Bike Experience
• Learn to ride high-performance electric dirt bikes
• Takes place at UK's only electric enduro centre
• No clutch & no gears make these bikes easy to ride
• All the dirt biker gear you need is included
drivers choice

Driving Choice Voucher

Nationwide venues

From £50.00

Driving Choice Voucher
  • Flexible driving gift voucher tokens
  • You choose the amount to buy
  • They choose the experience they want
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

Biker boys and girls will LOVE these motorbike experiences. You're an experienced biker who's always dreamt of riding a Harley but can't justify spending all that money on one? Perhaps you have always fancied taking your biking to the next level with some advanced training? Or how about turning your hand to a spot of dirt biking? Maybe you just want to do that Route 66 cruising thing as a pillion passenger? It's all here for you.

Who it's not for

It has to be said, motorbiking appeals to a certain type of person. If motorcycles simply aren't your thing, it doesn't mean you have steer clear of these two-wheeled adventures completely. We've also go cycling tours where your legs do the work. Or maybe you'd prefer to explore the countryside in a classic car you've hired for the weekend? Both are excellent alternatives!

Motorbike experience FAQs

Do I need a motorbike licence for these experiences?

It depends which of our fab motorbike experiences you go for! If you're planning on hiring a Harley or doing the advanced motorbike rider technique course, you will need a full valid bike (Cat A) licence. In some cases you will need to have held this for at least two years. For the electric dirt bike experience no licence is needed as it's all off road, but some previous mountain biking or dirt biking experience is useful.

Do I need my own motorbike?

For the advanced motorcycle training you will need a road legal motorbike. That's to say with working indicators and mirrors and within the noise limits of the circuit you'll be using (usually 105db). For the Harley experiences, bike hire is included in the package, as it is with the dirt bike sessions.

Do I need my own bike helmet?

If you're bringing your own bike you need your own lid. On the hire experiences you can bring your own helmet if you prefer, but it must be up to the relevant safety standards required. Otherwise the operators usually have helmets to loan to riders and pillion passengers on their motorbike experience events.

Do I need my own biking leathers/gear?

If you have them and they're suitable, then you can of course wear them. On the advanced biker course you'll be out on a race track for some of the time, so you'll need a jacket and trousers that can be attached (or a one piece). For the Harley hire deals it's the usual biker gear for going on a ride. There may be the possibility of loaning kit for those on the pillion rides and dirt bike sessions. If in any doubt, just get in touch with us by online chat, email or telephone.

Will I be riding the bike or be a passenger?

You can do either! We have specific Harley tours where you ride as a passenger, so they're ideal for those who love bikes, but don't have the relevant licence. For all the other packages it's you who will be in charge of your trusty two-wheeled stead.

Can I invite a pillion passenger along with me for these motorcycling days out?

This may be possible on the Harley self-hire packages. You will need to have experience riding as a pillion passenger on a motorbike though.

Will I be riding on the roads or track?

On the tours and self-hire you'll be out on the open roads of the country, feeling the wind in your hair! If you want to try dirt biking you'll be on the tracks and trails off road. If you're a motorbiker honing your advanced riding skills, it's a mix of circuit and open-road riding.

What happens if the bike breaks down?

When bike hire is included in the voucher package, the operators will have a fleet of motorbikes at their disposal and will endeavour to get you riding again on a replacement machine as soon as possible. Sometimes this is not possible and your session might be cut short. In this case, each operator has their own procedure to follow, which may or may not include rescheduling your experience.

Where will I be going on the bike?

Advanced training takes place at a professional motor racing circuit, with some on-road tuition too. On self-hire experiences the world (well, the local area) is your oyster, so you can decide where you'd like to go, or follow the suggestions made by the operators. On tours you will be guided by leaders who know the very best routes to ride. On road or off road, or a mix of both, it's going to be great fun on two wheels!

Are the tours guided?

Harley tours are indeed guided. They are hosted by experienced motorbikes who'll lead the way as navigator and pacemaker too. They'll have worked out a suitable itinerary for you that's sure to include some lovely places to ride and maybe even take in a cuppa!

Can I hire a bike to ride myself?

Yes. Look out for our self-hire packages that give you 24 hours on the motorbike of your dreams. Of course, you're out there on your own, so you'll need a full, valid Cat A motorbike licence and an idea of where you'd like to go!

Who is the advanced bike training aimed at?

Although it's called advanced training, it's for anyone with al full Cat 2 bike licence; from novices to experiences circuit bikers. Riders are divided into small groups according to skill and experience. Instructors will be with you all the way to teach you the basics or new tricks for those who already know how essential cornering is!

What are the rules concerning my own motorbike for circuit training experiences?

All bikes need to be road legal. That's to say with working indicators and mirrors. You must be careful with noise, as the limit is 105db at race tracks. Your bike will be tested before you will be allowed on the circuit. All riders must attend the safety briefing at the start of the experience.

What sort of Harleys are used for these motorbike experience days?

All your favourite Harley models are there! You'll have a choice of the latest versions of Harley's best-loved bikes, including the Sportster, Street Glide, Road King, Heritage and Dyna Fab Bob ranges. And of course, they'll all in sparkling show-room condition ready for your ride out.

Can I go on a motorbike experience near me?

You might have to travel for your motorbike experience, but to be honest, having the chance to hone your biking skills with such specialist sessions we'd be ready to go anywhere! For example, most bikers ride to the track day advanced training sessions, even if it means an overnight stay somewhere.Here's where you can enjoy your motorbike experience day:
  • Guildford - Surrey
  • Reading - Berkshire
  • Cheshire
  • Cadwell Park - Lincolnshire

Ready for some fun on two wheels? Book your motorbiking experience now!

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