Off Road 4x4 Driving Experience Days

It's going to be a case of river deep, mountain high when you go on an axel-crunching 4x4 driving experience! These impressive off roading vehicles just love mud, dirt, lumps and bumps and they'll test your driving skills to the max too.

With everything from Land Rovers and Range Rovers, to customised 4WDs, Jeeps and pick-ups on offer at centres all over the country, it's time to get your head into gear and take on some serious obstacles, all far away from the monotony of the daily commute. This is simply the most fun you can ever have at 5mph! Read more...

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Unlike other driving experiences, 4x4ing isn't all about the need for speed and a cacophony of engine and exhaust noise. This motoring sport is all about control, anticipating where you're going and knowing your vehicle and its capabilities. Let's face it, quite a few of us have all wheel drive cars these days, but how many of them actually get to go beyond the pavement?

You do have to have the right motor for the job though. Always top of the list is the Land Rover Defender. This incredibly solid piece of automotive engineering has stood the test of time and is ridiculously tough, yet agile, despite its curb weight. However, there are plenty of other beefy boys on the block, so look out for experiences where you get to test the off road mettle of a Mitsubishi or a Toyota too.

Of course, all of the venues we offer are different. Some are manmade circuits on the edge of airfields, others are in spectacular former quarries, whilst you might find yourself weaving in and out of the trees on a forest trail, or attacking rutted tracks across wild and windswept countryside - we really have got it all.

So that's the cars and the locations done, but who will be showing you the ropes? All out instructors are advanced drivers who are highly qualified and are excellent teachers, with many BORDA or LANTRA registered. You won't feel like you're on a driving lesson, but it will be a completely new approach to motoring, learning skills that often go against what you instinctively want to do.

We bet the first thing you'll want to do when you reach a water trough is to plunge in and then accelerate to get yourself out. Oops you've stalled. That's because the name of the game here is all about momentum rather than speed. Keeping it steady having built up to a suitable speed before you took your dip means you'll cruise and come out of the other side with a huge grin on your face as you've nailed one of the first tricks of this off roading malarky.

You'll also be amazed at what you can learn in just a day. Even one of our shorter taster sessions will give you the satisfaction of successfully tackling terrain you'd never thought was possible in a car. Once again, it's all about technique: not changing gear when you hit a tricky obstacle, knowing the maximum approach angle of your vehicle and using things like differential lock to get you out of sticky situations.

Above all else, 4x4 driving is a massively fun experience. And in Land Rover's own words, off roading is all about going 'as slow as possible and as fast as necessary' and believe us, when you feel the wheels start to spin and you can touch the ground out of the driver’s window with your elbow because you're leaning that far over, there's nothing like it!