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Drifting Experience Days & Lessons

Drifting experiences are all about flinging cars around corners at speed! Drift with the experts, learning how to slide cars around corners on a circuit, using just the throttle and steering. It's harder than it looks, but when you nail the drifting technique for the first time it's truly euphoric. Drifting experiences FAQs...
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Learn to Drift at Learn2Drift Academy

Birmingham, Hampshire, Oxfordshire

Save 50% From £59.00

Learn 2 Drift Academy
• Drive in a Lexus or fully prepped 200SX 
• Learn Fast and Furious style drifting moves
• British Drift Championship experienced instructors
• Your choice of venues for drifting around the UK
nissan on track

Nissan 350Z Drifting Experience

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save £60 From £69.00

Nissan 350Z Drifting Experience
• Learn to drift in a fully-prepped Nissan 350Z
• Weekday packages with Saturday upgrades available
• Choose from 10, 20 or 40 lap training sessions
• Top-notch coaching from drift pros on the circuit
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Exclusive Drifting Course

Birmingham & Hampshire

Special Offer From £275.00

Exclusive Drifting Course
  • Exclusive drift academy sessions
  • Spend 3 or 6hrs learning all about drifting
  • Drive the Nissan and Lexus drift cars
  • You can share the experience with up to 2 friends
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Nationwide Nissan 350Z Drifting

Aldershot, Exeter, Leicestershire & York

Save 30% From £39.00

Nationwide Nissan 350Z Drifting
  • Drifting experiences at a race track near you
  • Learn to drift in a Nissan 350Z
  • Ideal front-engined, manual, rear wheel drive drifter
  • A variety of drift options are available for you
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Driving Choice Voucher

Nationwide venues

From £50.00

Driving Choice Voucher
  • Flexible driving gift voucher tokens
  • You choose the amount to buy
  • They choose the experience they want
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99
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Become a Drift Driver in Hertfordshire

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save 50% From £49.00

Drifting Hertfordshire
• Drifting Experience at Bovingdon Airfield
• Purpose-built drift track for maximum slides
• Learn sliding techniques in MX5s
• Lots of track time to hone your drift skills
Brands Hatch track
Based On 2 Reviews

Brands Hatch Drifting

Brands Hatch, Kent

From £119.00

Brands Hatch Drifting
• Drift cars at legendary Brands Hatch in Kent
• Team includes two stalwarts of the drifting world!
• Learn to drift in a prepped Mazda MX5
• This is top class Rookie training for you
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Nationwide Drift Hot Lap Experience

Exeter, Leicestershire, York

Special Offer From £20.00

Nationwide Drift Hot Lap Experience
  • A thrilling drift ride in a Nissan 350Z
  • Available at various tracks around the UK
  • Feel the full force of sideways slides!
  • Passenger Drift Experience lasting around 5 minutes
bmw front

M3 Hotlap or Drifting Passenger Thrill

Nationwide Locations

From £49.00

M3 Hotlap or Drifting Passenger Thrill
• Passenger rides in a powerful BMW M3
• Choose between high speed or drifting laps in the M3
• Available at a choice of tracks around the UK
• You can invite two other passengers to join you

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

Drifting is perfect for anyone who's car-mad. It's thrilling and, quite frankly, looks downright cool when you get it right. Requiring much more car control and skill than just driving cars around the circuit, a drifting experience is ideal for someone who's up for the challenge in a rear wheel drive car. And if you've already tried rally driving you'll love drifting - it's even more intense.

Who it's not for

If the idea of hurtling at some speed into a very tight corner and then waiting for the back end of the car to come out, whilst you battle to balance the throttle and the steering strikes fear into your heart, we can safely say drifting isn't for you. If you do fancy having the chance to cruise in some fancy cars, we suggest you have a little browse of our supercar experiences where you're sure to find something you'll like that's a little less intense!

Drifting experiences FAQs

What is drifting?

The art of drifting is all about getting the car to go sideways around a corner, using oversteer (when the rear wheels lose grip before the front ones, making the back end of the car swing out) and controlling it with the throttle and your steering. The ultimate aim is to link your drift turns at ever-increasing entry and exit speeds.

Is drifting what they do in the Fast & Furious films?

Yep! Drifting started on the streets of Japan and has been portrayed and glamourised in the incredibly successful Fast & Furious film franchise. There are also several video games dedicated to all things drift, so these experiences make all that drifting stuff you've seen on the screen real!

Is drifting legal?

On the streets it is not legal. All of our drifting experiences take place on tracks on private land. The drift schools construct bespoke drift circuits, where you can learn and progress in your drifting in a safe and controlled environment well away from the mean streets of Tokyo, or should that be Torquay?

Do I need a driving licence for these drifting experiences?

Most of our drift schools do ask that participants do have a full, valid driving licence for a manual car. This, therefore, means the minimum age for drifting is 17 in most cases.

Which cars do you use for drifting?

Rear wheel drive cars are essential for drifting. In true keeping with the roots of the sport, Japanese cars are really popular amongst pro-drifters and the schools offering lessons. You might find yourself behind the wheel of anything from the pocket rocket MX5, to the hulking Nissan Skyline. BMWs are also quite popular, as were Ford Sierras back in the day for a very British spin on drifting.

Are the cars modified for drifting?

Yes. They all start off as standard production rear wheel cars, but need various upgrades to be able to cope with the gruelling schedule of drift lessons they undertake. So, as well as 'lowering the suspension and welding the diff' (a much-used expression in the drift world!), expect things like uprated brakes, clutch, suspension and tyres too. Some centres use actual drift race cars, so they will be stripped down cars with full roll cages and so on, to conform to drift competition regulations.

Is it easy to drift?

The pros (and the film stars) certainly make it look a lot easier than it actually is. Some of these guys have been drifting at pro competition standard for decades now, so they've had years to perfect the art. When you first start out you are bound to spin out and/or stall the car. This is all part of the learning process and you'll find the instructors are really cool, calm, collected and patient about it all.

Can I learn to drift in just one session?

Yes it is indeed possible! Of course it depends on the individual person, but the instructors reckon they get most pupils performing at least simple drifts by the end of even the shortest sessions. We have a full range of drift experiences, from tasters to full days of tuition, that'll give you loads of track time to learn and hone those techniques.

Does drifting damage the car?

We wouldn't recommend taking the family Beemer out for a spot of drifting in your local supermarket car park because not only is it illegal, it probably will damage your car, as it's pretty heavy on the old clutch. And you'll be burning through sets of tyres like no-one's business. We say leave it to the professionals who have all the mechanical skills to make sure the drift cars are in tip-top condition for these drifting experiences.

Is it one to one tuition on these drift experiences?

In general, you will form part of a small group that rotates around the sessions on the track. Once you're in the car it is indeed one to one tuition with just you and the instructor in the vehicle. Reconnaissance laps might be done as a group though. Please check each individual product description for the full details.

How will my drift lesson work?

On arrival at the centre you'll sign in and then have a safety briefing. Then it's a case of waiting your turn for your drifting session or sessions. Generally the instructor stays in the car and you rotate drive time. Most tutors teach drifting in individual elements, that's to say handbrake turns, doughnuts and figures of eight, before progressing to drifting proper. How far you get in the programme depends how well you get on with the car and how much drive time your experience offers you.

What happens if the drift car breaks down?

Drifting is pretty strenuous on the car, so from time to time cars do break down during drift days. However, the drift schools are prepared for such eventualities and there is invariably a fleet of drift cars at the experience days. Some even have mechanics on site on the day to change tyres and do servicing too.

What happens if I accidentally damage the car?

Whilst drift circuits and experiences have been specifically designed to reduce the risk of damaging a car to the minimum, drifting is a motorsport that carries an inherent risk. In the event of any damage to the drift cars, there will be a damage excess fee payable, which could be around £1500. Much like with hire car companies, operators offer Collision Damage Waiver insurance, which will be offered on the day when you register and, if opted for, must be paid before you start driving. This reduces or waives the fees charged for accidental damage to the car, as long as safety procedures and instructor guidelines were followed. Be careful to read the operator's terms and conditions.

Where can I learn drifting in the UK?

We have got drifting experiences at venues around the UK where you can learn the rather graceful art of drifting a car around a bend. Our current drift school locations include:
  • Birmingham
  • Hampshire
  • Northamptonshire - Rockingham Circuit
  • Kent - Brands Hatch
  • Scotland
  • Hertfordshire

Reckon it's time you got a side slide on? Book your drifting experience now!

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