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Drifting Experience

Learn 2 Drift Academy
Based On 6 Reviews

Birmingham, Hampshire, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire

Special Offer From £59

    • Drive in a fully prepped Skyline, 200SX or Lexus
    • Learn Fast and Furious style drifting moves
    • British Drift Championship experienced instructors
    • Your choice of venues for drifting experiences around the UK
Drifting Adrenaline Academy

Brands Hatch, Birmingham Wheels

From £119.00

    • Drift in Mazda MX-5 training cars
    • Sessions in Kent, Birmingham and Derby
    • Coaching on the basic drifting techniques
    • A mix of classroom and driving sessions
Professional Drift Car Academy

Brands Hatch & Birmingham Wheels

From £249.00

    • Go from rookie to pro on this drift experience
    • Learn the drifting basics in a Mazda MX-5
    • Progress to driving a proper pro drift race car
    • Pro cars included Nissan 350Z & 370Z and BMW E30
Brands Hatch Drift Training
Based On 2 Reviews

Brands Hatch, Kent

From £279.00

    • Drift cars at legendary Brands Hatch in Kent
    • Team includes two stalwarts of the drifting world!
    • Learn to drift in a prepped Mazda MX5
    • This is top class Rookie training for you
Drifting Experience Scotland


Save 60% From £169

    • Drifting at Scotland's purpose built drift track
    • Four or five sessions to learn drift skills
    • Instructors include British Drift Championship pros
    • Drift challenge drive & passenger ride finale
Drifting Hertfordshire

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save 50% From £49

    • Drifting Experience at Bovingdon Airfield
    • Purpose-built drift track for maximum slides
    • Learn sliding techniques in MX5s
    • Lots of track time to hone your drift skills
Drifting Training Birmingham
Based On 2 Reviews

Birmingham Wheels Park

From £279.00

    • Try your hand at drifting at this Birmingham venue
    • This school is young, vibrant & passionate
    • Learn the drift techniques whilst you drive
    • Invite friends & family to watch you drift
Exclusive Drifting Course

Rockingham Race Circuit

Special Offer From £265

    • Exclusive drift academy sessions
    • Spend three or six hours learning all about drifting
    • Learn in the schools Nissan and Lexus drift cars
    • You can share the experience with up to 2 friends
Nissan 350Z Drifting Experience

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save £60 From £69

    • Learn to drift in a fully-prepped Nissan 350Z
    • Weekday packages with Saturday upgrades available
    • Choose from 10, 20 or 40 lap training sessions
    • Top-notch coaching from drift pros on the circuit
M3 Hotlap or Drifting Passenger Thrill

Nationwide Locations

From £49.00

    • Passenger rides in a powerful BMW M3
    • Choose between high speed or drifting laps in the M3
    • Available at a choice of tracks around the UK
    • You can invite two other passengers to join you

Drifting - the best driving experience ever?

In our humble opinion, a drifting experience is the most fun you can have in a performance car. Driving endless circuits around a race track is thrilling in itself, as it rally driving, but nothing beats a bit of drift driving! Maybe it’s because you need to show control and accuracy, or maybe it’s because it just looks so totally cool, but one drift session and we’re hooked.

As you might suspect, seeing a professional drifter perform some nice smooth moves makes it look all rather easier. But of course, it’s not. When you start to learn how to drift you might think getting the co-ordination and sequence of throttle and clutch right is nigh on impossible. However, with most students on these courses something suddenly clicks and it all falls into place so you can get that perfect slide on.

Before you take on the challenge, have a look at what happened when our very own Tom had a drifting lesson from pro driver Rich Newton!

Drifting is all about timing, balance and control. As you’re sitting next to your instructor on your lesson you will be constantly hit with calls for ‘Full gas, off the gas. Back on, full lock!’ which sounds quite full on and it IS full on. You are sure to find yourself spinning out a few times and maybe even stalling as you try and perfect your drift, but practice makes perfect as they say and by the end of your experience you’re sure to be busting smooth moves in your motor. 

Learn the three types of drift


In fact, on these lessons you’ll learn that there are actually three types of drift. There’s the brake, the handbrake and the dynamic drift. On some of the longer courses offered you might get to try the full trio of drifts. And if you succeed in pulling off the dynamic drift (where you get into a drift and keep the car moving forward as you slide) you are sure to get a high five from your instructor. It’s all about hitting that sweet spot where the car is perfectly balanced using throttle and steering only - not a brake or handbrake needed for this one.

And drifting is no marginal motorsport. It may have started off as a form of street racing (and subsequently glamourised in the Fast and Furious films) but drifting is a sport in its own right, It has a massive following in Japan, where the drifters are heroes and the cars are as glitzy and gleaming as you can get. Even in the UK there are drift championships that attract some very skilled drivers indeed and makes for a superb spectacle to watch. Come and learn to drift with Into The Blue.

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