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Multicar Driving Days

We're really spoiling you now with our multicar driving day experiences! We've put together a page to offer you what we think are some of the best sports car driving days out there today, giving the lucky driver the chance drive some very expensive tin wear.

On all these experiences, they will be driving a choice of rather flash motors, so we can pretty much guarantee they'll step out of these cars with a big smile on their faces!

Double Supercar Experience
Based On 7 Reviews

Nationwide Locations

Special Offer From £59

    • Cars and circuits to satisfy all supercar fans
    • Drive a total of 3 or 6 miles on the track
    • Double distance upgrade options also available
    • 1:1 in car tuition at all venues
Supercar Choice with Hotlap

Nationwide Locations

Save 60% From £39

    • Your choice of supercar(s) at your choice of track
    • A fine fleet of fancy supercars revved up & ready
    • Midweek dates (with weekend upgrades possible)
    • All experiences include a hot lap passenger ride
Supercar Collection Thrill Experience

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save 50% From £49

    • 8 driving laps in each of your chosen supercars
    • Test your skill on a purpose built track
    • See your laps improve with 1:1 tuition
    • Range of cars to choose from on the day
Supercar Experience
Based On 7 Reviews

Circuits Nationwide

From £49.00

    • Choose one from a range of supercars
    • 3 mile or 6 mile distance options available
    • Choice of tracks and circuits to choose from
    • Driving certificate to take home
Supercar Sprint Nationwide
Based On 7 Reviews

Locations Nationwide

Save £50 From £79

    • 3, 4 and 5 supercar drive options available
    • Drive for 3 miles in each of your selected supercars
    • Choose from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston and more!
    • Personalised driving certificate included
Platinum Supercar Choice

Locations Nationwide

Special Offer From £59

    • Choose from a range of amazing supercars
    • Drive for 3 or 6 miles with your instructors guidance
    • Driving certificate included
    • Choice of venues
Supercar Blast Offer

Nationwide Locations

Save 20% From £39

    • Our best value weekday supercar drive deal
    • Discounted Friday supercar drives just for you
    • Drive one, two, three, four or five supercars
    • You get to choose the car(s) you want to drive
Supercar Circuit Blast
Based On 6 Reviews

Nationwide Locations

Save £10 From £39

    • 3 miles driving but you choose the car
    • 1 to 5 car options available to purchase
    • Weekend upgrades also available with all formats
    • Choice of circuits in the North, Midlands and South
Supercar Collection Blast

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save 50% From £40

    • A superlative collection of supercars in Herts
    • Choose which car or cars you'd like to drive
    • Photos & GoPro bookable locally on the day
    • Sighting, high speed passenger & driving laps
Supercar Blast at Brands Hatch

Longfield, Kent

From £79.00

    • Drive at Brands Hatch - the home of motorsport!
    • Create your very own supercar driving line up
    • Drive each car for three miles around the Indy Circuit
    • Your chance to drive at this legendary race track
Best of British

York, Wiltshire, Leics, Lincs, Surrey, Wigan, Birmingham, Cornwall

From £139.00

    • Drive the best of British supercars on the track
    • The Aston is the stunning DB9
    • The Atom is the supercharged version
    • Enjoy a high speed passenger lap as a finale
Goodwood Supercar Thrill

Goodwood Circuit, Near Chichester

From £99.00

    • Supercar driving at the classic Goodwood circuit
    • Drive in the tyre tracks of Moss, Hill and more
    • You choose the number of cars to drive
    • Go Platinum to drive the most prestigious cars
Own Car Track Day at Three Sisters Circuit

Wigan, Greater Manchester

From £89.00

    • Take your own car out on the track at Three Sisters
    • Seperate groups for Novice/Road cars & track cars
    • No need to have a high-performance car
    • The perfect chance to 'see what you car can do'!
Performance Car Choice
Based On 7 Reviews

Essex, Lincs, South Wales, East Lothian, Ellesmere Port, Crail Scotland, Fife Scotland, York, Cumbria

Special Offer From £35

    • Driving venues in England Scotland and Wales
    • Wide range of supercars to choose from
    • Drive one, two, three or even six supercars
    • Minimum age for this experience is 12 years old
Secret Supercar and Hotlap Experience

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save 50% From £29

    • The element of surprise is key to this experience!
    • You won't know what you're driving 'til the last minute
    • This secret supercar thrill offers excellent value
    • Full range of sports & supercars in the lineup
Sports Car Experience

Essex, Lincolnshire, South Wales, East Lothian, Ellesmere Port, Crail Park Scotland, Fife, York, Cumbria

From £30.00

    • Drive you pick of car from a sporting line up
    • Choose the venue where you'd like to drive
    • Friends & family very welcome to watch you drive
    • An impressive fleet of high performance cars
Supercar Adventure Day


From £750.00

    • Drive 8 dream supercars on the open road
    • An unforgettable driving day adventure
    • Breakfast and Lunch included
    • We've tried it and it's amazing!
Supercar Blast Choice

Blyton Park, Elvington, Three Sisters, Bruntingthorpe, Castle Combe, Dunsfold Park, Perranporth

From £35.00

    • Drive anything between one to six supercars
    • Famous tracks, proving grounds & pro circuits
    • An impressive fleet of supercars to choose from
    • Top-notch instructors to give you in-car tuition
Supercar Circuit Thrill

Nationwide Locations

From £59.00

    • Drive supercars for six miles around the track
    • Your choice of car(s) and your choice of track
    • A superb line up of supercars awaits
    • Tracks & venues around the UK for midweek dates
Supercar Driving at Oulton Park

Oulton Park Circuit, Cheshire

From £79.00

    • Super car driving days at Oulton Park in Cheshire
    • You build the driving experience you want!
    • Drive for 3 miles in 1 to 5 different cars
    • Can you handle the tricky Knickerbrook Corner?
Supercar Driving Experience Edinburgh

Ingliston Racing Circuit, Scotland

From £89.00

    • Supercar driving right near Edinburgh centre!
    • Drives take place at Ingliston Circuit
    • Choose 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 cars to drive
    • Every experience includes an Ariel Atom hotlap
Supercar Select Driving Experience
Based On 1 Reviews

Nationwide Locations

Save £20 From £69

    • Supercar driving at nationwide locations
    • 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 car options available
    • Drive 6 miles in each supercar chosen
    • Smooth tarmac circuits in fast cars!
Supercar Sensation
Based On 3 Reviews

Staffordshire, Wales, York and Wigan

From £89.00

    • Flexible options with 1-5 supercars - you choose!
    • Locations in Staffordshire, Wales, York or Wigan
    • Driving analysis form to take home
    • Choose from Audi, Ferrari Lamborghini and more
Supercar Thrill & Hotlap
Based On 5 Reviews

Elvington, Blyton, Bruntingthorpe, Castle Combe, Dunsfold, Three Sisters, Birmingham, Perranporth

Save £40 From £49

    • Six miles driving your chosen supercar
    • High speed passenger lap included
    • 2 or 3 car options also available
    • Personalised driving certificate included
Supercar vs Ford Focus RS
Based On 1 Reviews

York, Wiltshire, Leics, Lincs, Surrey, Wigan, Birmingham, Cornwall

From £139.00

    • 6 laps in the Focus RS + 6 laps in a supercar
    • Experience the pros drive with a hot lap in the RS
    • Trip Advisor - Certificate of Excellence 2014/15
    • Certificate of supercar driving experience
Ultimate Lamborghini vs Ferrari Race Car Experience

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save £149 From £149

    • It's Lamborghini vs Ferrari on this experience!
    • Drive a Huracan Super Trofeo & a 458 Challenge
    • Both cars compete in single series championships
    • Eight laps of the track in each of the cars
Ultimate Supercar Track Day

Nationwide Locations

Save £180 From £119

    • Chose the 'Awesome Foursome' or 'Supercar Five'
    • Choose from Aston, Audi, Lambo, Ferrari & Porsche
    • Personalised supercar driving certificate
    • Put your foot down at this fast airfield circuit
Weekday Supercar Blast

Stafford, Anglesey, Three Sisters, Tockwith

Special Offer From £49

    • Great value supercar driving offer
    • Choose from a range of supercars
    • Multiple driving laps with 1:1 tuition
    • Excellent on site facilities for drivers & guests
American Muscle Three Car Blast

Stafford, Anglesey, Three Sisters, Tockwith

Save £45 From £89

    • Drive a trio of American muscle cars
    • Drive the Dodge, the Ford & the Chevvie
    • Three of the most powerful pony cars out there
    • Two or three laps in each of the three cars
Drive Famous Movie Cars

Leicestershire, York, Surrey, Devon

Special Offer From £39

    • Drive lookalikes of well known cars from films & TV
    • Famous cars from the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s
    • Drive your film car choice on the track
    • A variety of track venues around the UK offered
Movie Stars Cars
Based On 4 Reviews


Save 70% From £29

    • Love the movies? Now drive the cars!
    • A choice of cars from films and TV to choose from
    • Vouchers for 1-4 car drives available
    • Events take place at a several UK tracks
Supercar and Segway Experience

Leicestershire, Yorkshire

£99 From £99

    • Drive a supercar & a Segway in one experience
    • Drive your choice of supercar for six miles
    • A 20 mins Segway session off road
    • A choice of circuit for this experience
Trucks and Supercars

Essex and Leicestershire

Special Offer From £89

    • Drive a truck & the supercar of your choice
    • Combines lorry driving with fancy supercar driving
    • The truck is used to transport the supercars
    • Cars driven on track & trucks on perimeter roads
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