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Skid Pan Training and Driving Experience

Our range of skid control experiences near you. Skid pan training gives you the confidence to know how to react if you start skidding in your own car in wet, icy or snowy conditions. So, as well as having great fun skidding, you'll be learning something really useful too! Skid control FAQs...
Skid Pan Control Essex

Skid Pan Control Essex

Near Epping

Best Seller Buy For £109.00

Skid Control in Essex
• Hydraulic cradle = front, rear and all wheel skids
• All angles, all action and all fun!
• Oversteer, understeer and emergency braking skills
• Convenient Essex location just off M11
car skid marks

Skid Training Shropshire

Oswestry, Shropshire

Special Offer From £99.00

Skid Training Shropshire
• Learn how to control all kinds of skids
• Low grip skid pan for realistic skid scenarios
• Learn skills that will make you a safer driver
• Learn from a grade six driving instructor
Castle combe skid pan

Skid Control at Castle Combe

Near Chippenham

Buy For £109.00

Skid Control at Castle Combe
• Control skids in front and rear wheel drive cars
• Learn steering and braking skills to keep control
• Skid control certificate to take home
• Prize for the best driver of the day
Skid Sign

Skid Control Day Suffolk

Thetford, Norfolk

Buy For £120.00

Skid Control Suffolk
• Learn to control oversteer and understeer skids
• Drive front and rear wheel drive vehicles
• Tackle the super slippery low grip skid pan
• All drivers receive a skid control certificate
drivers choice

Driving Choice Voucher

Nationwide venues

From £50.00

Driving Choice Voucher
  • Flexible driving gift voucher tokens
  • You choose the amount to buy
  • They choose the experience they want
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for -

Anyone who has ever lost control, skidded or nearly skidded in a car! Driving a car in the snow, rain or ice is a completely different ball game and these skid pan sessions will show you how your car will react, how you need to react and how to prevent getting into a skidding situation in the first place. Essential stuff for both novice and experienced drivers to know.

Who it's not for -

Although technically you don't need a licence for these training courses as they take place on private skid pans, you will need to know how to drive a car (and a manual one at that), before you can learn how to deal with, control and prevent skids.

Skid pan training FAQs:

What is skid control?

Skid control is all about learning how to control and correct the car in the event of a skid, i.e when your tyres lose traction for whatever reason. It could be oil on the road, black ice, snow or standing water that makes you skid. When it happens, the front or rear end of you car moves out and you slide. Skid control will teach you how to recognise what type of skid you're in (front/understeer or rear/oversteer) and how to get out of it safely.

Isn't skidding dangerous?

Yes, it certainly can be if you skid on the pubic roads. But these skid control courses all take place on skid pans at private driving centres around the country. That means you can learn how to skid in a safe and controlled environment, with experts teaching you.

What does the skid pan look like?

A skid pan is a concrete tarmac area set aside for skidding. Some operators use cars that sit in hydraulic cradles to simulate a sliding car. Other schools put water or a product on the surface of the pan to make it really slippy and use cars with slick tyres on to help initiate skids more easily.

I'm a bit nervous as I've never done anything like skid control driving before…

It's completely normal to feel nervous before your skid pan session. You don't normally deliberately try and skid a car, so it's just a little bit of fear of the unknown. Once you're out there, the tutors are great and you'll soon get into the lesson. Before you know it, you'll be building up your confidence; initiating and controlling skids are increasing speeds. You'll be impressed with yourself by the end!

Are lessons on a one to one or small group basis?

Skid control schools offer a mix of one to one and small group lessons, so check with each individual supplier. And remember, if it's small groups and you get a few of you together, you can have the teaching time exclusively to your group on the pan.

What cars do you use for skid pan training?

Most locations offering skid pan in the UK use a variety of car set ups to simulate different types of skids. That's to say both front wheel drive and rear wheel drive cars, as they react in different ways when traction is lost.

Can I use my own car?

On these fun taster experiences you can't use your own car. However, some of the schools we use might offer continued training that is possible in your own vehicle.

My car has ABS, traction control and ESP will I learn anything?

Yes! With ABS your car will react differently when in a skidding situation - and this is often covered in these introductory skid pan training lessons. It's the same with other onboard driver aids; you still need to know how the car will react. And it's still incredibly useful to know how to avoid skids in the first place, in order to make you a better driver!

Does it need to be wet or snowy to do this activity?

Actually, no. If the school uses cars in cradles, that's how the wet surface is simulated. If a wet skid pan is used, the operator has a special formula they put down to wet the surface and get you sliding.

Is skid pan training fun?

Although many of our skid control sessions take place at professional driver schools who teach people who work in serious roles such as the fire and rescue services, ambulance drivers and even the police how to drive, the emphasis on these experiences is very much fun, whilst being informative. So yes, you'll have fun and learn a skill that could save your life and avoid damaging your car at the same time!

Where can I go for a skidding experience?

We've got skid control lessons at selected centres around the UK for you:
  • Essex
  • Northamptonshire
  • Shropshire
  • Norfolk
  • Suffolk
  • Scotland - Fife

Reckon your driving could benefit from a session on the skid pan? Book your skid control training now!

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