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Off Road Buggy Racing


You've probably never seen anything like these little buggies. These little off road racing buggies are so light they're like pocket rockets. Some are also capable of doing a 0-60mph in around three seconds - how's that for impressive motoring stats? Indeed, these latest off road buggies are the new generation of pared-down racing vehicles and we love them!

Akin to a rally car, racing in these buggies is a tantalising experience, especially as there's no real roof or bodyshell. That means you get to feel the wind in your hair (and quite possibly feel a bit mud-splattered too) making for a completely madcap driving experience. As you slide your way around try and keep your smiles under control, as it'll take all your concentration to keep these buggies going in the right direction. Read more...

buggy on gravel

Extreme Rage Buggy Passenger Ride

Leicestershire, Oxfordshire & Yorkshire

Special Offer From £30.00

Extreme Rage Buggy Passenger Ride
• Rides in the Rage Motorsports Hurricane buggy
• Be a passenger with a pro-buggy pilot at the wheel
• Tackle the challenging gravel & grass circuit
• Scare yourself silly for around five laps!
Whole buggy in mud

Dirt Buggies for Two Cheshire


From £109.00

Dirt Buggies for Two Cheshire
• Drive a Blitzworld Vigilante dirt buggy offroad
• These buggies are powered by car engines
• Tackle the challenging off road track in Cheshire
• Run as a pairs event in these two seater buggies
Apache Rally Kent
Based On 3 Reviews

Apache Rally in Kent

Near Maidstone

Buy For £85.00

Apache Rally in Kent
• Drive a high performance Apache Rally Buggy
• Onboard 1:1 tuition from a pro-instructor
• Learn how to drift, lock and control the car
• Sessions can be adapted to suit your skills!
Dirt Buggies Nottingham

Dirt Buggies Nottingham

Farnsfield, Newark

Buy For £40.00

Dirt Buggies Nottingham
• Drive 400cc Honda powered Gemini dirt buggies
• Approximately 15 minutes actual driving time
• The dirt track consists of lumps, bumps & tight turns
• All safety equipment provided & marshal briefing
Orange kart

Off Road Grass Karting Cheshire


Special Offer Buy For £45.00

Off Road Grass Karting Cheshire
• Grass karting experiences in Frodsham
• Drive the Gemini Dominator 'rev and go' buggy
• Two sessions driving the off road kart track
• Up to three karts will be on the track at once
Rage Buggies Dorset
Based On 2 Reviews

Rage Buggies Dorset

Blandford Forum

From £29.00

Rage Buggies Dorset
• Drive the rage buggies around the 1.7 mile track
• Challenge your skills on bends and fast straights
• All safety equipment supplied
buggies on track

Rage Buggies Powys / Shropshire Border

Mid Wales on the Shropshire Border

Buy For £59.00

Rage Buggies Powys / Shropshire Border
• Rage buggy driving in mid Wales border area
• Off road buggies with a 690cc Honda engine
• Acceleration superior to many a supercar!
• Enjoy a free archery or laser clay session too
Quad Bike trick
Based On 1 Review

Quad & Buggy Challenge

Near Bicester, Oxfordshire

Buy For £79.00

Quad & Buggy Challenge
• Ride a quadbike on a fun offroad trek
• Double thrills with a session driving offroad buggies
• Driving tips from a qualified instructor
blue rage buggy

Rage Buggy Rally Driving

Chichester, West Sussex

From £30.00

Rage Buggy Rally Driving
• Learn to rally cross in an agile Rage buggy
• 0-60 in under 4 seconds on dirt!
• Full and Half day driving options available
• Passenger rides also available
Off Road Challenge Sussex
Based On 2 Reviews

Off Road Challenge in Sussex

near East Grinstead

2 for 1 From £135.00

Off Road Challenge in Sussex
• Ultimate off road challenge experiences
• All sorts of 4x4 & off-roading vehicles to drive
• Ideal for small groups of up to six participants
• A two course lunch is included for all drivers
red buggy

Buggy Rally Experience Bristol

Coalpit Heath, Bristol

From £139.00

Buggy Rally Experience Bristol
• Drive Walker Adams buggies near Bristol
• Practice in the fun & funky Rebel buggies
• Lap the grass track in the 4x2 Revolution buggy
• High speed passenger lap in the 4x4 Revolution
dirt buggy

Off Road Rebel Buggies Birmingham

Birmingham Wheels Park

Buy For £69.00

Off Road Rebel Buggies Birmingham
• Rebel Buggy racing in Birmingham
• Race, chase down and overtake your buggy opponents
• Compete to be crowned best buggy driver
• 650m purpose-built loose gravel race track
dirt buggy

Off Road Rebel Buggies Cheshire

Frodsham near Chester

From £69.00

Off Road Rebel Buggies Cheshire
• Off road buggies in Cheshire near Frodsham
• The only place where you can actually race!
• Driving Walker Adams built Rebel Buggies
• Chase down & overtake your opponents
orange rally cart

Quads & Rally Karts in Kent

Near Maidstone

Buy For £109.00

Quads & Rally Karts in Kent
• Quads & buggies at Ashtree Farm near Maidstone
• Over 200 acres of Kentish countryside to explore
• Quad training in paddock then the quad trek
• Apache buggy driving relay - 3 drivers to 1 kart
buggy on gravel

Extreme Rage Buggy Experience

Leicestershire, Oxfordshire & Yorkshire

Save £50 From £49.00

Extreme Rage Buggy Experience
• Drive Rage Motorsport Hurricane buggies
• A full choice of experience durations
• Learn Scandi flicks & handbrake skills
• Buggies do 0-60 in less than 4 seconds!

A buggy for all terrain

Buggies - no, not the type you stick a baby in, we are talking proper off road buggies that are low on weight and high on fun. The new buzz word for these sort of mini motoring machines is multi terrain vehicle, which is a totally apt description, as a buggy like this is as at home on tarmac as it is on rutted mud tracks.

In fact the key to these experiences is the buggy itself. As you browse this section you'll notice some of them are single seaters, others are two seaters. The largest vehicle out on the track is the Apache Rally - a six-speed, side-by-side configured two seater. And, believe us, you'll need that second seat to be filled so you can counterbalance the uber light construction. That's because this baby has a 750cc motorbike engine onboard which is pretty feisty to say the least. Oh and it's also useful to have the instructor sitting next you to give you hints on how to tame this beast.

Take a look at the Apache rally buggies in action in Surrey to see what you're letting yourself in for!

The Rebel karts are the niftiest out of the blocks. This little solo buggy is as agile as they come, with just two turns putting on full lock. It's also rear wheel drive, so sliding around those corners is pretty much obligatory in this thing. Most Rebel experiences take the form of time trial races and it's strictly non contact, after all these are buggies and not dodgers.

British designed and built buggies at their best

Our Gemini off road buggies have a 400cc Honda engine onboard and rack and pinion steering, so they boast top handling. These are British-built 'back to basics' models with a head height roll cage, a four point harness…and not much else. In the Geminis you'll be properly open to the elements so expect to get dirty!

Another UK designed and built multi terrain monster is the Rage Buggy. Available in both single and tandem versions, you will love the aggressive styling. Again they are kitted out with motorcycle engines so expect ridiculous amounts of torque and a launch speed that's sure to take you by surprise. Perhaps just as well they have full racing five point harnesses, gas charged dampers and double wishbone suspension otherwise it'd be a very bumpy ride at those sorts of speed.

Whether you're off on a safari-style trek, competing in time trials or a pursuit challenge (where all riders are in a staggered start) we think these buggies are great fun to drive. Remember, it's a non-contact motorsport, but with all the mud, dust and noise it's certainly going to be a thrilling race. Helmets on and foot to the floor, it's time to get your off road buggy going!

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