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The Deck 747 Simulator Experience

City Airport, Manchester
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  • Fly the Boeing 747-400 series flight sim
  • A real BA 747 converted to a simulator
  • A unique & very authentic experience
  • 20, 45, 90 & 120-minute sessions available


What's Included

  • Flight simulator session in a real upper deck of a Boeing 747-400
  • Choose from a 20, 45, 90 or 120 minute session 
  • The ex British Airways genuine 747-400 top deck complete with cockpit has been converted into a totally immersive simulator with 180-degree wrap around screen
  • Introduction to the controls and instruments
  • Take off and land anywhere in the world guided by an experienced instructor
  • Experiences can include multiple take offs, landings, some emergency scenarios and sightseeing depending on your chosen flight duration
  • Up to three guests may join you in the cockpit and either share the flight time or observe, subject to an additional charge payable when booking your date

What Can I Expect

Welcome aboard the Deck 747! This is your 100% authentic Boeing 747-400 flight simulator experience on a genuine ex-British Airways top deck. Yes, this is the only 747 in the UK that has been converted to be a sim and it's awesome!

We are offering 20, 45, 90 and 120-minute sessions on this amazing 747 simulator at City Airport Manchester. It has been built using the actual upper deck fuselage of a Boeing 747-436 wide-body airliner, making it a totally unique experience.

This Queen of the air first flew for British Airways in 1998. After flying many key transatlantic routes (such as LHR-JFK) for the flag carrier airline, G-BYGA was retired prematurely in 2020. She was bought by the Deck 747 team at Manchester Barton Airport and now has a new lease of life as the most realistic 747 simulator you'll ever see!

Step onboard and walk past those rather fancy business class seats, past the flight crew bunks and onto the flight deck. This was, for many 100s of flying hours, where it all happened. It's an amazing feeling to think that this plane has flown back and forth over the oceans for many years and gives total authenticity to your experience.

And a 747 flight deck is quite something. With room for four crew onboard, these behemoths of the skies were legendary. And G-BYGA was actually one of the last 747s to be taken out of service.

But now this 747-400 series is back flying, albeit virtually, to the huge enjoyment of aviation fans. If you book the 20-minute experience you'll be practising three landings. Those on the longer 45, 90 and 120-minute sessions will be able to fly full sectors, even going gate to gate between your choice of airports anywhere in the world.

With the genuine 747-436 cockpit and incredible 180-degree wraparound graphics, the Deck 747 crew will ensure your 747 simulator session is fully immersive and totally amazing. Book your slot now!


  • Tuesdays to Sundays throughout the year
  • Dates and session times are subject to availability
  • Sessions are generally available between 10:00-19:00


  • City Airport, Barton in Manchester

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 8
  • Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult, subject to a guest charge payable when booking your date
  • Guest Charges: 20-min £10, 45-min £15, 90-min £25, 120-min £25
  • Due to space constraints most wheelchairs will not fit into the flight deck.  Users must be able to make their way unaided from the cabin into the front cockpit seat 


  • Up to three guests are welcome to share the experience with you (either share the flight time or observe the experience from the cockpit) subject to an additional charge payable when booking your date

Current Guest Charges:

  • One Person : 20-min £10, 45-min £15, 90-min £25, 120-min £25
  • Two People : 20-min £18.50, 45-min £25, 90-min £40, 120-min £40
  • Three People : 20-min £25, 45-min £35, 90-min £55, 120-min £55
The Deck 747 - The UKs only 747 Converted into a Simulator
The Deck 747 Simulator Experience Get this Experience


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Rating: 5 stars
Stephen Ellis
5 Months ago
This was a birthday gift to my 10 year old grandson and was an amazing experience. The authenticity...