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iFLY Virtual Reality Experience

Milton Keynes, Manchester, Basingstoke

  • Experience indoor skydiving with VR headsets
  • Feel the wind and see yourself skydiving for 'real'
  • VR is available at three iFLY centres in the UK
  • Two indoor skydives before your VR skydive flight


What's Included

  • A pre-flight briefing explaining how to fly in the wind tunnel
  • Two 60 second standard flights per person (the equivalent freefall time of three tandem skydives!)
  • One additional flight using state of the art VR headgear
  • A personalised flight certificate signed by an instructor
  • Watch others take on their indoor skydiving flight
  • Your entire experience will last approximately 1 hour, allow spending 1.5 hours on site

What Can I Expect

Step into the world of hyper reality with VR skydiving! These virtual reality skydiving experiences add an amazing extra dimension to it all. Feel the wind underneath your body and see just what's it's like skydiving out of a plane at the same time. It's incredible!

The already crazy sensations you get when freefalling indoors just got even crazier thanks to this skydiving simulator using VR technology. By donning a state of the art VR headset, you will become totally immersed in your virtual skydiving adventure - and they reckon it's as close as you can get to a real skydive.

To start you off, you'll have two regular flights in the wind tunnel to get you used to the feeling of floating on air in this skydiving simulator. In just two 60-second goes, you get the same amount of freefall as three real tandem skydives, so it's pretty thrilling to say the least.

Now you've got used to what it feels like to skydive, it's time to see what it's all about. Headset on, the high definition images will show you how a real skydive happens, from the point of view of a skydiver. As you're being manoeuvred to the entrance of the wind tunnel, you're in the plane ready to jump out. When you can see on your headset that it's your turn to jump, give a real thumbs up to your real instructor and it's time to jump in the wind-flow and freefall - at the same moment you jump out of the plane.

What's totally amazing about virtual reality indoor skydiving is that as your body is actually skydiving in a wind tunnel, you're seeing images of skydiving with your colleagues over somewhere glam like southern California, Hawaii or even classic green and pleasant English countryside. Look around and you'll see what's around you at 12,000ft in the air.

The technology of these VR skydive headset is so good that there is no time lag between you moving your head and what you see. This means the whole experience is hyper-realistic and you are 100% seeing and feeling the skydive!

So, keep your chin high and your arms stretched out in the freefall position and experience the bonkers sensations of VR skydiving. Available at three indoor skydiving centres in the UK, Virtual Reality gives you that extra dimension to not only feel but also see what it's like being in the flight-suit of an expert skydiver.


  • Bodyflights are available seven days a week 09.00 - 23.00
  • Multiple sessions take place every day at each location


  • Milton Keynes
  • Manchester
  • Basingstoke

Suitable For

  • You must arrive 45 minutes prior to the scheduled 'Flight' to allow for check-in, class and changing etc
  • You can fly as long as you are under 18 stone 7 pounds (117kg)
  • Available to flyers aged 8 or over
  • This is not suitable if you are pregnant, under the influence of alcohol or non-prescribed drugs, wearing a hard cast and have previously suffered from a dislocated shoulder
  • You will be required to sign a declaration of risk (anyone under 18 will require a parent or guardian's signature)
  • If you wear glasses, goggles are supplied that fit over them
  • Anyone with a history of neck or back problems or heart conditions should seek advice from their doctor before flying
  • All safety equipment is provided
  • There are secure lockers for personal item storage that are free of charge
  • You will be provided with a flight suit that fits over your normal clothes
  • Arrive dressed casually wearing trousers and a shirt with preferably a button-down collar or no collar such as a t-shirt
  • Shoes should be skate shoes or trainers that are lace up. Other shoes are not suitable


  • Spectators are welcome to watch participants in flight
  • There are toilets and changing facilities on site
  • There are lots of other attractions located nearby along with retail and food outlets

Anything Else

  • This experience is excluded from additional discount codes and promotions
  • A variety of media including photos and videos are available to purchase after your flight
  • Please note: Vouchers are not redeemable at the O2 London
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