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Fighter Jet Combat Experience for Two

Little Gransden Airfield, Sandy

  • The UKs only multi-player F-35 sim experience
  • Take on aerial combat missions in a duo of F-35s
  • Both planes are linked so you can fly in formation
  • A variety of gnarly missions for you to choose from

What's Included

  • Fly with a friend in 2 identical linked F-35B fighter jet simulator
  • Compete 'head-to head' in dogfights
  • Fly together in the same 'airspace' and in formation
  • Realistic screens and flight controls
  • State of the art transducers, that make you feel as if you are in a real aircraft
  • 30 and 60-minute flight durations are available
  • Your choice of missions from an extensive list

What Can I Expect

Prepare for full-on F-35 combat! The two of you will fly simultaneously in linked Lockheed Martin F-35B Lightning stealth jet fighter simulators - and it's going to be a crazy flight. Let's see if you've got what it takes to keep your cool in the midst of an intense aerial dogfight.

The operators tell us this is the only multi-player linked combat jet fighter simulator experience in the UK (maybe even Europe) and we believe them. It's an impressive set up. Not one, but two F-35 combat plane simulators - and they're linked. That means you can take off in formation, fly in formation, dogfight between you or take part in daring combat missions working with your ‘wingman' to defeat the enemy.

It's going to be cut-throat. You'll be taking no prisoners. You've got a duty to protect the country from attack and you'll do whatever it takes. There is a whole kaleidoscope of missions for you to choose from (and our top tip: the choice is widest if you go for the 60-minute experience).

Keep your eyes and ears peeled. You and your fellow F-35 sim pilot could be hit with a QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) at any moment. You'll need to take off immediately (but that's no problem, as you're in a F-35B with Short Take Off and Vertical Landing capabilities. But again, you two will need to keep your cool and work together in the air to intercept and combat the enemy.

Choose to go 'head-to-head' in a dogfight to see who is the 'top gun' or work as a team to defeat the enemy. These F-35 combat missions are absolutely intense and fantastic all at the same time.

And don't forget, you won't be flying solo for these missions. Be it a 30 or a 60-minute session, all experiences are for two of you to fly side-by-side keeping the skies safe from baddies.

If you're wondering how realistic these sims are, let's just put it out there that the software used has actually come from manufacturer Lockheed Martin. Add to that vibration and audio transducers, 4KHD curved graphics and authentic controls and you've got yourselves an incredible dual-sim F-35 combat experience that's unique!


  • Weekdays and weekends throughout the year


  • Little Gransden Airfield, Cambridgeshire

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 10
  • Under 16s must be accompanied on site by an adult
  • Access to the simulator is by climbing over the sides (just like a real aircraft
  • Steps are provided to assist
  • For those with limited mobility the cockpit side can be removed for easier access


  • Up to 4 guests may wait in the lounge area during your session

Anything Else

  • This is a fixed based simulator and does not move


5 out of 5 stars

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Rating: 5 stars
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