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Full Motion 737 Simulator Cambridgeshire

Woodston, Peterborough
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  • Full-motion sim flying near Peterborough
  • Captain the full-cockpit Boeing 737 sim
  • Feel every bump & move as you fly
  • Hosted by current & retired pilots


What's Included

  • Fully immersive aircraft simulator experience
  • Take the controls of a Boeing 737 motion simulator
  • Fly under the guidance of an experienced instructor sitting alongside
  • 25 minute pre-flight briefing
  • The simulator boasts detailed visual systems, surround sound and hydraulic motion to recreate a realistic flying experience
  • De-brief and presentation of a personalised souvenir certificates
  • Sessions can usually be tailored to existing flying ability so it doesn't matter if you have never flown before or are an experienced pilot
  • 20 minute flights will give you a real taste of the controls
  • Longer flights will allow a wider range of situations to be simulated e.g. a 60 minute flight provides enough time to experience day and night landings, bad weather, air turbulence and even in-flight emergencies
  • Opt for the 'Duo' session to share the fun with a friend and receive 30 minutes of flying time each

What Can I Expect

Are you ready to do your pre-flight checks in a full-motion sim in Cambridgeshire? This professional-standard 737 simulator is the real deal (or as near as it can be for a simulator!), with full hydraulic motion. That means you'll definitely feel every bump as you take off and land!

From the moment you step into this full-motion 737 sim, you're immersed in the aviation world. The actual cockpit of this airline flight simulator is identical to an actual 737, right down to the headsets, oxygen masks, checklists and lifejackets - not that there'll be much need for those in this part of Peterborough!

Offering hydraulic motion is the key to the ultimate realism of this sim. Feel the rush of acceleration as you apply the throttle. Experience in-flight turbulence. Feel the disruption a tricky cross-wind on your final approach can cause.

But by far the most popular scenario for visitors to this full-motion simulator is the low-visibility landing. Imagine having to bring your 737 full of passengers safely down when you hit a tropical storm or become engulfed in fog? It'll take nerves of steel handling such tense situations in the sim, so imagine what it's like in real life.

And if low visibility doesn't light your aviator fire, then how about a rejected take off where you have to slam the brakes on before getting airborne? Or maybe you want to see just how an airliner can keep flying despite engine failure at 35,000ft? Then there's that flying challenge of doing a 'go around' to have another 'go' at lining the jumbo up and getting her landed.

As well as the sheer delight of being at the helm of this impressive pro simulator, it's pretty amazing to be surrounded by so many simulators. This Peterborough-based set-up has the biggest fleet of static and full-motion sims anywhere in the East!

What's more, the instructors hosting these sessions include current and retired commercial and professional pilots. Each one has enough anecdotes and stories to write a novel about their time in the skies. Book your virtual flight now in the impressive 737 full-motion sim at Cambridgeshire's biggest simulator centre!


  • Mondays to Sundays throughout the year (excluding Bank Holidays)
  • Sessions are generally available between 09:00 and 19:00, 10:00-17:00 on Sundays
  • Dates are subject to availability


  • Woodston, Peterborough in Cambridgeshire

Suitable For

  • Minimum age is 12
  • Under 16s must be accompanied on site by an adult over 18
  • Good, general mobility is required for this experience
  • Not suitable for those who suffer from claustrophobia, motion sickness, epilepsy, those with restricted mobility or with a nervous disposition


  • Guests are welcome but cannot view the activity, take photos or ride onboard the simulator
  • There is a comfortable lounge area with complimentary tea and coffee
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  based on 1 review

Rating: 5 stars
Ian Peplow
8 days ago
The experience was amazing for an aircraft geek like myself. I took off and landed 3 times and all ...