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Flight Simulator Experiences Nationwide from Into The Blue

Flight simulators let you experience the thrills of flying - all without ever leaving the ground. Jump into the captain's seat, enter your flight co-ordinates a...
Flight simulators let you experience the thrills of flying - all without ever leaving the ground. Jump into the captain's seat, enter your flight co-ordinates and get ready to fly your highly realistic airliner or military fighter jet wherever you fancy going.

Anyone who has flown on a commercial airliner will know that nowadays, in this age of heightened airport security, it's impossible to even sneak a peak into the flight deck as you walk down the aisle. That's why we love these simulator experiences, as it's you who is going to be sitting in the captain's seat in the cockpit. Read more...

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737 Flight Simulator

Gloucestershire, Manchester, Northants & Sussex

Save £20 Was £99 NOW £79

    • 1:1 tuition in this fixed base 737 simulator
    • Choice of flight durations available to choose
    • 4 locations to choose from
    • Bring along a friend to enjoy the 'flight'
737 Simulator Warwickshire

Henley in Arden, Warwickshire

Save £26 Was £75 NOW £49

    • Boeing 737 simulator at Henley in Arden, Warks
    • This is a fixed base model with 180 degree views
    • Family can watch on the big screen in reception
    • Your pick of take off & landing airports
Airline Simulator

Central London

2 for 1 Was £118 NOW £59

    • Sim resembles a Boeing 737-700 new generation
    • Zone 1 central London location nr Hammersmith
    • Over 24,000 destinations & airports to choose from
    • Fully operational cockpit with wraparound screens
Flight Simulator Coventry


Save 20% Was £125 NOW £99

    • 737, 747 & A320 airliner simulators in Coventry
    • Be wowed with latest 3D graphics on your flight
    • You can pay locally for full motion on the A320
    • Trip Advisor 'Certificate of Excellence' 2015/16
Vulcan Bomber Flight Simulator Experience

Stacksteads, near Manchester

From £120.00

    • A session in the world's only Vulcan bomber sim
    • Sit in the exact-size replica cockpit
    • Choose the military mission you'd like to go on
    • 'Fly' in this iconic delta-wing fighter jet
737 Simulator Suffolk


Save £31 Was £130 NOW £99

    • Flights on a professional-rated Boeing 737 sim
    • 90 min experience with 30min ground briefing
    • Take control from engine start up to shut down
    • A choice of 24,000 airports worldwide for you
737 Simulator Peterborough

Sibson Airfield

Save 30% From £49

    • Fixed base flight sim sessions at Sibson Airfield
    • Fly from your choice of airport in a 737-800W sim
    • Plane is positioned, engines on, ready for takeoff
    • Two passengers can join you in the flight deck
Boeing 737 Simulator Derbyshire

Shirebrook, Derbyshire

Save £20 From £45

    • Captain a virtual Boeing 737-800 in Derbyshire
    • A full range sim session durations available
    • Follow airline Standard Operating Procedures
    • Gives a real insight into the life of a pilot
Eurofighter Typhoon Simulator

Horsham, West Sussex

Exclusive Offer From £149

    • Eurofighter Typhoon flight simulator experiences
    • Longer flight times mean intensive flight training
    • Try dog fighting, onboard weaponry, refuelling etc
    • 'Take off' is from Horsham in West Sussex
737 Boeing Simulator Newcastle


From £55.00

    • Flight simulator experiences in Brunswick
    • Fixed base Boeing 737ng, Spitfire & F-35 fighter
    • Captain a Next Generation Boeing jet airliner
    • Choose your flight path and flight duration
737 Simulator Doncaster

South Yorkshire

From £75.00

    • Fly a Boeing 737-800 flight sim in Doncaster
    • Hosted by working commercial airline pilots
    • Fixed base, hyper real wraparound graphics
    • Decide on your flight itinerary before take off
737 Simulator Harrogate

North Yorkshire

From £144.00

    • Boeing 737 flight simulator flights in Harrogate
    • This is a full-hydraulic motion simulator
    • Hosted by experienced commercial & RAF pilots
    • All sessions are one to one & geared to you
F16 Fighter Pilot Yorkshire

Wakefield, West Yorkshire

From £59.00

    • Pilot an F16 flight sim on aerial missions
    • Choose from 30, 60, 90 or 120 flight durations
    • Sit in a ejector seat mock up for your flight
    • Full ground briefing before you 'fly' in the sim
F35 Simulator Newcastle

Newcastle upon Tyne

Save £20 From £39

    • Lockheed Martin F35 military fighter jet simulator
    • The only place in the UK offering the F35 sim
    • Discover the amazing avionics & stealth technology
    • Can be combined with a Boeing simulator flight too
Fear of Flying Course Northampton or Sussex

Northampton & Sussex

From £169.00

    • Ease your fears flying on these courses
    • Hosted by experienced commercial airline pilots
    • Session tailored to you to combat your own fears
    • Explore flight deck and 'fly' in the jump seat
Fighter Jet Simulator

Near Harrogate

From £144.00

    • Fly a McDonnell Douglas F4 simulator nr Harrogate
    • Sim cockpit is an ex-operational military Phantom
    • This is a full motion hydraulic platform simulator
    • Various flight durations offered in this fighter
Fighter Pilot Experience

Stalybridge, Cheshire

Special Offer Was £45 NOW £39

    • Top Gun-style jet fighter simulator experience
    • An actual ex-Romanian Air Force Delfin 29 cockpit
    • Wear a genuine RAF fighter pilot flight suit
    • 'Real time' flying & full military flying skills
Flight Simulator Bristol

Bristol Airport, North Somerset

Special Offer Was £79 NOW £49

    • Simulated flight from Bristol (Lulsgate) Airport
    • Choose between fixed and full motion simulators
    • Based at a small & friendly flight club in Bristol
    • A full range of session durations offered
Flight Simulator Durham

Langley Park, Durham

Save 40% Was £25 NOW £17.5

    • Fly a Piper PA-28 simulator
    • Choose your flight departure and destination
    • 30, 45 and 60 minute options available
    • Special price Junior options available for 10-17's
Flight Simulator Essex

Stapleford Aerodrome, Essex

From £89.00

    • Fly the UK's only ALX Alsim medium jet flight sim
    • A high-tech sim is used for actual pilot training
    • Impressive high definition wraparound screens
    • This Stapleford Airport sim resembles an A320
Flight Simulator Glasgow

Glasgow International Airport

From £80.00

    • Flight simulator training at Glasgow Airport
    • Learn how to virtually fly on these 1:1 sessions
    • Excellent in-cockpit training by qualified pilots
    • Each experience is geared towards the student
Flight Simulator Norfolk

Old Buckenham Airfield, Attleborough

From £49.00

    • Virtually fly any plane, any where!
    • Try this Lockheed Martin Prepar3D flight simulator
    • Based at this training centre at Old Buckenham Airfield
    • Hosted by a highly experienced pilot instructor
Flight Simulator Wales

Lleweni Parc, North Wales

Save £14 Was £59 NOW £45

    • Fixed base Cessna 172 Skyhawk simulator in Wales
    • This sim is used for instrument training by pilots
    • Based out of Lleweni Park flight training centre
    • Pick a local flight path, or go further afield
Flight Simulators Perth

Perth Airport

From £80.00

    • Fly a flight simulator at Perth Airport
    • Generic sim can simulate 3 different plane set ups
    • Choose from Beech 200, Piper Seneca or Citation II
    • Try the sim student pilots use for qualifications
Flight Training Simulator Hampshire

Popham Airfield, Winchester

From £65.00

    • Fly an Ikarus C42 simulator at Popham Airfield
    • This is the world's only Ikarus Simulator
    • Simulator boasts full motion & triple HD screens
    • Hosted by pilots who instruct in real Ikarus aircraft
Flightdeck Experience Manchester


From £110.00

    • Fixed base 737-800 flight sim in Manchester
    • Fully enclosed cockpit & cabin is hyper realistic
    • Invite up to 12 guests to sit in the main cabin
    • A totally airline/airport themed experience
Flying Anxiety Course Warwickshire

Henley in Arden, Warwickshire

From £139.00

    • Cure your phobia of flying at this flight centre
    • 1:1 Session with a commercial pilot
    • Advice on training your body & mind to cope
    • Culminates in a short flight in the simulator
Simulator Devon


From £150.00

    • Boeing 737-800 sim training at Chudleigh in Devon
    • Highly experienced commercial airline pilot host
    • Pneumatic ramps give sensation of moving
    • Your flight will last around 60 minutes
Spitfire Simulator Warwickshire

Henley in Arden

Save £20 Was £99 NOW £79

    • Pilot a Spitfire simulator in Warwickshire
    • Fly an aerial mission during the Battle of Britain
    • You can choose from many different fight options
    • Surround sound, fixed base simulator experience
Virtual Flight Experience West Sussex

Horsham, West Sussex

From £99.00

    • 'Fly' fixed base Boeing & Pipers sims in Horsham
    • 737ng is ex Ryan Air, Seneca PA34 flew at Shoreham
    • Full glass cockpit & realistic wraparound graphics
    • Various flight times, all with 30mins briefing
Virtual Reality Spitfire Simulator

Newcastle upon Tyne

From £39.00

    • A Spitfire simulator with added Virtual Reality!
    • Wear a VR headset as you fly the Spitfire
    • Sit in the full-size cockpit replica as you fly
    • Take part in a Battle of Britain mission

The most true to life flight simulators out there

Of course, you don't actually go anywhere when you're on a simulator as it's not real, but it is incredibly realistic. Make no mistake; these multi-million pound machines are nothing like the games console sims you may have at home. All the knobs, dials, levers and gauges work and the 180-degree screens project incredible images that'll have you more than convinced that you're circling over London Heathrow.

Some set ups boast full hydraulics, as seen in this flight sim video from our Burgess Hill operator. Full motion means you will experience all the sensations of pitch and roll, whilst having very realistic sounds integrated, so you might even be able to hear the grind of the undercarriage retracting after take off. And yes, you will be able to switch seatbelt signs on and off for the cabin! 

What’s more, some of our simulators are actually real, in the sense that ex-airworthy airframes are used to create the cockpits. So you could be sitting in an ex-Romanian Air Force L-29 Delfin, or the slightly worn seat of Airbus A320-111 that has flown hundreds of thousands of miles on commercial routes for GB Airways.

Fly your virtual plane virtually anywhere in the world

So where will you be headed to on your virtual flight? Well, it's totally up to you. This is your chance to have a go at Hong Kong's epic Kai Tak airport landing in amongst the skyscrapers on a runway jutting out into the harbour. Maybe you want to be an ace fighter pilot sweeping down through the Austrian Tyrol with the wing tips perilously close the rock faces?

Even the weather can be simulated on your flight. How about a foggy descent into Gatwick? A tropical storm over the Med? Or even a cold snowy day on your final approach into Geneva? All this is possible and the sim technicians can recreate all sorts of in-flight scenarios too, from engine failure to being hit by lightning.

As we said, these sims are the real deal as they are often used by working captains and first officers to practice and when converting to different aircraft types. If you're serious about getting your wings to become a fully qualified airline pilot, these flight simulator experiences are a great place to start. The instructors will be full of good advice and info, as many of them are working or retired military, business or commercial pilot. Enjoy your flight, Captain!