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Supercar Experiences

How do you create a supercar driving experience? Take a very fast car that costs lots of money, add in a smooth tarmac track and you've got yourself a fabulous supercar driving day! If you've always wanted to drive a supercar, our roster reads like a 'who's who' of the automotive world. Supercar experience FAQs...

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

If you dream of driving a supercar you're in the right place! Whether you had Ferrari posters on your wall when you were young, or you've always fancied having a go behind the wheel of something that packs several hundred horsepower under the bonnet, these experiences are all about realising those supercar driving dreams. What's more, suppliers regularly update their supercar collection, meaning there's always something new to drive each season, so keep checking back for the latest supercars coming up for you to drive.

Who it's not for

If, for you, a car is simply a means of travelling from A to B, you'll probably find it hard to get enthused about driving cars round and round a track. That said, even those who can't actually drive are often wowed by the glamour of these amazing machines - and you can experience that power for yourself on a passenger ride, leaving the driving to the experts.

Super experience FAQs

Do I need a driving licence for these supercar drive days?

In general yes, you will need to present a full, valid manual UK driving licence to take part in these supercar experience days. There are some exceptions, for example in the case of fully automatic supercars, where you may only need an automatic licence to them. And we do offer junior supercar driving days for those too young for a licence, where dual-controlled cars are used.

Can I rent a supercar?

All the supercar experiences featured in this section are for driving a supercar around a race track. We do have a whole section dedicated to hiring a car to drive on the open road, featuring mostly classic cars with some modern supercars too. You get to 'own' the car of your choice for 24 very sweet hours, or head off on a daytime adventure in the countryside.

What makes a supercar a supercar?

Now this is a question that's always up for debate. Most car fans agree that high design and high performance are essential qualities for supercars. But is that all? Does it have to be from an exotic car maker? Does it have to be suitably expensive? Does practicality and fuel economy have to go out of the window? We could debate this (and the definition of hypercars and even megacars) until the cars come home, but what's most important is that we've got a huge range of superb cars - from Grand Tourers and pocket rockets, to rear wheel drive beasts.

Do you have any V8 supercars to drive?

Yes we do. If you're of the mindset that to be supercar you have to have at least a growling V8 engine, you won't be disappointed. Having said that, our biggest range of V8 motors can be found in our American Muscle and Movie car section, which is full of modern and classic V8 pony cars from the across the pond.

Are the cars all manual transmission?

Many of the supercars lined up are indeed manual transmission. That said, the current trend amongst supercar manufacturers is for semi-automatic, which means you change gear using paddle shifts on the steering wheel, so there's no clutch. Some operators do use fully automatic supercars too. Please check the full details on each page for more info.

Which of the supercars you have are all-wheel-drive?

Back in the day, most supercars and sports cars were rear wheel drive (the Porsche GT2 'widow maker' anyone?), but these were becoming too hot handle on today's roads, so many of the supercars you see now are actually all wheel drive. From the Porsche to the Lamborghini, you've got even more grip now. They're still fun to drive, even with less oversteer!

Which of the supercars available are the fastest?

We have some very, very fast cars on our roster; from McLaren's to Ariel Atoms. There are a fair few that can boast 0-60mph times at well under five seconds. Of course, these sort of results are produced in optimal conditions, so even if you don't break the sound barrier on your own supercar drive, you'll have huge fun trying!

Which is the best supercar to drive on the day?

That comes down to personal preference. Maybe you're a fan of the bold and brash Italian supercars from Lamborghini and Ferrari? Perhaps the German precision of an Audi R8 is more your thing? Or how about the sheer style and class of an Aston Martin or a Jaguar? If you want sporty handling the Porsche can't be beaten.Then there are crazy cars like the Ariel Atom and the Caterham. Or maybe go electric with the BMW i8? With so much choice, we couldn't possibly say which is best supercar…but we do have a soft spot for high performance saloons like the Impreza!

Do you have any supercar days in London?

Whilst there are no race circuits in central London, you don't have to travel far beyond the M25 for a supercar drive. We've got tracks in Kent, Essex, Surrey and other Home Counties so you can drive a supercar within an hour of the heart of the capital.

Are these supercars hard to drive?

This all depends on the car and what you're used to driving. If you drive a small hatchback, you'll find the Jaguars and Astons with their long bonnets seem enormous. Those used to the high driving position of an SUV will think the likes of the Lamborghini are ridiculously low to the ground. As for actually driving these cars, many of them do have heavier clutches than your usual runabout and with all that power under foot, they do handle differently too. Your instructor will be in the car with you to help you make the most of your drive.

I've heard supercars are uncomfortable, is that true?

Most supercars are totally impractical. They have bucket seats that are pretty low to the ground, so can be a bit of a mission to get in and out of. Many have a boot that's only just big enough for the smallest Louis Vuitton overnight bag or maybe a set of golf clubs if you're lucky. They can be pretty noisy inside with that burbling V8 behind your head too. And if you're talking open cockpit cars like the Atom and Westfield, well that's back to basics motoring at its most extreme as you are totally open to the elements. BUT, that's why we love these supercars. They make a statement, they stand out and the go like the clappers.

Will I be able to drive fast?

We often get guests asking us if the cars have some form of limiter on them. This may be the case if the operator deems it necessary in terms of safety. But in essence, these supercar experiences aren't just cavalcades, you will be encouraged to 'go for it',as long as you are showing the competence to be able to handle the power. You're sure to get progressively faster with each lap as confidence builds.

Will there be other cars out on the track at the same time as me?

Yes. The way supercar experience days work is by bringing a whole load of cars to the track and staggering start times for guests throughout the day. You rotate around the activities, depending on the number of cars your voucher entitles you to drive, so there are always several cars out on the track at once, with cars coming in and out of the pit lane all the time.

Will I be out there driving my supercar on my own?

No. An instructor stays in the car at all times, whilst guests take it in turns in the driving seat. Instructors are all highly qualified and experienced and will give you in-car tuition whilst you drive on braking points, accelerating and so on, to help you make the most of your time behind the wheel.

Can I overtake other cars on the track?

This is entirely down to the instructor in the car. If you are behind slower car, it is the instructor who will decide if you can overtake and talk you through the etiquette of carrying out an overtaking manoeuvre out on the track. In all honesty, it doesn't happen very often as the cars are usually pretty well spaced out.

What happens if I damage one of the supercars?

All the cars are insured, but you will be liable for the damage excess. This can be in the region of £2500 depending on the operator and the car. Most suppliers offer a damage excess waiver insurance at the time of booking your date or at registration on the actual day. In all cases it will need to be purchased and paid for before you get in any of the school's cars. The insurance is to cover some or all the damage excess in cases where damage was not due to undue diligence or reckless driving. More info on insurance is available from each operator, or contact us.

What sort miles per gallon do these supercars do?

Not many. Just be thankful it's not you filling the car up! Even at the best of times, some of the heavier supercars with bigger capacity engines will rarely get into double figures for miles per gallon and when you're hooning around a track with aggressive braking and acceleration, it's even less!

Are there any height or weight restrictions for supercar driving?

Check each operator for their specific height and weight restrictions, but in general it's a minimum height of 5ft (to reach the pedals) and maximum of around 6ft 6". Maximum weight is around 19 stones.

Where can I go on a supercar experience near me?

We have got supercar experiences at circuits all over the country. From former airfield tracks and pro circuits, to motorsport testing grounds, we've got them all with a full range of the very best and popular supercars of the moment. Current supercar experience day locations include:
  • Leicestershire
  • Essex
  • Northamptonshire
  • Lancashire
  • Yorkshire
  • Kent
  • Cheshire
  • Oxfordshire
  • Surrey
  • Sussex
  • Devon
  • North Wales
  • South Wales
  • Fife
  • Lincolnshire
  • Cornwall

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