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Supercars for Kids

So here's the supercar driving page for kids - yes that's right, juniors in some truly awesome cars, like a Ferrari - 400 bhp, top speed 191 mph, 0-60 in 4.3 seconds, 3.6 litre water cooled V8, 6 speed manual or F1 paddle shift gear box.

As well as the Italian classic, we've got the Audi R8 and Aston Vantage to wow the youngsters and the parents too we suspect!

Kids Supercar Thrill
Based On 4 Reviews

Surrey, Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Exeter

Special Offer From £69

    • Aston, Audi, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Nissan, Porsche or rally
    • Single or double car options to choose from
    • Driving thrills for 11-17 year olds
    • Driving certificate to take home
Junior Supercar Choice Test Drive

Essex, Lincs, South Wales, East Lothian, Ellesmere Port, Crail Scotland, Fife Scotland, York

Save £14 From £35

    • Supercar track days for juniors around the UK
    • Select one car to drive for 3 or 6 miles
    • High speed Lotus Elise rides available as add ons
    • A broad range of supercars in the fleet line up
Junior Race Car Experience

Nationwide Locations

Save 50% From £29

    • Porsche Boxster race car drives just for juniors
    • Offered at a wide choice of venues around the UK
    • No need for a licence or any driving experience
    • Let your little one loose in a race car!
Junior Supercar Taster


Special Offer From £49

    • Supercar taster sessions for 11-17 year olds
    • You'll be driving on private circuits
    • A great line up of supercars & 'movie cars'
    • Five minutes behind the wheel of each car
Teens Ferrari Nationwide
Based On 10 Reviews

7 Locations

Special Offer From £69

    • Ferrari driving for 10-16 year olds
    • Automatic gearbox gets you driving easily
    • Personalised junior Ferrari driving certificate
    • 1:1 driving tuition
Junior Aston Martin
Based On 3 Reviews

5 Locations

Special Offer From £69

    • Let the kids loose in an Aston Martin DB9
    • 1:1 tuition and around 10 mins drive time
    • Personalised driving certificate presentation
5 Locations
Based On 2 Reviews

5 Locations

Special Offer From £69

    • 414bhp V8 Audi R8 for under 17's
    • 10 mins driving the R8 on a coned out course
    • Certificate of supercar driving experience
    • 3 locations to choose from
Junior Bumblebee
Based On 7 Reviews

Nationwide Locations

From £49.00

    • Drive a Chevy Camaro that's just like 'Bumblebee'
    • 3 or 6 mile driving options
    • Nationwide locations to choose from
    • Instructors tailor the driving to suit each child
Junior Movie Car Choice


Save 70% From £29

    • Juniors drive their choice of movie star car
    • Enjoy three laps in each of the look-a-like cars chosen
    • Experiences held at tracks around the country
    • A full fleet of famous film cars ready to roll
Junior Platinum Supercar Choice


From £109.00

    • Drive one or two supercars around a race track
    • A full fleet of cars & tracks to choose from
    • Drive each car for around 10 mins
    • An expert instructor will accompany all drives
Junior Skyline
Based On 5 Reviews

Locations Nationwide

From £49.00

    • 'Fast and Furious' styled Nissan Skyline driving
    • 3 or 6 mile options available
    • Suitable for young drivers aged 10 or more
    • Instructor on board to ensure safety and fun
Junior Supercar Blast

Nationwide Locations

Save £30 From £29

    • One, two or three supercar drives just for kids!
    • For kids aged 10-16yrs and at least 4ft 10" tall
    • All cars used are dual-controlled for safety
    • Airfield, pro race tracks & proving grounds used
Junior Supercar Choice

Locations Nationwide

Save 60% From £39

    • A choice of supercars for juniors to drive
    • Wide-range of tracks available around the UK
    • Pick one, two or three cars to take for a spin
    • An instructor will be in the car with drivers
Junior Supercar Experience Edinburgh

Ingliston Racing Circuit

From £99.00

    • Supercar driving just for teens at Ingliston Circuit
    • Open to youngsters aged between 12 and 16 years
    • Impressive range of cars available to choose from
    • Vouchers to drive one or two cars
Kids Supercars
Based On 14 Reviews

York, Leicestershire, Gainsborough, Surrey, Wigan, Birmingham, Cornwall

Save £40 From £49

    • Choice of 'big name' supercars for kids to drive
    • One-to-one guidance from a pro instructor
    • Junior supercar driving certificate included
    • Choice of five locations
Junior Toyota Supra Driving


Save £20 From £29

    • Juniors get to drive a Fast & Furious car
    • Let the youngsters have their Brian or Tia moment
    • The car is dual controlled so very safe
    • Instructor with the kids at all times in the car
Junior Triple American Muscle Car Blast

Stafford, Anglesey, Wigan & York

Save £45 From £89

    • Muscle car driving experiences just for kids
    • Drive a Camaro, a Challenger & a Mustang GT
    • You choose which of the circuits to go to
    • For kids aged between 11 and 18 years old
Kids Ferrari Drive
Based On 3 Reviews


From £79.00

    • Junior drivers in a Ferrari, 360 or F430
    • Suitable for kids aged 11-17
    • Pose for the ultimate Ferrari selfie
    • ARDS registered instructors
Kids Nissan GTR
Based On 1 Reviews

Leics, Warks, Yorkshire

From £79.00

    • Kids 11-17 can drive this amazing Nissan GTR
    • 10 minutes behind the wheel of this 4WD rocketship
    • Souvenir certificate to show off at home
Kids Supercar Choice
Based On 12 Reviews

Staffordshire, York, Wales, Wigan

Special Offer From £49

    • Supercar thrills for boys & girls 12-18
    • Choice of Lambo, Ferrari, Aston, Audi, Porsche etc
    • One-to-one tuition in your dream supercar or cars
    • Dedicated driving venue on private land
Kids Supercar Driving Choice

Nationwide Locations

Save £20 From £39

    • Supercar driving experiences for 11-17 year olds
    • Afforded at a choice of tracks around the UK
    • No need for a licence or any driving experience
    • It's safety first - cars are all dual-controlled
Lamborghini Drive for Kids

York, Gainsborough, Leics, Surrey, Wigan, Birmingham, Cornwall

Special Offer From £69

    • Lamborghini Gallardo driving just for juniors
    • Open to kids aged 10-16, minimum height 5ft
    • Drive the Gallardo for 10 mins on a coned course
    • Hotlap in a performance saloon available as add-on
Movie Cars for Kids

Venues Nationwide

Special Offer From £39

    • Cars from the movies just for the kids to drive
    • Drives available at a range of tracks around the UK
    • Choose a one or two car drive voucher package
    • Suitable for kids between 11 and 17 years old
Ultimate Teen Supercar Party

Leicestershire and York

Special Offer From £999

    • 8 kids can each drive 2 different supercars
    • High speed hotlaps and birthday cake included
    • Photo package with multiple images for all kids
    • Driving certificate presented to each driver
Driving lessons for 10-17 year olds in a Bentley

Nationwide Locations

From £49.95

    • Driving in a Bentley Flying Spur - just for teens!
    • Sessions take place at driver training centres
    • Chance to drive a 6.00l luxury Bentley
    • Mum & Dad can be chauffeured in the back
Mini Junior Drive Lesson & Supercar Blast

Essex, Lincolnshire, South Wales, East Lothian, Ellesmere Port, Crail, Fife, York, Cumbria

Save £20 From £69

    • A first drive lesson & supercar blast combined
    • Open to youngsters aged from 12 years
    • A 30 or 60-min lesson in a Mini with an instructor
    • Followed by a three-mile blast in a supercar
Porsche Under 17 Motorsport Academy Drive & Licence

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save 50% From £49

    • Drive a Porsche Boxster at Bovingdon
    • Open to kids between 11 and 16 years old
    • Opportunity to gain a Motorsport Academy Licence
    • Dual controlled Porsche Boxsters are used
Teen Rally Stafford

Stafford Driving Centre

Save £40 From £29

    • Getting juniors driving road rally style in Staffs
    • Fully liveried rallying Subaru WRX Sti
    • Take to the tarmac track to feel the speed
    • In-car instruction given as youngsters drive
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