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Ferrari 458 Challenge Experience

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire   

• Drive the unique Ferrari 458 Challenge car
• This racing Ferrari is not even street legal!
• Drive for 4 or 8 laps around Bovingdon Airfield track
• Genuine car used in the Ferrari Challenge series

What's Included

• Drive a Ferrari 458 Challenge
• 30 minute briefing covering racing lines, throttle, braking techniques and trackday safety etiquette
• 4 sighting laps including 1 high speed passenger ride in a track prepared sports saloon car
• 4 or 8 laps driving the Ferrari with 1:1 tuition
• Each lap is approximately 1km
• Performance driving debrief with your instructor
• Experiences last approximately one and a half hours
• This experience is available as a driving or passenger experience

What Can I Expect

Get your hands on a genuine Ferrari 458 Challenge! This is your chance to drive an actual Ferrari 458 race car that has competed in and won races in the single-marque Ferrari Challenge championship. This high-spec beauty has come straight from Italy to Hertfordshire and boy does this car rock around this former airfield's smooth tarmac surface. Are you up for the Ferrari 458 challenge?

One look at this 458 and you'll agree it's no 'ordinary' Ferrari. The Challenge is a proper factory-built Ferrari race car, that far ascends the performance of the road-going 458. This incredible car is fully race-prepared and boasts more than a few little nods to its F1 cousins. For instance, there are the wheels with their single, central nut for quick wheel changes in the pits, the transmission that is derived from the Grand Prix car and even the carbon racing seats are FIA approved.

And then there's the question of styling tweaks. The glass windows on the Ferrari 458 Challenge have been replaced with weight-saving perspex, the 19" wheels run on slicks and the inside has been stripped down to the bare motoring minimum, with full spider-web roll cages added. What's more, the suspension is harder, lower and lighter than ever before.

All these mods are to get the maximum out of the Ferrari 458 Challenge when you drive it, (or should we say launch it) onto the track. You'll be inside driving, but if you were on the outside you'll see the huge goose-neck spoiler rising to increase downforce. The 4.5l V8 engine has been tweaked to be a finely-tuned, 562bhp, 200mph+ track-loving thoroughbred. What's more, the 458 Challenge is not road legal, so Bovingdon Airfield is only place us mere mortals (who are not multi-millionaires participating in Challenge series) get to drive these amazing 458s.

To get you geared up for your mission, you'll head out for a few laps as a passenger in a performance car to get a feel of the circuit layout. Then the moment arrives. The Ferrari 458 Challenge is revved up and waiting for you. Climb aboard and get ready to drive this very special Ferrari 458 for 4 or 8 delectable laps around this entertaining circuit. Those long, smooth curves will allow you to appreciate the full unlocked power of this unique Italian supercar.


• Selected weekdays throughout the year
• Upgrades to include Saturday mornings are available for £39 when booking your date
• Experiences are subject to availability and weather conditions


• Bovingdon Airfield, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Suitable For

• Height restrictions: minimum 5ft, maximum 6ft 2ins
• Weight restrictions: maximum 18 stone
• A full manual driving licence is required (if driving)
• Participants must be physically fit with no serious health conditions
• Minimum age 5 for passenger experience


• Spectators are welcome to come along

Anything Else

  • Optional Damage Liability Reduction waivers are available starting from £25  
  • Any participant entering a vehicle will be requested to complete a Disclaimer in order to participate in their experience

ferrari 458
Ferrari 458 Challenge Experience
Ferrari 458 Challenge 8 Laps
Total Price£79.00
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