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Climb The O2 Experiences


See a completely different side to The O2 Arena in London on these unique O2 experiences. As well as concerts and events inside the Arena, there are other activities at The O2 - namely climbing up and over the outside of the whole thing. Yes, you can actually do this! We're big fans of this novel way to experience The O2, so book your slot to experience those amazing views from the top of the O2 for yourself. O2 Experiences FAQs...

Climb The O2 outfits
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Climb The O2

Greenwich Peninsula, London

Open again from 14th April 2021 From £37.00

Climb The O2
• Scale the sides of The O2, re-opening 14th April 2021
• Enjoy 360 degree views from the viewing platform
• The climb takes around 90 minutes to complete
• Valid for anytime climbs, 7 days a week
days out

Days Out Choice

Days out across the UK

From £50.00

Days Out Choice
  • Choose from a range of attractions and days out
  • Things to do in a day around the UK
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99
  • Choose from £50, £100 or £150 value vouchers
twilight climb

Climb and Dine with Up at The O2

Greenwich Peninsula, London

Special Offer From £59.00

Climb and Dine with Up at The O2
• Enjoy a 90 minute urban mountaineering experience
• Walk up and over the iconic roof of The O2
• See the incredible views from the summit
• Celebrate with a two course meal at All Bar One
couple with champagne

Up at The O2 Celebration with Champagne for Two

Greenwich Peninsula, London

Open again 14th April 2021 Buy For £95.00

Up at The O2 Celebration with Champagne for Two
• Celebrate with Champagne on top of The O2 Arena
• Walk up The O2 for a Champagne toast at the top
• Scale this 52m-high structure for superb views
• Spend time at the very top to drink your Champagne

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

You'll need to be physically fit and up for the challenge for this O2 experience, but when you get to the top you'll be rewarded with amazing views. Daredevils and extreme sightseers will love this and even those a little less adventurous should consider it, as you're guided and attached with a harness all the way!

Who it's not for

If you really don't like heights this O2 experience isn't for you. You'll be exposed to the elements too, so if you want an aerial view of the capital without the physical effort, try a London Eye, View from the Shard or Emirates Air Line ticket package all available on our Attractions & Tickets page.

O2 Experiences FAQs

How high is it at the top of the O2?

At the very top you'll be 52m off the ground on these O2 experiences!

Is it windy up there?

Yes, I can be a bit windy up there. You'll be outside, climbing across that famous white-domed roof, so you're exposed to the elements.

What do I need to wear for these O2 experiences?

Just wear casual clothing you feel comfortable in and make sure you wear or bring socks. That's because you'll be kitted out in a climbing suit, a harness and a pair of specially soled sturdy climbing shoes for your experience.

How long does the climb take?

Allow around 90minutes in total for these O2 experiences. The climb itself takes around one hour.

Can you take photos?

Yes you can, but only from the viewing platform at the summit of the climb. You'll need to make sure your phone or camera is attached or zipped away whilst you climb, so it doesn't fall.

When was the O2 built?

The famous dome was built in 1999 to house the Millennium Exhibition, which ran from 1st January to the 31st December 2000. Once vacated, the O2 arena was built inside the dome, to become a music, leisure and events venue. Since opening in 2007, it has become the world's busiest music venue, selling over 1.8million tickets a year for concerts.

What's the roof made out of?

It's actually a plastic-coated fabric that is tensioned over the roof to create the iconic dome shape.

What's it like out on the roof of the O2?

At first you're bound to be a bit nervous. After all, it's not every day you set out to walk up and over one of London's most famous landmarks. And is IS pretty high out there. Once you get into your stride you'll be able to really enjoy the walk, hearing the hustle and bustle of London life and taking in the views as you go.

What happens in bad weather?

These experiences run in all weathers, but if the weather means the organisers deem it unsafe to run the activity, you will be able to rebook for another date.

Give me some O2 facts and figures!

It's no coincidence that the dome is 52m high - it represents the weeks of the year. Then there are the 12 equally-spaced 100m-high yellow support towers - set out like a clock face to represent time and the 12 months of the year. Whilst you're walking up the sides of The O2 on your experiences, you might not realise it, but the dome is completely round. And it is actually 365metres in diameter, to represent, yes you guessed it, the number of days in the year. You see, architect Richard Rogers was quite clever when it came to his Dome. And now there's no doubting that the big white dome has now become an iconic landmark of London.

What's at the top then?

There's a large round viewing platform, from where you'll be able to gaze out across London, take your smiling selfies and generally congratulate yourselves on have made the climb up the O2, before tackling the downward slope on the other side.

Do I need training to be able to do this?

Your Climbing Guide will talk you through everything before you tackle the climb, including safety procedures and the kit that you'll be wearing.

Can I take part in these O2 activities if I'm pregnant?

These experiences are not suitable if you are or think you are pregnant. You will be wearing a snug-fitting harness and the activity requires a fair amount of physical effort, on your feet for about an hour.

Are there any restrictions for these O2 experiences?

The minimum age is 9 years old and the minimum height is 1.2m. There's a maximum weight of 21 stone and for the harness, there's a maximum waist of 125cm and upper thigh maximum of 75cm.

Can I turn back if I don't like it?

The climb is one way, that's to say you climb up to the middle and back down the other side, so there's no turning round and going back. Your climbing guide will be there to help you conquer any nerves you have and encourage you to continue.

Are these O2 activities all guided?

Yes they are. Your guide will be with you every step of the way, telling you about the landmarks you can see, encouraging climbers and making sure everyone progresses in a safe and secure fashion.

Can you climb at night?

No, but during the summer months the last departures run until 20:30 in the evening, so you may catch the start of the sun setting over the London skyline.

Where is the O2 Arena?

The O2 Arena is on the regenerated Greenwich Peninsula area, on the edge of the River Thames in East London and easily accessible for all corners of central London by public transport.

Reckon you're ready to climb? Book your O2 experience now!

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