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Jetlev and Flyboards


Have you always dreamed of flying above water? Now you can with our flyboarding experiences. Perfect for those looking for the latest adrenaline-filled activity!

sunset surfing

Electric Powered Surfing South Wales

Oxwich Bay, Gower

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Electric Powered Surfing South Wales
  • Electric surfing sessions in South Wales
  • No need to paddle - just glide!
  • No need to catch waves to surf
  • All gear & tuition is included
Coastal Flyboard Experience
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Coastal Flyboard Experience

Poole, Dorset

Save £30 From £109.00

Coastal Flyboard Experience
• 25 minute session on the flyboard
• Tuition from a qualified flyboard instructor
• Takes place at Poole Harbour, Dorset
• First coastal flyboarding centre
flyboard on lake

Flyboarding Scotland

Crocketford, near Dumfries

Buy For £129.00

Flyboarding Scotland
• Flyboarding near Dumfries in Scotland
• Learn to flyboard on Auchenreoch Loch
• All the gear you need to flyboard is included
• See if you can get out of the water & into the air
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