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Flyboarding & Water Jet Pack Experiences

Based On 22 Reviews

6 Locations

From £95.00

    • A 30 minute flyboarding session
    • Soar to over 30 feet for a view over the lake
    • Wetsuit and all safety equipment provided
    • Available at 6 locations
Coastal Flyboard Experience

Poole, Dorset

From £100.00

    • 25 minute session on the flyboard
    • Tuition from a qualified flyboard instructor
    • Takes place at Poole Harbour, Dorset
    • First coastal flyboarding centre
Flyboarding London
Based On 8 Reviews

Docklands, London

From £149.00

    • 30 minute flyboarding session
    • Do classic moves like hovers and the dolphin dive
    • Wetsuit and all safety equipment is provided
    • Takes place in Docklands, London
Flyboarding Scotland

Crocketford, near Dumfries

From £89.00

    • Flyboarding near Dumfries in Scotland
    • Learn to flyboard on Auchenreoch Loch
    • All the gear you need to flyboard is included
    • See if you can get out of the water & into the air
JetLev Experience
Based On 14 Reviews

Wyboston Lakes, Bedfordshire

From £149.00

    • Fly on water with the amazing JetLev
    • Options to take the controls
    • Friendly instructors to get you up and hovering
Jetovator Experience

Wirral, Liverpool, Frodsham

From £95.00

    • Ride the Jetovator - the craziest new watersport!
    • Bike powered by water hoses attached to a jetski
    • Instructor coaches you from the jetski
    • Rise up to 25ft in the air & speeds up to 20mph
Seabreacher Experience

Victoria Docks, London

Save £79 From £119

    • A thrilling ride in a totally unique Seabreacher
    • This is a semi-submersible jet-powered watercraft
    • Ride on and in the waters around Victoria Docks
    • Reach speeds of up to 60mph on & 40mph in the water

What on earth is flyboarding?

This was the question we all asked at Intotheblue HQ when we first heard about the crazy activity of flyboarding. In essence, it’s all about using the pressure of the water being jettisoned out that propels you up and into the air. The gadget you are attached to varies, as all the mad inventors have come up with different designs for their fly boards and jet packs. 

We’ve got water-jet powered devices that look like proper jetpacks on your back, flyboards that are not dissimilar to skateboards for the water, jet bikes and even a sort of surfboard with an onboard motor, so don’t even need any waves to carve the water like a surfer. 

If you're still having trouble visualising what we're talking about, have a look at our video of flyboarding on coastal waters.

Whichever H20-charged weapon you choose, it’s going to be all about the balance skills. And sheer guts too. Luckily the guys and girls out on the water with you are all experts at this jet packing malarky, so you're in safe hands. We reckon we'd have trouble just standing up on these gadgets, but the pros even do fancy tricks, which look something akin to a jet powered dolphin gliding in and out of the waves.

The thrill of flying above the water with your jetpack

Indeed, when it comes to packing a punch out on the water, these jet experiences can't be beaten. Just imagine how fast your heart will be pumping when you're immersed in the water waiting for the moment the instructor turns on the jets. Wait for the water as it gurgles along the hoses. Within seconds the pressure literally mounts and as water is jettisoned from your kit and you are lifted out into the air - now that's some experience!

But how do you steer a water-jet powered crazy thing?

As for how you control these gadgets, again it depends on which jet-propelled discipline out on the water you’ve gone for. The jetpack-style JetLev set ups have handlebars type controls, whilst others rely on the eagle-eyed instructor in the boat to regulate the water pressure. On a Jet Surf, you’ve got a throttle button and cable in your hand, so you can accelerate as you wish. Utterly bonkers, but totally brilliant and ideal for the flat waters of the UK.

If you’re looking for a totally different water sport to try, we think all of these flyboarding and water-jet experiences around the UK are the perfect solution. And believe us, none of the sessions will be watered down for beginners, it’s crazy waterborne power all the way!

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