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Tank Driving Experience & Military Vehicle Fun Days across the UK

    • Drive a 17 tonne FV432 armoured personnel carrier
    • Choose from Tasters or longer Driving Experiences
    • Free entry to the onsite military museum
    • Friendly team of instructors who just love tanks!
    • Paintball goes 'XXL' with a head to head battle
    • Take turns to drive, load and fire the 40mm cannon
    • One of Into the Blue's favourite experiences
    • A 'must do' for any tank nut or paintball fan
    • Tank & military vehicle driving in Oxfordshire
    • Drive an FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier
    • Training in a eight wheel drive Argocat
    • Land Rover & DAF Army truck add-ons available
    • Drive an FV432, Abbott SPG and 55 tonne Chieftain!
    • Ride as passenger whilst others drive
    • Experiences last 3.5 hours
    • Receive a souvenir tank driving certificate
    • Choose from half day and full day experiences
    • Enjoy military driving and themed activites
    • 100+ military vehicles on site to see
    • Ex-military instructors with amazing stories
    • Drive armoured and light military vehicles
    • Ride as passenger whilst others drive
    • Entry into the on-site military vehicle museum
    • Around 40 minutes of driving time in total
    • Drive a 15 tonne armoured personnel carrier
    • Drive another military vehicle from the fleet
    • Ride as passenger whilst others drive
    • The ultimate tank experience - crush a car!
    • Two tank driving sessions in smaller tanks
    • Guided tour of workshops and armoury
    • Drive a 55 tonne Chieftain battle tank over a car
    • a Tank experience for both parents and kids
    • Ride in a 17 tonne armoured personnel carrier
    • Fire the onboard 40mm paintball cannon
    • Mum or Dad then drive laps of the tank circuit
    • Drive military vehicles off-road nr Bournemouth
    • All vehicles are genuine ex-Forces
    • Fleet includes jeeps, APCs and field tractors
    • Spend around 45mins behind the wheel
    • A mini tank party for groups of 8 or 12 kids
    • Drive these minitrack wonders on a woodland course
    • Suitable for ages 8+
    • Camo overalls and helmets are provided
    • Drive an FV432 armoured personnel carrier
    • Passenger ride in another military vehicle
    • light refreshments included
    • view the other military vehicles on site
    • 4x4 army truck driving & passenger rides
    • Venue is a former WW2 bomber airfield site
    • Take on the off road tracks in a Leyland DAF truck
    • This is a genuine army DAF 4x4 truck
    • Miliary vehicles, Tigers & Dragon Rapides combined at Duxford
    • Tiger Moth lesson, Dragon sightseeing & APC drive
    • Short hosted tour to a behind the scenes IWM area
    • Briefing & closing reception in the control tower

Tanks - what it’s really like to drive one

It has to be said there's something about being in a tank that brings the big kid out in all of us. But what is it like inside one of these things? Well despite being big and robust on the outside, conditions inside for the driver are often cramped and pretty dark - especially when the hatch is closed!

Take the FV432 Armoured Personnel Carrier for example. There's the driver's hatch right at the front of the war monster. Climb in and you'll find your knees are pretty much up against the two main control levers (yep, it's levers rather than a steering wheel!) and the speedo is mounted next to you at thigh height. As for the seat, well there's no back rest on it and it's more like a little leather stool you perch on. Still, comfort probably wasn't high on the list of priorities when these battle zone machines were designed by Leyland.

For first time tank experience participants, we’ve put together a handy little video so you can suss out just how to drive a tank before you arrive for your military mission.

Of course, trundling along when you can see where you're going is one thing, but if you go into full assault mode and the hatch is closed, you'll suddenly find yourself closed in this full metal jacket of military sturdiness. You’ll be bounced around as you try courageously to keep the APC in a vague straight line. And did we mention the noise? It's a full martial orchestra of whirring, clunking and screeching combined with the bursts of fumes from the exhaust.

The Chieftain - the ultimate tank drive

The one tank we've all heard of is the Chieftain. This was an essential piece of kit for many of the British Army bases around the country for three decades before being replaced by the Challenger I. After being retired in 1995, many of them were demobbed and sold off by the Ministry of Defence, which is why we can offer these as tank experiences. And more importantly, you will get the opportunity to have a go at the controls!

Being a main battle tank it not only does it look the part, it is the part. Going into battle these boys were equipped with the full monty of weaponry. There’s the main armament in the form of the highly accurate firing power of the L11A5 120mm rifle gun mounted on the 360 degree rotating turret and two L7 machine guns. As for the onboard crew of four, the driver is pretty much lying down to operate the machine when it's hatch closed, whilst the commander, loader and gunner hold positions in the turret ring.

A tank car crush the perfect finale to your experience

Of course, you won't be firing off any ammunition on these experiences, but some of our operators do offer you the chance to actually demolish a car which is pretty satisfying. The FV4201 (the official name for the Chieftain) will make mince meat of the vehicle. As you slowly but very surely roll up to the car you'll suddenly hear the crack of glass and the bending of metal as you just bust your way through, leaving a rather flat looking mass of scrap in your wake. Now that's what we call road rage revenge!

With all this thrilling full-tracked action in the mud and dirt, it's no wonder our tank experiences are best sellers. With our operators the length and breadth of the UK offering everything from 55-ton monsters, to nippy Self Propelled Guns for your to drive, we think you will love getting stuck in. Enjoy your time in with the ex-Army boys (many of the instructors are retired soldiers) and kick up a storm in your military monster! Come and drive a tank with us.