Scorpion Tank Night Driving & Firing for Two

Bicester Heritage Centre, Oxfordshire

  • Night time tank driving at Bicester Heritage
  • Experiences are for two people together
  • One as a driver & one as a gunner
  • Aim the 76mm turret gun & fire at the enemy


What's Included

  • Alvis Scorpion Night Firing Tank Experience for two people
  • One person will drive the tank at night under the lights for 15-20 minutes
  • Drive on a purpose built multi-terrain track under full tuition from an expert instructor
  • The other person will be the gunner using night-sights sneaking up and firing at the enemy while they sleep
  • The firing is simulated but fire and smoke are both in plentiful supply!
  • Spend around 30 minutes in the tank and allow approximately one hour on site for this experience
  • Choose the 'two driver' option so you both get to drive and both get to try you hand at firing spending around one hour in the tank

What Can I Expect

What's more fun than night tank driving at Bicester Heritage? Driving that tank at night AND firing the 76mm gun using night-sights, that's what! 

This is tank driving with the night time twist. You will crew the tank as a pair. One of you will be the driver and the other will be the gunner. Under the cover of darkness, your mission will be to give the sleeping enemy a rude awakening.

Acting as spotter, your gunner will guide your driver as you negotiate the obstacle course at Bicester Heritage in a fully-tracked FV101 Scorpion tank. These British armoured reconnaissance vehicles are totally built for the job, but it takes some skill to literally keep on the right track at night.

The tank lights will help guide you, but you'll need your gunner to be properly on the case to seek out of the precise location of the target. As soon as the 76mm gun turret has been moved into position, your gunner will be using the night sights (original Army fitted ones!) to take aim. All set? Get ready for the order to fire to be given…

As a gunner, you'll get three shots on target. Will you miss and wake the enemy? Or will you prove yourself to be a hot shot with a direct hit?

Whether you were on target or not, you'll need to move fast to turn that tank around and get out of the area, as the gunfire could have alerted other enemy camps in the area. Relying on your gunner once again to help guide you around the course, it's time to drive your tank back to base in the dark.

These excellent night tank driving experiences at Bicester Heritage are for teams of two. You need to be at least 18 years old with a full driving licence to drive, but just 12 years old to be the gunner/passenger. Vouchers are available for one of you to drive, or both of you. Either way, you won't forget the time you drove a tank at night - and fired the turret gun too!


  • Selected weekday and weekend dates
  • Dates and session times are subject to availability
  • Please note this is a night time experience
  • Please note due to popularity it is recommended you book well in advance to avoid disappointment, weekends especially get booked up very quickly


  • Bicester Heritage Centre, Oxfordshire

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 18 for driving (full driving licence required)
  • Minimum age 10 for the gunner
  • Height restrictions: Minimum 4ft 6ins, maximum 6ft 4ins
  • Participants should have a good, general fitness level and be able to climb in and out of the vehicle
  • Not suitable for those with epilepsy, heart complaints or during pregnancy


  • Spectators are welcome

Anything Else

  • Suitable outdoor clothing and sturdy footwear should be worn
Night Tank Driving at Bicester Heritage - Scorpion Tank Firing
Scorpion Tank Night Driving & Firing for Two Get this Experience