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Humber APC Commander Experience for Two


  • Be the commander of a Humber APC vehicle
  • Best-known for riot patrols during the Troubles
  • Vouchers are for two to share the roles
  • Agile & fast, the 'Pig' is great fun be in!

What's Included

  • A Humber APC commander experience for two people
  • Be the commander of the 6 ton armoured vehicle for 25 miles around the New Forest giving your driver directions for your route
  • Commander briefing before you begin your journey down narrow roads, tracks and junctions
  • The commander role will be rotated between the two participants every 15 minutes
  • Your journey in the Humber APC will last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes
  • Follow a map for your route
  • Enjoy a tea or coffee at the local pub after your experience

What Can I Expect

Be the Commander in charge on a Humber APC and see what this modern military classic can do! These vouchers are for two people to enjoy shared ride time in this brilliant little armoured personnel carrier on dirt tracks and trails around the New Forest.

You might recognise the Humber APCs. They first came into service in 1955 and are best known for their deployment in Northern Ireland during the Troubles. Well-suited to the urban environment, many were used as anti-riot vehicles right up until 1990 when they were decommissioned.

We have no idea why or how, but the humble Humber APC picked up the nickname ‘pig’ and there were even names for the differently-armoured versions. The one with extra wing-like side body protection panels was the ‘flying pig’. The one with the water cannon was the ‘squirt pig’ and the one with the anti-riot foam sprayer was the ‘foaming pig’!

As you can see, the Humber was a versatile military vehicle that played many different roles. Today, you’ll be meeting a demobbed Humber APC fully-decked out in desert camo livery - and it totally looks the business.

Agile, adaptable and speedy, the Humber is notoriously difficult to handle (and especially slippery if it has been raining). In the Forces you had to go on a 10-day course to be able to drive one. That’s why you’re needed as the commander onboard. You will be looking out of the hatch, giving instructions to the driver, who’s in a cramped little compartment unable to see the road ahead. And believe us, there are lots of junctions, narrow tracks and trails to negotiate.

The two of you will rotate the passenger and commander roles every 15-minute or so during your 1.5-hour ride out in the APC. We think you’ll both have lots of fun in this 6-ton Humber APC, so don’t delay, book today!


  • Weekdays and weekends throughout the year, subject to availability
  • Sessions start at 11am


  • Walkford in Dorset

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 12
  • Maximum weight 20 stone (127kg)
  • Particpants must have moderate mobility 
  • This experience is not suitable for those who are disabled due to access of the vehicle


  • Upto 4 passengers can join you for a supplement of £15 per person payable direct when making your booking

Anything Else

  • Suitable outdoor clothing and sturdy footwear should be worn
  • Please note that this is a commander/passenger experience and you do not drive the vehicle
Humber APC Commander Experience for Two
Humber APC Commander Experience for Two
Total Price£99.00
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