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Tank Battles in Leicestershire

Near Market Harborough   

• Paintball goes 'XXL' with a head to head battle
• Take turns to drive, load and fire the 40mm cannon
• One of Into the Blue's favourite experiences
• A 'must do' for any tank nut or paintball fan
Tank Paintball Battle Experience



What's Included

• Go head to head against another tank with the UK's only Tank Paintball Experience
• Learn how to Drive a 17.5 Tonne FV432 turreted Tank
• Load, Aim and fire the 40mm paintball cannon on the range
• Experience driving using the Periscope
• Be part of a three person Tank crew plus an on-board instructor (currently 2 people for social distancing, subject to change)
• You will be issued with radio headsets and Kevlar helmets(tank suits not currently provided for H&S reasons)
• You will get the chance to drive the tank, aim the turret and fire the cannon at the opposing team
• FREE entry to the on site museum displaying a large military vehicle collection
• Tank battle experiences last approximately two hours

What Can I Expect

Attention - take part in our Tank Battles in Leicestershire! Tank driving in itself is good fun, but with this battle experience you'll actually take part in full on combat kicking off in the heart of Leicestershire, as your team of three crews a tank to attack the enemy - too much fun!

That's right, you'll be going into a military warzone (albeit with paintball gear!) using 17 tonne FV432 armoured personnel carriers to battle against one another. This venue has an amazing 15 of these sturdy army APCs and all have specially modified cannons capable of firing 40mm paint rounds. In essence, you'll be testing your driving and shooting skills to the max.

You will be working as a team of three commandos with a mission. Each person will learn how to drive, aim the cannon and load the breach. Getting all the appropriate gear on is very much part of the war game, so you'll be wearing your military uniform and kevlar helmet, as well as being fitted with a radio headset so you can talk tactics with your tank crew before you go on the offensive.

As you are learning on the specially built obstacle course, you'll soon appreciate just how agile these fully tracked machines are. Whilst you and the troops are training you will drive the FV432 with the hatch open, so you can literally see where you're going as your head is outside the vehicles. But when it comes to getting into full operational mode, the hatch closes and it's communication by headset and driving using the periscope - a whole different battle game!

Once you are able to successfully operate the FV432 APC tank, it's time to let the tank battles in Leicestershire begin. Your trio will engage in full on armoured paintball warfare against an opposing team. It's all about settling your nerves to work together to drive, load and fire. So who will drive, who will load and who will fire? Just one gift idea from over 1000 gift ideas brought to you by IntotheBlue.


• Tank battles take place from April to October
• Activities operate on most weekends and selected Wednesdays

* Tank driving resumes Saturday 4th July 2020*

IntotheBlue caters for a variety of all year round tank driving activities, see details on our main tank driving page or alternatively, why not have a crushing day out on our 'crush a car' tank experience in nearby Northants.


• Leicestershire/ Northants border near Market Harborough.

Suitable For

• You must be at least 16 years old to drive the vehicles
• If taller than 6'4" or heavier than 22 stone you may find it difficult to drive as access to some vehicles involves climbing into tight spaces
• If group size is over 15, please call us for details
• No driving licence is required


Visitors are welcome for a small charge payable on the day, which includes entry to the Military Vehicle Collection and gives access to the viewing area
• Children must be supervised at all times
• Passenger places are available to purchase for a fee of £25 per person (subject to availability) which also includes entry to the vehicle collection *

* Passenger spaces have been currently reduced to two people and it is recommended that you pre-book passengers if required


Average Rating 5
Total Reviews 29
Recommend to Friend 27
about 3 years ago
Excellent day
Chris ward
about 3 years ago
My partner bought me a "Tank Paintball Battle" as a Birthday present. I had checked out the Armourgeddon website beforehand, but what I had imagined it to be paled in comparison to the real thing. My Brother-in-Law and I booked onto the same session, were grouped with another pair and taken to the staging area to get kitted up. Our instructor Glenn (who deserves a payrise!) was absolutely brilliant. Usual Health & Safety Briefings found elsewhere were nothing like this. Informative, funny but serious all at the same time, we all felt like we were in good hands. After each getting to drive and get to grips with all the controls around the vehicle, our crew had our 'Battle' and scored 10 hits on the enemy vehicle. We all came away absolutely buzzing. I can still hear the screams of "charging/loading/ready/fire!". Still puts a smile on my face thinking about it now. I really can't recommend this place highly enough. The on-site museum was a really nice surprise to find as well. Tanks, armoured vehicles and weaponry galore from all conflicts. We were in our element! If you're debating going to Armourgeddon, stop hesitating. Get cracking and book the experience, it's worth every penny and you won't regret it. Thanks again, Armourgeddon!
Rob Searle
about 3 years ago
A great couple of hours in the tank, thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would happily recommend it to anyone. Apart from which, our team won the tank 'battle'. I would love to get a job there!
about 3 years ago
All family went on beautiful sunny day. It was absolutely brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed by participants and spectators. The Museum also was really interesting and superbly set out. Would recommend to all!
Mrs Pauline Vardy
about 4 years ago
Excellent day out (in spite of the rain). Very enthusiastic and friendly instructor.
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Tank Paint balling
Tank Battles in Leicestershire
Tank Paintball Battle Experience
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