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Multi Activity Days

    • Six offroading courses to explore in East Grinstead
    • Buggies, 4x4, quads and more to drive
    • Ideal for small groups of up to six participants
    • A carvery lunch is included for all drivers
    • Rotate around a full programme of activities
    • Hovercraft, quads, 4x4, 6x6 and karts all on offer
    • On site clubhouse for refreshments etc
    • Takes place just north of Warwick city centre
    • Truck and 4x4 driving in East Grinstead
    • Take on 'Valley Drive', 'Meadow Meander' & more
    • Drive a Euro-spec monster truck, Jeep and Landy
    • All vehicles are non-standard modified monsters!
    • A multiactivity day out near Welshpool, Shropshire
    • A full programme of outdoor activities for you
    • Choose between quads or rage buggies as your drive
    • All you can eat BBQ lunch is included
    • A trio of off road drives in Milton Keynes
    • Bocart buggies - with fat tyres and roll cage
    • Segway - off road versions to tackle the trek
    • 4x4 driving with a difference - you're blindfolded
    • Rallying & offroading combined in Leicestershire
    • Drive a 4x4 Land Rover though the Jungle Zone
    • Go rallying in a race-prepped Subaru WRX
    • Anytime & weekday vouchers available at this venue
    • Quads and clay comes together in Cheshire
    • Take aim at 30 clays with a 6 or 9 mile quad trek
    • Takes place on a country estate near Northwich
    • For 6 or more of you it'll be an exclusive group
    • Quads & buggies at Ashtree Farm near Maidstone
    • Over 200 acres of Kentish countryside to explore
    • Quad training in paddock then the quad trek
    • Apache buggy driving relay - 3 drivers to 1 kart
    • Drive a supercar & a Segway in one experience
    • Drive your choice of supercar for six miles
    • A 20 mins Segway session off road
    • A choice of circuit for this experience
    • Supercars, rally cars & 4x4 vehicles combined
    • Drive three types of car at Seighford in Staffs
    • Six driving laps in your choice of supercar + WRX
    • An off roading session in a 4x4 vehicle
    • A fun packed day of driving events in Scotland
    • Race, rally and kart at Knockhill's famous circuit
    • In-car teaching in fully race prepped vehicles
    • Spectators can watch from pit lane or race control
    • Drive a large monster truck and a little rally kart!
    • Monster trucks and RWD rally karts combined
    • Enjoy a total of around 25mins driving time
    • Event takes place at purpose-built offroad arena
    • Ride a quadbike on a fun offroad trek
    • Double thrills with a session driving offroad buggies
    • Around two hours of high adrenaline driving
    • Driving tips from a qualified instructor
    • Miliary vehicles, Tigers & Dragon Rapides combined at Duxford
    • Tiger Moth lesson, Dragon sightseeing & APC drive
    • Short hosted tour to a behind the scenes IWM area
    • Briefing & closing reception in the control tower

Test all your driving skills on our activity days

Ah the madness of a multi activity day experience from IntotheBlue! These packages offer excellent value for money and throw in a whole load of different activities into the mix. One thing's for sure, no-one will be getting bored on these fabulous days out and you'll have a huge grin on your face all through the day.

In fact, if you can drive it, it'll be in this section. What we love about the choices on offer is that many of the activities are based off-road, with some on the track and even a little bit of clay pigeon shooting thrown in too. Such an eclectic mix is ideal for calming those adrenaline bursts after driving at high speed, as you change your focus to accuracy rather than flinging something motorised around a circuit.

You could say that the ideal multiple activity day offers warm up, high adrenaline and warm down activities. But then again, it could just be adrenaline all the way. To give you an idea of the sort of things you could be doing, watch our multi activity day video from our operator in Kent.

Multiple activities that are great for groups

Most of these operators welcome groups with open arms and our easy to use website means you can book a session for several people on one voucher, making it very straightforward to book a group outing in one go.

So if you've got the daunting task of having to organise a stag or hen weekend, these days out are packed full of activities ideal for bringing the big kid out in any adult. It's also worth checking that if your group size is big enough, if you can get exclusive use of the venue for you and your gang.

Many of these experiences have a good dose of that competitive spirit too. Can the groom beat off the rallying competition to post the best lap time on the loose gravel stage? Will the head bridesmaid turn out to be the supreme Segwayer or will it be the future father in law who usurps the lot of you to be crowned hotshot of the clays? If you're on a team building session, just make sure you cut the boss some slack on the quads!

Of course, you don't have to be part of a group booking to enjoy a multiple activity day. Individual vouchers are offered too and you will work your way around the challenges within a group of like-minded driving mad people.

MAD centres around the UK

No matter where you are in the country, we've got a MAD outdoor centre near you. Many of the days take place on ex RAF airfields, giving you that delicious combination of acres and acres of room, smooth tarmac runways to whizz along and bumpy off track terrain to play in too.

Don't forget, each and everyone of these activity days includes at least two different challenges for you to tackle. Each one is sure to test your mettle and while you're not competing you'll be encouraged to heckle/cheer from the sidelines. All this makes for a very convivial day out in the countryside for any adult who fancies being a little kid again with some superb full size driving toys to play with for a few hours.