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The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour with Lunch for Two


• The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour for Two
• Tread the stone floors of the Hogwarts Great Hall
• Wander down Diagon Alley
• A two course lunch at Hunton Park Hotel

What's Included

The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour with Lunch for Two
• The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour at the Warner Bros. Studio
• Tread the stone floors of the Hogwarts Great Hall and wander down Diagon Alley
• Tour time is approx 2-3 hours
• Customers have a choice for Lunch of two courses from a set menu at Hunton Park Hotel
•  Gringotts Wizarding Bank included, Studio Tours biggest expansion to date

What Can I Expect

Fly on a broomstick and taste Butter Beer on this absolutely magical Harry Potter studio tour! The world of wizards, wands and crazy creatures comes properly to life when you go on a tour of the very studios where the amazing Harry Potter movies were filmed. And yes, they are the real sets!

As soon as you step in to the reception area you know you are in for a treat, with huge pictures of the Harry Potter stars all around you and a very cinematic feel to the whole place. All studio tours are self-guided, so Harry Potter fans can walk around at their own pace. And in case you were wondering, photographs are allowed everywhere on the tour, except for the inside the studio's cinema and in the famous Harry Potter green screen room.

Before heading into the studio where the tour starts proper, you pass through the pre-show cinema and then it's straight out and into the wonderful Great Hall that was built in 2000 for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. This vast set at Hogwart's is where the students ate their meals, received daily owl post and gathered daily in this impressive hall that has featured in six of the Harry Potter films. We think this is a real highlight and it's just the start of your studio tour!

Next up is Dombledore's office which is as full of dusty old books as you'd imagine. Then try your hand at a little bit of Harry Potter alchemy in the Potion's Room, before continuing your studio tour to the somewhat cluttered but very welcoming Burrow, home to the Weasley family.

Props play a huge part in Harry Potter films, so the next part of the tour, where you see the studio's backlot, is a real eye-opener. There's that purple tripe decker bus, goblin masks, hundreds of wands and even a life-size fully animatronic Buckbeak who you'll meet too as part of your amazing Harry Potter studio tour.

It is such a creative place here that you'll soon start to wonder who comes up with all ideas to bring to life the gizmos and gadgets described by JK Rowling in her Harry Potter books? Well, on this tour you'll be let in to all the studio's secrets, from the initial drawings and sketches from the art department, to how the crew build the sets including the brilliant Hogwart's Castle and the higgledy-piggledy buildings on Diagon Alley.

Each Harry Potter studio tour is also very interactive. You'll get to see where Butter Beer is brewed (one of only two places in the whole wide world!) and may even be able to sample it. But be warned, we think it is definitely an acquired taste! We also love the fact that you can try you hand at riding a broomstick. Built on special moving rigs, you will be filmed in front of a chroma green screen. A little wizardry in the post-production suite and you will be flying through the star-lit night sky, cape billowing in the wind.

With enough to see and do for around three hours, our Harry Potter studio tours are bound to delight HP fans of any age - even Mums and Dads love it. You will also love the two course luncheon at the nearby Hunton Park Hotel - a short drive away from the wizard world of Harry Potter, so you can your studio tour before or after your meal.


• Selected dates throughout the year, subject to availability
• The tour takes place every 30 minutes from 10:00 to 16:00
• Lunch is booked between 12pm and 2pm


• Warner Brothers Studio, Hertfordshire
• Lunch at the Hunton Park Hotel, a three minute drive from the studio

Suitable For

• Children must be accompanied by a participating adult


• This experience is not suitable for spectators

Anything Else

• Both Harry Potter Studio Tour and Hunton Park Hotel can accommodate wheelchair users
• Extras such as the broomstick ride with photos or a DVD are extra and payable locally


Average Rating 4
Total Reviews 11
Recommend to Friend 11
about 5 years ago
The tour was absolutely amazing. We thought that we'd get through it all in an hour, but we stayed nearly four hours, and we could have easily spent much more time there. Unfortunately, we were badly let down by the hotel lunch, who couldn't even manage to open the dining room before we had to leave to Harry Potter. We waited for 30 minutes, but just ran out of time. ***** for the Harry Potter tour no stars for the the hotel.
Samuel Pickard
about 5 years ago
Best day out I've had for many years. I'll be going again before Christmas.
about 5 years ago
Great day out
john McGuire
about 5 years ago
Better than expected
john mcguire
about 6 years ago
Great communication, easy to use website. We skipped the lunch as unfortunately we had time constraints but tour was fabulous. Quite easy to get to and shuttle bus great, Amazing day! Thoroughly enjoyed it would recommend :D
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The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour with Lunch for Two
Tour and Meal for Two
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