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Little Learners Driving Experience 4-9 Years

Nationwide Venues

  • Drive a mini Land Rover vehicle
  • Sessions are only for 4-9 year olds
  • Easy to drive and great fun too
  • Go off road or on road - your choice

What's Included

  • Driving experience in a Little Learner electric vehicle
  • Drive a child-friendly car with all the parts of the real thing
  • Welcome, introduction and safety briefing
  • 15 minute driving session
  • Off road and on road driving available, depending on your chosen venue
  • Juniors can be accompanied by an adult for this experience

Off-Road Session

  • Purpose Built off road course including muddy puddles

On-Road Session

  • Realistic driving course complete with lanes, signs and traffic signals

What Can I Expect

Let your little learner drive a car! These miniature electric ride-on cars are just for the kids aged between 4 and 9 years old and they're available at circuits and tracks around the UK. 

Adults take one look at these cars and say : ‘Is that Landy really small or just really far away?'. The answer is that they are miniature Land Rover-style 4x4s and they are for little learners as young as aged four and as old as nine to drive themselves.

No tricky gears or clutch to deal with, these electric cars are literally an accelerator, brake and steering wheel. It's so easy, it's child's play. But make no mistake, they're not plastic toys, they drive really, really well!

We are offering a 15-minute driving session for little ones, with a choice of route. They can go off road around a little track littered with muddy puddles, or they can go on road to have a go at the specially laid out circuit. With traffic lights, junctions and lanes marked out, it's just like the real world, but smaller.

No need for an instructor to be present in the car with the child, but there should be room for a grown up to ride along as passenger. That means proud Mummy, Daddy, Gran or Grandad can be chauffeur-driven by the baby driver, rather than the other way round for a change.

Suitable for even the littlest four year old, these child-friendly mini 4x4s are great for giving the youngest in your family the chance to get behind the wheel and drive for themselves. We've got lots of venues all over the country offering these special drives, so there's bound to be one near you for your little one to enjoy some time at the wheel of a very cool mini Landy!


  • Selected weekdays and weekends throughout the year
  • Dates and session times are subject to availability at your chosen venue


Off Road Venues

  • Aldershot Aldershot Circuit
  • Essex Carver Barracks
  • Kent Lydden Hill
  • Prestwold Prestwold Driving Centre

On Road Venues

  • Dunsfold  Dunsfold Aerodrome
  • Essex North Weald Driving Centre
  • Exeter Exeter Smeartharpe Track
  • Prestwold  Prestwold Driving Centre
  • Wigan  Three Sister
  • York Elvington Track

Suitable For

  • Suitable for juniors aged between 4 and 9 years
  • An adult may accompany you on your drive
  • All juniors require parental consent to participate


  • Spectators are welcome at all venues

Anything Else

  • Optional Collision Waiver Indemnity is available to purchase at the venue at an extra charge