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Kayaking courses and Canoeing Lessons Near You

Give paddling a go on these kayaking and canoeing courses! Bobbing around in a canoe or a kayak can be as high-adrenaline or relaxing as you like. The UK has some wonderful lakes, rivers and inland waterways that are just aching to be explored in a canoe or a kayak and we’ve got some of the best in this selection. Kayaking and Canoeing FAQs...

Kayak Lessons in North Wales
Based On 1 Reviews

River Dee, Llangollen

From £50.00

    • Learn kayaking on the canal/River Dee in Wales
    • Essential kayaking skills are taught on flat water
    • Second session paddling out on the moving waters
    • Spectators can watch from the river/canal bank
Kayaking in Warwickshire
Based On 3 Reviews

Leamington Spa & Warwick

From £39.00

    • Kayaking in the heart of Leamington Spa in Warks
    • Choose between a 2hr taster or full day session
    • Centre is British Canoe Association Quality Marked
    • A great location for families on the River Leam
Kayaking in Wales

River Wye, Brecon Beacons

From £55.00

    • Kayaking sessions on the River Wye in South Wales
    • No capsize drill to perform - unless you want to!
    • Location on edge of Brecon Beacons National Park
    • Suitable for those with little or no experience
Kayaking East Sussex

River Ouse, near Lewes

From £65.00

    • Kayaking on the River Ouse in East Sussex
    • This is a 4hr round-trip kayak tour
    • All sessions are host & led by kayak instructors
    • No need for any previous paddling experience
Kayaking Gloucestershire

National Diving & Activity Centre, Chepstow

Save £11 From £20

    • Kayaking at the former quarry near Chepstow
    • All the gear you need to kayak is included
    • Lots of paddle time out on the water
    • Excellent on-site guest facilities & restaurant
Kayaking in the Lake District

Glenridding, Ullswater

From £60.00

    • Relaxed kayaking trips in the Lake District
    • Explore Ullswater by kayak with a guide
    • Full and half-day experiences available
    • A picnic lunch is included for the full day trips
Kayaking in The Peak District

River Derwent, Matlock

From £45.00

    • White water kayaking on the River Derwent
    • Go as gently or as wild as you like on these waters
    • Solo and tandem inflatable kayaks available
    • Full tuition with sessions hosted by a guide
Outdoor Activity Choice Day Edinburgh


From £89.00

    • Outdoor adventure activity days near Edinburgh
    • Canyoning, coasteering, climbing & canoeing offered
    • Pick your activity when you book, not when you buy
    • Stunning Scottish scenery for these activities
Paddle Sports Adventure Hampshire


From £47.50

    • A unique paddle sports experience from Keyhaven!
    • Paddleboard or kayak over the Hurst Castle
    • Entry tickets to explore Hurst on daytime tours
    • Go for the Moonlight Tour for an extra special trip!
Paddle Sports River Wye Herefordshire

River Wye, Herefordshire

From £79.00

    • A day out paddling on the River Wye in Herefordshire
    • Setting off from Kerne Bridge near Ross-on-Wye
    • Choose a kayak trip or a paddle board trip
    • Suitable for those with some paddle experience
Paddle Sports Stirlingshire

Gartmore, Stirlingshire

From £69.00

    • Three different water sports in one experience
    • Try canoeing, kayaking & paddle boarding
    • A lovely setting near the Trossach National Park
    • Paddle on private Lochan Broarran at the centre
Paddlesports Milton Keynes

Willen Lake, Milton Keynes

From £25.00

    • Have a go at a paddlesport in Milton Keynes
    • Try canoeing, kayaking or SUP on Willen Lakes
    • Choose between a 90mins taster & a full day course
    • All the gear you need is included in the package
Private Punting Tours Cambridge


From £80.00

    • Exclusive punting tours of Cambridge
    • Tour the River Cam in a chauffeured punt
    • Romantic tours for 2 or private group trips for 12
    • See the wonderful Cambridge colleges from the water
Richmond Canoe and Kayak Tours

Richmond, London

From £57.00

    • Kayak or canoe outing on the Thames from Richmond
    • Head upstream to Eel Pie Island in Twickenham
    • Tour lasts around two and a half hours - ideal for beginners
    • Sessions led by qualified canoe instructor & guide
River Kayaking Somerset

The River Brue, Highbridge

From £32.00

    • Self-guided kayak tours in the heart of Somerset
    • Paddle along the River Brue in your kayak
    • Lots of history & wildlife to discover on your way
    • Solo or tandem, half or full day - it's up to you
Sea Kayaking Dorset

Sandbanks, Dorset

From £35.00

    • Two-hour kayaking experiences in Dorset
    • Go kayaking on the sea in sit-on-top kayaks
    • Launch from the stunning Sandbanks beach
    • Explore Poole Habour & take part in kayak games
Watersports for Two Sunderland

Sunderland Marina

From £70.00

    • Watersports activities at Roker Beach in Sunderland
    • Take your pick from the activities offered on the day
    • Surfing, canoeing, bell boats, SUP, pier jumps & more
    • No need to swim - just confidence in water needed
White Water Hot Dogs for Two

Lee Valley White Water Centre, Hertfordshire

From £100.00

    • Take on the rapids in a two seater kayak
    • Try to co-ordinate your paddling as a duo
    • Ride the Legacy Loop at Lee Valley White Water Centre
    • Excellent on site facilities at this Olympic venue
White Water Kayaking for Two Nottingham

National Watersports Centre

From £80.00

    • It's kayaking - but in white water rapids!
    • Takes place at Holme Pierrepont near Nottingham
    • Vouchers are for 2 to ride together in the kayak
    • Kayaks are rapid-riding rigid inflatable types
Hydrospeeding Adventure

Lee Valley White Water Centre, Hertfordshire

From £50.00

    • Give the exciting watersport of hydrospeeding a go!
    • Ride the rapids on your own hydrospeed 'float'
    • Takes place at Lee Valley White Water Centre
    • Includes on-land briefing & swim assessment
Island Canoeing and Foraging Day

Portinscale, Keswick, Cumbria

From £59.95

    • Canoe to an island & forage for food!
    • Make lunch using only what nature provides
    • Learn whittling, purifying & fire lighting skills
    • A full day hosted by ex-military instructors

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

Canoeing and kayaking are both great ways to get into paddle sports. Whether you want to learn to paddle like a pro, or fancy a more laid-back affair that involves coursing along gentle waters on more of a sightseeing trail, canoeing or kayaking is for you!

Who it's not for

If you really don’t like water or just can’t see yourself using a paddle, these experiences might not be for you. But don’t let lack of experience put you off, these canoe and kayak sessions are specifically aimed a beginners.

Kayaking and canoeing FAQs

What’s the difference between a canoe and a kayak?

In a canoe you sit down or kneel to paddle. That’s to say your legs are bent at the knees as you either perch on a bench or a raised seat, or you’re actually kneeling in the canoe. In most cases, the deck of a canoe is open and you use a paddle with one blade. In contrast, kayakers have their legs fully extended inside the closed deck of the kayak and the paddle has two blades.

How do you use a canoe paddle?

To use a one-bladed canoe paddle you put one hand on the top of the handle and the other lower down the handle towards the blade end. You then reach forward with the shoulder and plunge the paddle vertically into the water, before pulling back for the stroke. When the immersed paddle blade reaches the level of your hips, you start to bring the blade out of the water, ready for the next stroke, which could be on the same side or the other side of the canoe.

How do you paddle a kayak?

Kayaks differ from canoes in that the paddle has a blade at each end, as opposed to just one blade on a canoe paddle. For kayaking, both hands, slightly wider than shoulder width apart, go on the handle (or shaft) of the paddle. To paddle a kayak you place one of the blades in the water at about the same level as your feet (remember legs are stretched out in a kayak), moving it back as vertically as you can through the water. As soon as you’re level with your stomach, you bring the paddle out of the water and repeat the process for the blade in your other hand. The key here is a smooth rhythm.

Do I need to know how to swim?

For beginner kayaking and canoeing lessons you generally don’t need to know how to swim, but you will need to be confident in flowing water.

Can I go kayaking or canoeing when pregnant?

This very much depends on the policy of each watersports centre. Some may advise against complete beginners trying kayaking or canoeing for the first time when they are or might be pregnant. If you’ve already done paddlesports and are out on calm waters you may be able to paddle. If in any doubt, just get in touch with us.

What should I wear?

For kayaking and canoeing taster sessions all the gear will be provided for you. Some centres may charge for wetsuit and/or wetsuit boot hire. You should arrive with swimwear and towel and casual/sports clothes and a pair of trainers you don’t mind getting wet.

Will we still go out on the water if it’s raining?

A bit of drizzle or rain certainly won’t stop play when it comes to kayaking and canoe trips. The experience will only be cancelled or postponed if the weather is considered too dangerous to paddle out (i.e storms, high winds etc).

Will I have to do a capsize drill?

No. You’ll be shown what the capsize drill involves, but you won’t have to practice rolling in your canoe or kayak - unless you want to!

Are canoe and kayak instructors qualified?

Yes. All instructors are British Canoe awarding body qualified, which means they have reached a certain level in their training competence and ability.

Will I be kayaking on rapids?

Maybe! Where you’ll be paddling depends on the location you’ve chosen. Some rivers are well-known for their fast flowing sections of water. But again, the section of river you paddle on will be selected according to your ability and what you hope to achieve from the course.

Do these canoe sessions take place on rivers?

Yes, they can take place on rivers, canals, in-land lakes, purpose-built courses and even out on the sea.

Can I go kayaking at a man-made watersports centre?

Yes. If there’s a man-made water sports centre near you, the chances are they will offer canoe and kayaking sessions. We have some excellent purpose-built watersport centres in the UK such as Holme Pierrepont National Watersports Centre in Nottingham and Lee Valley White Water Centre at Waltham Cross that hosted the 2012 Olympic canoe slalom events, to name just two bespoke watersports centres.

Where’s the most difficult canoeing and kayaking in the UK?

At certain times of the year, the rivers in the mountainous areas of Scotland and Wales can offer up some thrilling white waters to canoe or kayak down. Of course, sections to paddle down will be chosen according to ability, but paddlers can find pretty challenging conditions on the likes of the River Dee in Llangollen and River Wye in the Brecon Beacons, for example.

Can children join in these paddle experiences?

Each individual operator will have their own rules and regulations about the age limits for kayaking and canoeing with them. Some may require an adult to paddle out at the same time as the child. Please read the full details sections of the location you’re interested in for all the info on requirements.

What are canoe and kayak tours all about?

Canoe and kayak tours are designed to offer a calm and relaxed little outing which is as much about the sightseeing as it is about the actual paddling. You might be going for a paddle past the fancy beachfront houses at Sandbanks, or cruising along a Scottish river with a stunning natural backdrop.

Can you go kayaking in London?

Yes! The purpose-built Lee Valley Watersports Centre is easily accessible from central London and boasts great Olympic-standard facilities. You can also got for a relaxed paddle on the Thames in the Richmond area, even having an ogle at the wonderfully secluded Pie Island as you go!

Where can I go canoeing or kayaking near me?

We’ve got canoeing and kayaking experiences at watersports centres, on rivers, lakes and canals throughout the country. Our current locations include:
  • London - Richmond
  • Edinburgh
  • Stirlingshire
  • Brecon Beacons
  • Llangollen
  • Hereford
  • Milford on Sea
  • Nottingham
  • Ullswater
  • Lewes

Fancy a bit of a paddle out? Book your canoe or kayak experience now!

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