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Our stadium tours allow you to get exclusive access 'backstage' at a selection of the country's most famous stadia, home to some of the world's most famous championships and best teams to boot. You can almost hear the roar of the crowd in the stands as you make your way around areas such as the dressing rooms, the press area and even the VIP boxes.

All tours are guided, so you'll pick up loads of anecdotes, facts and figures on the stadium and the events that take place there from knowledgeable experts. And there will also be plenty of time to get your hands on some merchandise to make your stadium tour day even more memorable. Read more...

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Manchester United
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Manchester United Stadium Tour

Old Trafford, Manchester

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Manchester United Stadium Tour
• Go behind the scenes at United's Old Trafford
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Book onto an official stadium tour

All of our stadium tours are official. We've all seen these venues on the telly and some of us have been spectators at such sporting events and fixtures, but how many of us have had the chance to have a good old nosey behind the scenes?
Any sports fan, whether your first love is football, cricket, tennis or rugby, we've got a tour for you. Featuring the stadia of some of the best teams in the country and the home of grass court tennis playing, you are going to be walking in the steps of some of the world's highest paid players. Walk the walk that the stars do before each match, see the post-match interview room where the stars face the journos and see where players psyched up before heading out to play.

See behind the scenes of great sporting stadia

And it's not just football that can fill a stadium. We also offers tours around distinguished venues such as Wimbledon where the very best of tennis meets strawberries and Pimms every summer and you can take a look around the home of rugby when you 'Swing low, sweet chariot' in the stands at the famous Twickenham ground. Relive some of the greatest moments of the game with this Twickenham Stadium tour preview video.

We're luckily enough to have visited a world class stadium (we won't say which one, for the sake of staying impartial!) and we have to say, walking out of the player's tunnel onto the sidelines and the dug out is a fantastic feeling. It must just feel massive to each and every player and you can just imagine how the crowd cheering and on its feet is a major boost.

Marvel at that finely manicured turf

We also loved getting up close to the hallowed turf. Pimped, preened and pruned to perfection, just bending over to touch the fine blades of grass of the pitch as the corner flag flapped in the breeze was a highlight for us.

Imaging the media scrum after the match is fun too. There's the advertising wall where the players walk, with journalists calling out their names to try and catch their attention to pose their question. Then there's the press centre, where rows and rows of commentators sit following the match and often broadcasting live to the nation as fans sit at home watching the TV or listen to the radio anxious for their team to play well.

Anyone for a spot of tennis on a Wimbledon tour?

We've also been lucky enough to go to Wimbledon and we have to say, even if you're not a massive tennis fan, it's great to tour this fine English institution in that posh part of London. The whole complex actually looks smaller in real life than it does on the television, but the Centre Court stadium with that retractable roof remains very impressive. And there's something rather heartwarming in taking a little hike up Henman Hill-Murray's Mount...

The ideal gift for fans of the team, but super interesting for those who aren't followers of sport too, these stadium tours are brilliant fun. Most venues also have in-house exhibitions and museums filled with history and memorabilia too, as well as the ubiquitous shop where can indulge in merchandise until your purse bursts!
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