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Quad Biking UK

Setting off for a bit of quad biking will have you just itching to head up muddy banks, through water splashes, down steep hills and along dirt-filled trails. These agile little machines, also known as ATVS (that's as in All Terrain Vehicles) can pretty much go anywhere and they're really easy to drive. so you certainly won't be spending all day pottering around in first gear.

We think quad biking is a great low-cost experience that is as popular with groups as it is with individuals. Whether you're wanting to organise a stag weekend in Wales or a birthday party outing in Yorkshire, we've got quad venues the length and breadth of the UK, covering acres of varied terrain.  Read more...

Quad Bike Choice


From £49.00

Quads at Eastwell Park

Eastwell Manor, Ashford, Kent

Special Offer From £69

Quads in Sussex

Hailsham near Eastbourne

Special Offer Was £49 NOW £40

Quads in Kent

near Maidstone

From £36.00

Quad Biking Nottinghamshire

Sherwood Forest

From £45.00

Quad Biking Cheshire

Near Northwich

From £55.00

Quad Biking in Suffolk

Near Bury St Edmunds

From £35.00

Quad & Buggy Challenge

Near Bicester, Oxfordshire

From £59.00

Quad Biking Midlands

near Leamington Spa

From £55.00

Quad Biking Lincolnshire

Grantham, Lincolnshire

From £45.00

Quad Biking Stirling

Stirling, Scotland

From £49.00

Quad Biking in Surrey

Near Redhill, Surrey

From £69.00

Quad Safari Sittingbourne

Newington, Kent

From £59.00

Quads in Birmingham


From £45.00

Quads in Cornwall

near Truro

From £40.00

Quads in Devon

Near Dawlish, Devon

From £49.00

Quads in Dorset


From £39.00

Quads Leeds

Hazelwood, near Leeds

From £55.00

Quad Safari

Near Market Harborough

From £55.00

Quad Biking Newcastle

Northumberland near Hexham

From £55.00

Quads North Yorkshire

Bedale, North Yorkshire

From £65.00

Quad Biking Experience Scotland

near Perth

From £49.00

Quad Biking Wales

Near Swansea

From £45.00

Quads Staffordshire

near Uttoxeter, Staffordshire

From £37.50

Quad Biking Experience West London

Northolt, West London

From £45.00

For a day out in the country with a difference, we can highly recommend booking in for a quad biking experience. The first time we went on one we couldn't believe how easy they are to drive - and believe us, they are nothing like a moped or a motorbike, as they are way more stable with those four very chunky wheels giving you loads of grip.

The choice of trusty stead for your mud-filled adventure is really important as it can be the difference between you struggling to get thing into gear and whizzing off like a pro from the word go. All of our centres have carefully chosen their machines, using top-name, renowned brands such as Yamaha, Polaris and Honda. You might be surprised to know that not all bikes used are actually four wheel drive, but this doesn't mean they can't tackle to the tricky terrain - far from it in fact, as two wheel drive versions are lighter and easier to handle.

One thing all riders appreciate is no clutch. These modern machines are all now either fully automatic, or have clever electronic gear changing, so there'll be no over-revving it or stalling. One of our favourite mini monsters is the Polaris Trailblazer - a powerful 330cc ATV as used by our team in Warwickshire. The extra power means it is the ideal choice for quad racing.

Which brings us on to what you'll be doing on your experience. Some quad centres offer an obstacle course, others have race circuits, whilst many head off on safaris and treks covering several miles. In all cases you'll have a familiarisation session where you're shown around the bike, the controls and the safety procedures, before hopping onboard and having a go in the practice paddock.

This gives you the chance to get to grips with the controls and get a feel for how they steer and handle so by the time you are lining up for the main event you feel confident and ready as a competent quadder! It's time to take on the natural and manmade challenges to see if you will be crowned king or queen quad-biker.

As for the trails you'll be hitting, it's a case of expect the unexpected. We've got treks around the grounds of a secret nuclear bunker in Essex, a tricky circuit that involves everything from metal seesaws to limbo bars and a safari in the wilds of Scotland that'll take your breathe away with views of the Loch below to name just a few.

If you choose a quad bike experience on tracks and trails it's a case of 'follow the leader' as your host rides on their machine up front to guide the pack. Those opting for a race day will find themselves on a manmade circuit with other bikes at the same time all racing against the clock and whereas on the obstacle course experience, the challenge is to perform a clean round without knocking anything over or messing up on any of the modules. But don't worry, with these high-spec tough little quad bikes you've certainly got the tool for the job - time to test your All Terrain Vehicle skills to the max!