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Wine Tasting Experiences across the UK from Into the Blue

As more and more people leave behind their pints of beer in favour of the more subtle tastes of a fine white or a robust red, a wine tasting experience will offer a fascinating insight into the world of wine. You will certainly learn lots, from how to hold the glass (by the stem!) and which wines go with which foods, to seeing the winemaking process from grapes growing on the vines to the wine being bottled.

Whether you're someone who tends to grab the first bottle that catches your eye in the supermarket, or have more of a idea of what you already like, these wine tasting workshops and vineyard tours offer something to suit every palate! Just one of a quality selection of experience days from IntotheBlue. Read more...

Champagne Tasting in London

Central London

Was £65.00 NOW £53.00

Vineyard Tour and Tasting

Vineyards Nationwide

From £29.00

Champagne Experience

Southbank, London SE1

From £39.00

Wine Tours in Cambridgeshire

Chilford Hall in Cambridgeshire

From £45.00

Wine Tours in Shropshire

near Shrewsbury

From £25.00

Organic Vineyard Tour with Meal


Special Offer Was £49 NOW £29

Wine Tasting Experience in Kent

Near Tenterden

From £60.00

Carr Taylor Tour and Lunch

near Hastings

From £50.00

Champagne Masterclass & Afternoon Tea

Hampton-in-Arden, Solihull

From £65.00

Chiltern Valley Winery Tour

near Henley-on-Thames

From £20.00

Grape Picking Surrey


From £49.00

Introductory Wine Tasting for Two


From £49.00

Sparkling Wine & Champagne Masterclass

Hampton-in-Arden, Solihull

From £49.00

Sparkling Wine Tour East Sussex

Ditchling, East Sussex

From £32.00

Tour Tasting and Lunch Gloucs


From £79.00

Vineyard Tour & Lunch for Two

Errol, Perthshire

From £39.00

Wine and Cheese Making Surrey


From £89.00

Wine Course London

Southbank, London

From £89.00

Wine Tasting with Lunch and Champagne


From £99.00

Wine Tasting Evenings

8 Locations

Special Offer From £35

Wine Tasting London


Special Offer Was £49 NOW £39

Wine Appreciation Lunch at Swinton Park

Ripon, North Yorkshire

From £80.00

From a fancy French Chateauneuf du Pape to a nice fruity Malbec from Argentina, our wine tasting experiences will take you around the world of wonderful wines, tasting as you go! Indeed, you might think French wines are the best, but they certainly don't have the monopoly, with the likes of neighbouring Spain's Rioja, Italy's Prosecco, as well as fine bottles coming from as far afield as New Zealand and Australia to grace the supermarket shelves and win many fans too.

And don't forget our homegrown tipples too. Ditch any preconceptions you may have about British wines and book onto a vineyard tour at a one of several dotted around the UK. Whilst Kent and Sussex might be something of a stronghold when it comes to wineries, we've also got vineyards opening up their doors and their oak barrels for you in the likes Shropshire and Perth.

Many of our homegrown winemakers have produced millesimes that have won awards both at home and in the international wine arena, so they can't be that shabby can they? It's also fascinating to see the whole production process with your own eyes, so you understand all the hard work that goes in to creating a fine vino.

If you want to make an evening out of your wine tasting, we can highly recommend our experiences in central London, so you can sample a few vintages then head out to try some of the capital's bars and restaurants. If you're looking for a tasting with difference, we've got things like wine and chocolate workshops (after all who doesn't love a glass of Chablis and a praline or two?) and even courses where wine is combined with a little lesson in making cheese. - a sublime and very French combination.

And if all this wine tasting and testing and sampling is too much for you, you can always opt for adopting a vine and get to see you name up on the rows of grapes as they grow with the rain and become sweet and juicy with the sun, ready for a late summer harvest.

We think a wine tasting experience makes for a superb gift for anyone who loves a glass or two. With expert sommeliers hosting these events you'll have a fun, convivial and informative tasting or tour and of course plenty of rose, red, white or sparkling wines to sample as you go!