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Chocolate Making Classes

Our hands-on chocolate making classes and workshops whisk you into a world of hand-made truffles, pralines and Belgian chocolates. During these convivial and fun group lessons, you’ll learn techniques such as tempering, moulding, piping and shaping, making your very own artisan chocolates. Classes run at venues around the UK and yes, you get to take your chocolate creations home with you to devour! Chocolate making FAQs


Chocolate Workshop
Based On 20 Reviews


Save 30% From £34

    • Introduction to the history of chocolate making
    • Create and decorate chocolate truffles
    • Make your own giant chocolate button
    • Take home around 15-20 of your handmade chocolates
Chocolate Making Party Kit


From £64.95

    • A chocolate making party kit
    • Make truffles, fudge and flavoured chocolate bits
    • Make approximately 15 chocolates per person
Chocolate Workshop Brighton

Brighton, East Sussex

Save 30% From £34

    • Chocolate tasting and chocolate making in Brighton
    • Create scrummy chocolate truffles to take home
    • Learn the art of cutting, dipping and decorating
    • Make your own giant chocolate button
Chocolate Workshop Manchester
Based On 4 Reviews

Park Inn, Manchester

Save 30% From £34

    • Create chocolate truffles to take home
    • Taste chocs whilst you hear the history of cocoa
    • Learn the art of cutting, dipping and decorating
    • Make & decorate your own giant chocolate button
Cocktail & Chocolate Making

near Shoreditch Park, North London

Save 25% From £56.25

    • Cocktails and chocolate making combined!
    • Take part in a fun Friday evening workshop
    • Lovely North London location right by Regent Canal
    • Plenty of time for tasting - and take chocs home
Cooking with Chocolate Essex


From £99.00

    • Use 'Willies World Class Cacao' chocolate
    • Make Chocolate Fondant, Belgium Truffles and more..
    • A notebook and pen to make note of the recipes
    • Takes place in Danbury, Essex
Deluxe Chocolate Making
Based On 18 Reviews

Birmingham, Manchester & Leeds

2 for 1 From £79

    • Learn about the history of chocolate
    • Make Belgian truffles by hand
    • Dip and decorate your truffles
    • Package 30-50 truffles to take home
Hotel Chocolat Bean to Bar Experience

Cambridge, Leeds, London

From £65.00

    • Learn about chocolate at Hotel Chocolat's school!
    • Discover the whole process from bean to bar
    • Hand-make a bar from roasted cocoa beans
    • A glass of Prosecco served whilst you work
Hotel Chocolat Childrens Chocolate Workshop

London and Leeds

From £20.00

    • Chocolate workshops just for kids by Hotel Chocolat
    • Chose between London Convent Gdn & Leeds venues
    • Kids will learn about the history of chocolate
    • A Hotel Chocolat bar to decorate in their own style
Hotel Chocolat Tasting Adventure

London and Leeds

From £50.00

    • An adventure into the tastes of chocolate
    • Spend two hours eating & talking about chocolate
    • Hosted by the renowned Hotel Chocolat
    • Learn about tastes & flavours in chocolate
Luxury Chocolate Making London

Central London

Save £35 From £45

    • Taste chocolate from around the world
    • Make chocolate truffles and fudge
    • Blend your own chocolate martini
    • Package your chocolates to take home
Premium Chocolate Making Hampshire
Based On 26 Reviews

Old Alresford, Winchester

From £59.00

    • Create your own handmade chocolates
    • Take part in the lolly decorating competition
    • All ingredients and packaging are provided
    • Light refreshments are included
Ultimate Chocolate Workshop

Bournemouth & London

From £55.00

    • Ultimate chocolate workshops Bournemouth & London
    • Make Belgian truffles from scratch & decorate them
    • Learn all about tempering during a demonstration
    • Chocolate fountain will be free-flowing throughout
Chocolate Street Challenge

Central London

Save 30% From £24.5

    • A chocolate-themed treasure hunt in London
    • Work as a team, solve the clues and eat chocolate!
    • Hunts run on selected Saturday & Sunday afternoons
    • Earn extra choc for the most creative selfies!
Hotel Chocolat Adventure Subscriptions

Delivery to the UK

From £75.00

    • Receive luxury chocolates by post!
    • Tasting adventures from Hotel Chocolat
    • Three, six and 12-month experiences available
    • Hand-picked chocs sent to you each month
London Chocolate Tour


From £45.50

    • Guided choc & sweet treat tours around London
    • Guaranteed to 'fill you up' with chocolate tastings
    • These expert choco tours were established in 2005
    • Ideal for any sweet toothed chocolate lover
London Chocolate Tour Soho

Soho, West End London

From £40.00

    • A chocolate-filled tour in Soho & the West End
    • Visit some of London's finest chocolate boutiques
    • Tour is guided by an expert chocolatier host
    • Includes a tasting tutorial, lots of samples & treats
Luxury Chocolate Brownie Subscription

Free Nationwide Delivery

From £24.99

    • Gorgeous handmade chocolate brownies by post
    • Choose from 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions
    • Go for the boozy brownies for an extra twist
    • Packaged to fit through a standard letter box
Two Person Brownie Heart Subscription

Free Nationwide Delivery

From £30.00

    • Two heart-shaped brownies delivered to your door
    • Perfect gifts for couples to share together
    • Boxes designed to fit through standard letterboxes
    • Choose from lots of different flavours of brownie

Should I buy this experience?

Who it’s for:

Fellow chocoholics everywhere will absolutely adore these chocolate making experiences. They’re very much hands-on and enjoyable, making them a great choice for individuals, couples and small groups. And you get to eat what you’ve made!

Who it’s not for:

If you’re unfortunate enough to be allergic to chocolate, these workshops won’t be for you. Even if you don’t actually like eating chocolate that much, you will learn how to make and beautifully package chocolates that you can then give as a lovely hand-made gift to someone you love!

Chocolate making experience FAQs:

I have a nut allergy. Can I still take part in a chocolate-making workshop?

All allergies are taken seriously by chocolate workshop schools. The classes aren’t suitable for those with serious nut allergies, as nuts are often present and traces of nuts in the chocolate used cannot be ruled out. In some cases, workshops can be adapted for vegans and those who avoid dairy if the school is contacted in advance. There are not normally any wheat products used, so gluten is not usually an issue.

Do I get to eat lots of chocolate?

In a word, yes! From sampling cocoa nibs (the raw ingredient of chocolate) and the chocolate buttons that are used for the tempering process, to tasting your final products, there’s plenty of opportunity to divulge in delicious chocolate whilst your on the workshop. Don’t go too overboard though, you’ll want to save some chocs to take home to impress your loved ones with!

How many chocolates will I make?

It varies with each workshop, but you can reasonably expect to leave with around a dozen high-quality, hand-crafted chocolates all beautifully packaged. How many chocolates are left when you actually get home is another thing…

Will my chocolate workshop be just a demonstration?

No, they are very much hands-on. You will be rolling your sleeves up and getting stuck in creating, making and decorating. Your chocolatier host will be on hand to show you what to do and assist, as well as providing a fascinating insight into the history of chocolate.

Will I be actually making chocolate from cocoa beans?

Making chocolate from scratch requires fermenting, drying, roasting and more, so, to speed up the whole process, the workshops start with you melting chocolate buttons to begin the tempering process. You then move to shaping or moulding (depending on what type of chocolate you’re making), then onto to ganache fillings and/or decorating.

Do you offer chocolate making for two?

We offer vouchers for individuals, couples and small groups. You will be part of a group of enthusiastic chocolate lovers all keen to learn how to make and decorate their own chocolates on the day.

Are chocolate making classes a good idea for hen parties?

Yes - and chocolate making has proved to be a really popular thing for hen groups to do. We even offer luxury chocolate making workshops with cocktails or Champers included. Contact us if you’d like to organise an exclusive workshop for you and your hens.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

All the ingredients and tools to make your chocolates are provided and included in the cost of the experience. You just need to bring yourself and your creative chocolate making flair!

Will I get messy with all that chocolate?

There will be melted chocolate everywhere, but you will be provided with aprons. We also recommend you tie hair back.

What sort of venues host chocolate making lessons?

Classes take place in rooms set up with plenty of work station space for participants. It could be in a professional cookery kitchen, a chocolate maker’s laboratory or even conference rooms of hotels. You can even host your own chocolate making party in your own home with our chocolate making party kits.

Why is it cold in the room where the lessons are held?

The rooms need to be kept to a certain (cool) temperature to protect the chocolates and ingredients. You’ll soon find out that heating and cooling chocolate to just the right temperature is key to the whole chocolate making process. We advise you to wear layers so you can adapt to the room temperatures.

Are the workshop venues wheelchair accessible?

Check with each individual chocolate making school, but many of them do offer classes at wheelchair accessible venues.

Are there any chocolate making experiences near me?

Chocolate courses are hosted by professional chocolatiers at locations around the country including:
  • Central London
  • Brighton
  • Manchester
  • Leeds
  • Birmingham
  • Edinburgh
  • Bournemouth
  • Bath

Love your choc? Book onto a very tasty chocolate making experience now!

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