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Brewery Tours & Brew Your Own Beer

Time to get the beers in with our range of brewery tours and beer making kits! A great day out is most definitely brewing, with each tour offering a fascinating insight into the mysterious world of beer production. Whether it's a tour of the premises of a renowned craft beer brand, or a more hands-on day making your own beer, your experience will include plenty of tasting time.

In fact, these brewery themed activities are sure to be a winner for anyone who likes beer, especially real ale. We are talking artisan brewers who create fine stouts and ales, rather than the mass produced lagers of this world. Many of the visits include tasty home cooked food as well, making for the perfect day out. And the home brew kits? Well they’re a very satisfying change from just going down the pub for your pint! Read more...

Beer Brewing & Tasting

Brixton, South London

From £80.00

    • Learn about brewing at the London Beer Lab
    • Taste a selection of local, British & European beers
    • Several brews will be worked on during the session
    • Take home beers or a brewing starter kit
Brew a Beer Day

Sadler's Brewery, Stourbridge

Special Offer From £99

    • Meet and greet with the brewer
    • Guided Tour of the brewery from cellar to bar
    • Beer sampling opportunities
    • Complimentary three bottled beer gift pack
Craft Beer Brewing Course Peak District
Based On 3 Reviews

Hartingtons of Bakewell

From £125.00

    • Learn how to brew craft beer at home
    • Tips and guidance from an experienced brew master
    • Learn about the brewing process and bottling
    • A Ploughmans lunch is included
Honey Beer Tasting & Food Matching

Southwark, South East London

From £19.00

    • Taste Honey Beers with selected food pairing
    • Discover how honey is used in the brewing process
    • Lift the lid on urban beekeeping in London
    • Make and take home your very own bee hotel!
Sadlers Ales Brewery Tour
Based On 2 Reviews

Stourbridge, West Midlands

From £20.00

    • Guided tour of the brewery from cellar to bar
    • Discuss the brewing process from malt to glass
    • Sample two pints of the award winning ales
    • Traditional ploughman's lunch included
The National Brewery Centre Tours

Burton on Trent, Staffordshire

From £25.00

    • Guided tour of The National Brewery Centre Museum
    • Beer appreciation skills lecture
    • Full Beer and food tasting session
    • Ideal experience for beer, ale and lager lovers!
Wildcard Brewery London
Based On 1 Reviews

Walthamstow, London

Special Offer From £27.5

    • Meet the team behind the Wild Card brewery
    • Options to tour the brewery or learn to brew beer
    • Sample the ales with top tasting tips
    • The perfect gift for London based beer lovers

Follow the production line and see how beer is made

If you live in a big city like London, there'll be public houses, bars and inns on pretty much every corner of every street - but these brewery tours take you out of the capital into the heartlands of brewing around the West Midlands - and one very special brand of beer whose home is in Kent.

That’s why we have tours to see the brewing lines of well-known names such as Sadlers and Shepherd Neame. If you are indeed rather partial to a swift half of that delicious brew called Spitfire, you will be a big fan of this Kentish beer and it's truly fascinating to see what goes on to get from hops, to cask and then to draught down at your local.

Pop your pint down on the beermat for a second and watch this Shepherd Neame video to give you a taste of what you're in for when you go on a brewery tour (and watch out for the flying Spitfire!).

Learn all about beer in the home of brewing

But of course, Burton on Trent is the traditional home of breweries in the UK, so it's no surprise that the National Brewery Centre is also based here. Like stepping back in time to when draymen pounded the streets with their Shire horses to deliver the barrels, you will love this living museum, right down to the Victorian-style inn with beers served in traditional tankards.

Or learn to brew it yourself at home!

If you have always fancied fermenting a batch of pale ale yourself, we've got beer making courses on offer too. It can be a laborious task and even a labour of love as you need to keep a watchful eye on what's going on and be very accurate with your temperatures - but when you are rewarded with gallons of lovely golden booze, it can quickly turn into your favourite hobby!

Whether you go for the brewery tours or the beer making classes, these workshops, activities and experiences are great fun and make for superb days out for groups of mates, colleagues and families too. You'll learn a lot about beer, from the history of the hops, through to modern day production lines. All that remains for us to say is 'Cheers'!

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