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Brewery Tours & Beer Tasting Experiences

Get the beers in with our range of brewery tours and beer making kits! A great day out is most definitely brewing, with each tour offering a fascinating insight into the world of beer production. Whether it's touring the premises of a renowned craft beer brand, or a more hands-on day making your own beer, your experience will include plenty of tasting time. Brewery Tours & Tastings FAQs...

oldfield forge

Blacksmith Forging and Tasting Experience

Hereford, Herefordshire

Buy For £109.00

Blacksmith Forging and Tasting Experience
  • An introductory session to blacksmithing
  • Make your own bottle opener (or similar)
  • Visit a local cider mill in the afternoon
  • Great day out for couples and groups
online craft beer course

Online Introduction to Craft Beer

At Home Experience

From £35.00

Online Introduction to Craft Beer
  • Learn with the experts - craft beer
  • Four-part online course about beer
  • Hosted by 'The Beer Sommelier'
  • Peer and Expert learning options
whisky and beer

B&K Whisky & Beer Pairing Masterclass for Two

23 UK Venues

Buy For £80.00

B&K Whisky & Beer Pairing Masterclass for Two
  • The B&K expert will guide you through the simularities in the distilling and brewing process
  • Sample five tastings from a range of different whiskies
  • Enjoy with five specially paired beers
  • Top off your experience with a delicious B&K meal
brew a beer day

Brewery Experience Day at Brewhouse & Kitchen

23 Venues

Best Seller Buy For £95.00

Brewery Experience Day at Brewhouse & Kitchen
  • Full day visit to the B&K near you
  • Breakfast, lunch & beer included
  • See the work of the head brewer
  • Head home with a 5l mini keg of beer
woman at a bar

The National Brewery Centre Tours

Burton on Trent, Staffordshire

From £25.00

The National Brewery Centre Tours
• Guided tour of The National Brewery Centre Museum
• Beer appreciation skills lecture
• Full Beer and food tasting session
• Ideal experience for beer, ale and lager lovers!
Hiver Beer

Honey Beer Tasting & Food Matching

Southwark, South East London

From £18.00

Honey Beer Tasting & Food Matching

• Taste Honey Beers with selected food pairing

• Discover how honey is used in the brewing process

• Lift the lid on urban beekeeping in London

• Tutored beer tasting

lady holding bees
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Urban Beekeeping & Craft Beer Tasting

Kennington Park, London

From £49.00

Urban Beekeeping & Craft Beer Tasting
• Urban beekeeping & beer tasting in Kennington Park
• Get kitted up as a beekeeper & inspect a working hive
• Taste the beer that uses the honey from local hives
• This is a hands-on workshop suitable 18yrs+
gourmet Choice

Gourmet Choice

Locations Nationwide

From £50.00

Gourmet Choice
  • Choose from a wide choice of Food and Drink Experiences
  • Locations across the UK
  • FREE premium packaging included worth £4.99
  • Option to top up your voucher on line

B&K Craft Beer Masterclass and Meal for Two

23 UK Venues

Buy For £80.00

B&K Craft Beer Masterclass and Meal for Two
  • A two-hour beer tasting masterclass
  • Try craft beers brewed in-house
  • Includes a main course meal
  • This experience is for two
sitting cheers

Rural Beekeeping & Craft Beer Experience

Albourne Estate, West Sussex

From £59.00

Rural Beekeeping & Craft Beer Experience
• Beekeeping, craft beers & wines in one experiences
• Takes place at Albourne wine estate in Sussex
• Get kitted out in a suit to visit the hives
• Tutored beer and wine tasting with nibbles
beer in line

Beer Brewing & Tasting

Brixton, South London

Buy For £80.00

Beer Brewing & Tasting
• Learn about brewing at the London Beer Lab
• Taste a selection of local, British & European beers
• Several brews will be worked on during the session
• Take home beers or a brewing starter kit
man brewing beer
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Craft Beer Brewing Course Peak District

Hartingtons of Bakewell

Buy For £125.00

Craft Beer Brewing Course Peak District
• Learn how to brew craft beer at home
• Tips and guidance from an experienced brew master
• Learn about the brewing process and bottling
• A Ploughmans lunch is included

Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for

These brewery themed activities are sure to be a winner for anyone who likes beer, especially real ale. We are talking artisan brewers who create fine stouts and ales, rather than the mass produced lagers of this world. Many of the visits include tasty home cooked food as well, making for the perfect day out. And the home brew kits? Well they're a very satisfying change from just going down the pub for your pint!

Who it's not for

So you don't like beer? In that case take a little stroll over to our wine tasting and tours section, where you'll find everything for vino lovers to get excited about at vineyards and tasting locations around the UK!

Brewery Tours and Tastings FAQs

How long do brewery tours last?

That's a bit like asking how long it takes to drink a pint of beer! It all depends on the venue and the programme offered. In essence, they last at least an hour and all include plenty of time to ask questions, as well as the all-important tasting part of the tour too.

How do breweries work?

A brewery is where beer is made. Ingredients including malt, barley and hops come in, they're mixed together with water, they ferment and then all that lovely beer is bottled or put into kegs and then sent out to shops, bars, pubs and supermarkets to be sold, served and drunk. These tours lift the lid on how your beer is brewed from start to finish and it's is fascinating stuff.

How much do beer tastings and tours cost?

Brewery tours and tastings are excellent value for money. We've got visits to breweries around the country that come in at under £20, making them a great choice for group outings.

What are real ales?

CAMRA the Campaign for Real Ale penned this term to refer to beers that are made using traditional ingredients, which is naturally carbonated. It's often conditioned in wooden casks and served using hand pumps in pubs.

Can I learn how to brew my own beer?

As well as tours and tastings, we also offer beer-making courses for you where you will indeed learn how to make your own beer. The sessions are very much hands-on and you'll get to join in with all the processes.

Will I know how to brew beer myself after the tour?

You will certainly have a good idea of how your favourite tipple is made! Of course breweries brew on much larger scales than homebrewers do and to make beer at home you need to correct kit and ingredients, but a brewery tour might well inspire you.

Will I be touring a big-name brewer?

No. The multinational brewing companies are huge industrial operations where thousands of litres of beer are produced every hour. These sort of places are not normally open to the public to visit. We concentrate more on craft brewers, where the emphasis is very much on taste and quality, with a lot of love and time put into making their beloved brews. Often family affairs for generations or young startups, they give a real insight into the craft and micro brewing industries in the UK.

Will I get to see what hops and malt are used for?

Yep you certainly will! With any luck, you'll also get to munch on some malt and sniff those heady hops too. It's all part of finding out what goes into your pint of beer.

What should I wear for a brewing day or tour?

For a brewing course it's best to wear old clothes you don't mind getting hops on, combined with a pair of wellies or old trainers. For the tours and tastings, wear comfortable clothes for a factory visit, so no open-toed shoes for example.

I'll be part of a group of how many people?

This very much depends on the venue and the experience. The hands-on brewing workshops tends to operate with smaller group sizes, whilst the tours and tastings can cope with larger groups of up to 30 or so at the top end of the scale.

Do I need any prior brewing experience for these courses?

Nope. Novice brewers are more than welcome to take part in a brewing experience. You'll have plenty of opportunity to get stuck in with the mash in, the grain sparging and bringing the wort to boiling point!

Brewing and Burton on Trent - what's it all about?

Burton on Trent in the West Midlands is the nation's self confessed home of British brewing. This is where you'll still find many of the huge modern breweries. The place is steeped in brewing history and we have vouchers for you to visit the National Brewing Centre in Staffordshire. It's an amazing place that allows you to step back in time for a very realistic look at the brewing industry of that bygone age.

Do you do any brewery tours in London?

We do, yes! If you're in London and fancy a beer-themed day out we've got what you're looking for. You can learn about what foods go with which beers, you can tour a craft brewery and taste their beer, or you can learn how to brew beer for yourself. All available for you to do in the capital.

Do you get food with a beer tasting experience?

Often the beer tastings do indeed include food to munch on to, be it some canapés and nibbles, to a full-on sit down meal. Ploughman's lunches are also popular at breweries - there's something about that chunky bread, pickles, cheese and a slice of pork pie with a nice cold pint of draught beer that can't be beaten!

Are there any beer tasting tours near me?

Craft breweries are springing up around the country, producing some really rather fine real and craft ales. We've hooked up with some the best to offer tours, tastings and teachings. If there isn't an experience near you, it's always worth travelling to get the chance to go behind the scenes of the brewing industry. Our current locations include:
  • Burton on Trent
  • Bakewell
  • Stourbridge
  • Brixton
  • Walthamstow
  • Southwark

Fancy a pint? Brewery tours, tasting and workshops are ready to book online now!