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Fishing Lessons for Beginners - Find Lessons Near You


Our fishing experiences hosted by expert anglers are the perfect introduction to fishing for beginners. Learn how to fly fish, with tuition in casting off and (hopefully) reeling in your first catch. We've got lessons on lakes, gently flowing rivers and even deep sea fishing on the open seas. Fishing FAQs...

Man fly fishing

Fly Fishing in Kent

Bewl Water, Tunbridge Wells

From £165.00

Fly Fishing in Kent
  • Trout fishing on Bewl Water in the Weald of Kent
  • One to one tuition on this lovely reservoir
  • Lake is well-stocked with trout - up to 18lbs!
  • Boat, bait, rod & fishing permit fees all included
boat at brighton
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Deep Sea Fishing Brighton

Brighton Marina, East Sussex

From £65.00

Deep Sea Fishing Brighton
• Half and full day deep sea fishing trips
• Set sail from Brighton Marina on a catamaran
• The 38ft 'Brighton Diver' can host up to 12 anglers
• Take home some of your catch for supper
fly fishing hampshire
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Fly Fishing Hampshire

near West Wellow, Hampshire

From £145.00

Fly Fishing Hampshire
• Learn to fly fish on a private lake in Hampshire
• Teaching from qualified coach Steve Ward
• Fish for rainbow & brown trout on the fly
• All the fishing gear and tuition you need included
two fishing

Lake District Fly Fishing

Eden Valley, near Penrith

From £189.00

Lake District Fly Fishing
• Fly fishing experiences in the lovely Eden Valley
• Learn or improve your fly fishing skills with a pro
• All coaching in Cumbria is geared to you
• Your host is expert fly fisher Stuart Wardle
man fishing

Norfolk Fishing Trips

Brancaster Staithe & Lowestoft Marina

Buy For £109.00

Norfolk Fishing Trips
• Year round deep sea fishing trips around Norfolk
• Skippered day trips for up to ten fishing
• Catch tope, skate, cod, mackerel & more
• Take fish home - subject to rules & etiquette
Fly Bucks
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Private Lake Fly Fishing Oxfordshire/Bucks

Buckinghamshire/Oxfordshire Borders

From £145.00

Private Lake Fly Fishing Oxfordshire/Bucks
• Fishing on calm private water
• Lessons hosted by qualified anglers Steve & Ian
• You will be (hopefully) landing some prime trout
• Minimum age for these fishing lessons is 12 yrs
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Fly Fishing in The Yorkshie Dales


From £120.00

Fly Fishing in The Yorkshie Dales
• Learn fly fishing in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales
• Lessons offered at Kilnsey Park Estate near Skipton
• Hosted by professional angling coach and guide Ben
• See if you can catch some trout for supper!
man fly fishing

Fly Fishing North Yorkshire

River Swale and River Tees

From £159.00

Fly Fishing North Yorkshire
• Go fly fishing with champion angler Stuart Wardle
• Fish on the banks of the River Swale or River Tees
• A superb North Yorkshire backdrop for fly fishing
• Learn the best techniques for the water conditions
fly fishing
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Fly Fishing Derbyshire


Buy For £120.00

Fly Fishing Derbyshire
• Fishing lessons with David & his personable style!
• Fish at lovely Ladybower reservoir in Derbyshire
• Lakes well stocked with trout for you to fish
• Half day sessions with all gear included


Should I buy this experience?

Who it's for:

Nothing beats fly fishing by the shore of a lake or by a serene river, as you wait to reel in a nice one kilo brown trout. Even celebs love a bit of fishing and let's face it, it's a more relaxing way of bringing home the fish supper than going to a supermarket. We think all ages will love it!

Who it's not for:

Although they say there's no such thing as a bad day's fishing (when the nets are empty), some people just can't see the attraction of sitting watching a fishing line all day long. If you're an all action guy or gal, you might not have the patience to learn fly fishing!

Fishing experiences FAQs

Is fishing easy?

They say learning the basics of rods, lines and casting off is relatively easy, but it takes a lifetime of fishing to become a master. Knowing where and when to fish, which rod, which line and which bait to use takes years of experience and lots of skill. Your tutors have all this in bucketloads and will be only too willing to impart some of their fishing knowledge!

Are these fishing experiences for absolute beginners?

Yes. Even if you have never even held a rod before, you can learn to fish with these experiences. Sessions can also be geared to your level, so if you're a keen angler who wants to perfect their fly fishing technique that works too.

Do I need my own tackle to go on these fishing days?

No. Rods, lines, bait and nets are all included, along with expert tuition. If you do have your own tackle, you can discuss when booking your date whether it's suitable to bring along if you need help with your set up.

Do I need a fishing licence?

For these experiences any licences that might be needed are included in the cost of the voucher (along with tackle, tuition and any boating costs). If you want to take up fishing for yourself, have a read of our informative blog article that tells you all about UK fishing licences.

Can I take fish I've caught home to eat?

It depends what sort of fishing you're doing and where, but yes, in general you can! There are usually sensible limits of maybe two fish per person, so you could well be enjoying the freshest trout supper you've ever had after an IntotheBlue fishing experience!

What should I wear for fishing?

The traditional image of an fly fisher is tweed jacket, waders and hat, but don't worry, clothes you'd usually wear for being outdoors will be fine! Wellies might well be useful depending on how much it's rained recently and where you fish. If in any doubt, get in touch with the fishing school before the day of your lesson.

Will the fishing be good on the day I go?

Of course, our fishing coaches know their beats like the back of their hands, but some days the fish just aren't biting. The anglers will use their expert knowledge of the area and, according to the season and weather conditions, select the best are to fish on the day, but catching the slippery blighters isn't guaranteed!

Can you fish in all weathers?

Lessons will go ahead in most weathers, except perhaps when it's windy (waterproofs are sometime provided for you). Anglers are hardy folk who often fish in the pouring rain, very early morning or just after a rain storm when it's all muddy. Find out why, in our blog piece about the best weather to fish in.

Will I be shown things like the best rod to use?

Absolutely. The aim of these sessions is to get you fishing and give you an idea of what sort of rods, lines and baits are used to catch which fish and when. It's a great grounding for you to continue your fishing if you really get ('scuse the pun) hooked on fishing after your experience.

Can I go fishing with the kids?

Yes! You'll need to check each individual page for their rules and regulations on age, but in general fishing lessons are suitable for around 12 years old and upwards. Under 18s will need to be accompanied by a participating adult, so it's a great day out for all the family together!

Will I be fishing on a river?

We offer fishing experiences on the banks of rivers, on the shores of freshwater lakes, out on boats on reservoirs, at private fisheries and out on the open seas. All require different tackle and skills, but your expert angler has it all covered.

Do you offer fishing tours?

Primarily our fishing experiences are half day lessons based in one spot. We do have fishing excursions off the UK coast for a full day of sea fishing, but we don't offer multi day fishing tours.

Where can I go fishing near me?

We've selected the UK's best angling coaches to teach you how to fish on well-stocked waters around the country. Locations include:
  • West Sussex
  • Rutland
  • East Sussex
  • Norfolk
  • Berkshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Derbyshire
  • Lake District

Fancy trying some fishing on the fly? Book your fishing experience with Into The Blue for a genteel day out by the water.