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Blacksmithing Experience Edinburgh

Newbridge, Edinburgh   

  • A four-hour blacksmith taster course
  • Learn traditional hand-forging techniques
  • Make 2 pieces to take home with you
  • Hosted by Sandy in his Edinburgh forge

What's Included

  • A 4-hour introduction to blacksmithing
  • Learn basic blacksmithing techniques; Upsetting, drawing, tapering, bending and punching
  • Start by making a small item such as a bottle opener or hook
  • For your main work of forge a fire poker or similar item of your choice
  • Take home your unique hand-forged pieces
  • All tools, materials, protective wear (safety glasses, apron) are provided
  • You will form part of a small group of up to 3 participants for this experience

What Can I Expect

Get forging and fabricating in Scotland on a blacksmith course in Edinburgh! Learn traditional methods of working raw steel on this taster course at Sandy’s smithy in the Newbridge area of Edinburgh.

Alexander, known to all as Sandy, left the corporate world behind to become a blacksmith. In his forge on a small industrial estate just a few miles west of Edinburgh, Sandy turns steel into working tools and decorative pieces. From a small, but perfectly formed bottle top, to contemporary-design outdoor furniture, Sandy makes it all in his workshop.

You are invited to join Sandy at his Edinburgh base to learn all about blacksmithing. The courses last around four hours and there will be a maximum of three pupils in the forge. That means you get plenty of hands-on time to hone your forging techniques.

And we have to say, it’s all done traditionally here. No cutting corners with modern machinery, you’ll be taking the time to do the upsetting, drawing, tapering, bending and punching of the steel by hand. It’s pretty physical stuff, so you need to be fairly fit to hammer away at the hot metal!

To start with, you’ll each make a little item such as a metal hook or bottle opener. Then you’ll move on to forge something more ambitious, like a fire poker. And of course, you’ll be taking both pieces home with you.

What’s amazing is how, just by using force and heat, you can manipulate what starts off as a simple piece of steel, into something beautiful - and often practical too! If you fancy having a go, book onto this blacksmithing course in Edinburgh and join Sandy at his forge. 


  • Saturdays from 10:00-14:00 throughout the year
  • Dates and session times are subject to availability


  • Newbridge, Edinburgh

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 18
  • A good, general level of fitness is required


  • Not suitable for spectators

Anything Else

  • Jeans, T-shirt and jumper are recommended (no fleeces, nylon etc)
  • Sturdy foorwear should be worn
Blacksmithing Experience Edinburgh
Introduction to Blacksmithing
Total Price£150.00