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Cookery Courses & Classes

Our full platter of cookery courses offers fun in the kitchen with dedicated professional chefs helping to bring out the culinary prowess in you. We've got flavours from around the world with Thai, Spanish, Middle Eastern, curry and sushi courses and you can get cooking lessons from celebrity chefs who have made a name for themselves on TV or with best-selling recipe books.

We can even bring the cookery experience to your own kitchen, with the chef coming to your home. Whichever of our cookery classes you choose, you can be sure you'll be getting a tasty, fun and informative few hours of culinary guidance. If the thought of slaving over a hot stove simply terrifies you, we've got a full range of high thrills and adrenaline-filled experience days that you can choose from. Read more...

Enrica Rocca Cookery Class with Market Tour

Notting Hill, London

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Venetian Cicchetti Cooking Class

Notting Hill, London

Save £10 Was £149 NOW £139

Cooking Lessons London

4 locations

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Home Cookery Classes


From £164.00

Artisan Bread Making London

4 Locations

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Cookery Courses Bath

Central Bath

From £169.00

The Smart Bake Off

4 South East Locations

Save £60 Was £99 NOW £39

Cookery Courses in Notts

The Manor School of Fine Cuisine

From £85.00

Chefs Cooking Experience Shropshire

Ludlow, Shropshire

From £75.00

Artisan Bread Making

Bakewell, Derbyshire

From £145.00

Artisan Cheese Making Peak District

Bakewell, Peak District

Save £15 Was £145 NOW £130

Bread Making Courses


From £160.00

Cheese Making Course

4 South East Locations

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Cookery Courses Yorkshire

Masham, North Yorkshire

From £165.00

Cookery Lessons - Malton Cookery School

North Yorkshire

From £65.00

Fun Cookery Course


Save £25 From £39

Curry Cooking Course

Hounslow, Middlesex

From £85.00

Game Cookery North Yorkshire

Malton, North Yorkshire

From £135.00

Cooking Class Indian Style


From £105.00

Smart School of Cookery Full Day Masterclass

4 Locations

2 for 1 From £195

Spice Box


From £20.00

Sushi Course


Was £120.00 NOW £105.00

Southall Market

Southall, West London

From £30.00

Cooking with Chocolate Essex


From £99.00

So why are cookery courses perennially popular? Perhaps because eating is one of the basic pleasures in life. Some of us see food as simply a means to refuel and re-energise, but many of us are real foodies who love nothing better than to sit down and delight in a superb meal, made all the better if it's shared with friends. They actively search out new tastes and flavours, hence why our eclectic range of classes in professional kitchens around the country are so popular - you can literally eat your way around the world!

You don't need have visited China to enjoy noodles and if you've never been to Bangladesh it doesn't stop you loving curry. We love the variety and wealth of fresh ingredients you can now find even in your most standard of supermarkets these days. This means you can pick up some kiffir lime leaves for your tangy Thai curry and buy genuine Italian risotto rice quite easily, so you'll have all the authentic goodies you need to be able to recreate the dishes you learn about on these cookery classes at home.

As for what format these cookery experiences take, it can vary. Some are very hands on with each novice cook being allocated their own workstation to make the dish from scratch during the workshop, others consist of demonstrations where members of the audience will lend a hand at regular intervals, whilst for a few the lesson actually begins outside of the kitchen with a walk around a market, or specialist local shops.

No matter what is on the menu or how the lessons are run, there's always one thing in common - you will get to taste the fruits of your labour. In principle, you will also get to take 'doggy bags' home with you so you can share the flavours and general gorgeous-ness with friends and family, but in reality there is usually very little left apart from crumbs and a few scrapings in the pan!

So whether you fancy learning how to wok up a storm with bamboo shoots, want to impress by baking your own loaves, would love nothing better than to be able to make your own Brie-style cheese, or just want to know how to make a decent three course meal without panicking, we've got the cookery course for you, no matter what your tastebuds are saying. Enrol on one of our lessons today and take your culinary skills to a whole new level where you'll be stacking and drizzling like a Masterchef!