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Cocktail Making Classes

Whether it's shaken or stirred, these cocktail making classes and spirit tasting experiences will tingle your tastebuds and revive your love for cocktails an...

Whether it's shaken or stirred, these cocktail making classes and spirit tasting experiences will tingle your tastebuds and revive your love for cocktails and mixed drinks. You might want to master some of the classic cocktail recipes, or you might fancy learning how the Scots drink their Whisky. These fun and convivial experiences will teach you all you need to know during your lesson.

Most of the classes will also see you leaving the venue with loads of notes so you will be able to knock up fabulous cocktails and drinks at home, including ingredients, a kit list and handy hints and tips from expert mixologists and bar staff. We think these cocktails lessons and spirit workshops and tastings are a great way to be able to add a little glamour to the next dinner party or BBQ hosted at yours. Get frosting those glasses, mashing the mint for your mojito and cutting the lemons!  Read more...

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Cocktail Course Brighton


From £150.00

    • Full induction into making cocktails
    • Learn the steps of making a cocktail
    • Understanding spirits and liqueurs
    • Taste the cocktails you have made
Gin and Whisky Tasting Glasgow

Central Glasgow

Special Offer Was £30 NOW £25

    • Entertaining presentations on whisky or gin
    • Discuss, taste & cogitate over four fine spirits
    • Learn how to serve your drinks
    • Whisky & gin tastings located in central Glasgow
Gin or Whisky Tasting South London

Greenwich, London

From £30.00

    • Try six different types of whisky or gin
    • Canap├ęs to accompany the tasting
    • Learn how production methods affect the flavours

From whisky tasting to cocktail making classes, this connoisseur collection of courses will have you blending, shaking and stirring like a pro. Whether you have always wanted to know what goes into a Black Russian or just want to find out how you really should be drinking your whiskies, there's something for you here.

Images of Tom Cruise in that rather cheesy film are blown to smithereens (thank goodness!) when you enrol at our Brighton cocktail school. There's still something quite artistic about creating those flavoursome mixes - but at least you won't be obliged to toss bottles into the air accompanied by 80s music..sorry Tom with your waistcoat, gelled hair and Cuban heels.

By the end of the lesson, your cocktail making skills will have come on in leaps and bounds. With the recipes and notes under your arm, you'll be able to host dinner parties at yours with a veritable cocktail menu for your guests, with everything from the classics to funky new long drinks. A fine way to start a fun evening at home that's for sure.

As for the whisky side of things, we have a traditional tasting tour in Scotland, but also one in Wales. This might be the lesser known country when it comes to producing this fine spirit, but taste it for yourself and we think you'll be pleasantly surprised and you get the full hosted tour of the distillery to see what goes in to making Welsh whisky.

So if you know someone who has a drinks cabinet at home that isn't being put to good use, or you have a bottle of Blue Sapphire that you've always wondered what you can do with, these cocktail making classes and lessons are the perfect way to while way an afternoon. It's doors open to the distilleries and bars around the country as the alcohol expert bar tenders invite you to taste, learn and make delicious drinks.