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B&K Whisky & Beer Pairing Masterclass for Two

23 UK Venues   

  • The B&K expert will guide you through the simularities in the distilling and brewing process
  • Sample five tastings from a range of different whiskies
  • Enjoy with five specially paired beers
  • Top off your experience with a delicious B&K meal

What's Included

  • Discover the origins and history of beer and whiskies
  • Gain an insight into the distilling and brewing, and the similarities of each process
  • 5 tastings from a range of interesting whiskies and 5 different paired beers served in tasting glasses
  • Nibbles are provided
  • You will be guided through the tasting by the in-house beer and whisky specialist
  • Tasting note sheets and a whisky and beer certificate are provided
  • A meal is included.  Choose from Burger meals, fish and chips, beer can chicken plus pub classics (Veg/Vegan options available)
  • Experiences last approximately 2 hours

What Can I Expect

Did you know whisky and beer pairing is a thing? Well it is and you can find out all about it on these hands-on masterclasses held at a Brewhouse & Kitchen near you!

Drinking a whisky followed by a beer chaser is known as a ‘boilermaker’. And it seems craft beer and whisky connoisseurs are getting increasingly keen on the combination of a strong whisky followed by a cool beer, so these fun tasting workshops have been created to show you what it’s all about.

Lined up on your tasting sheet will be five whiskies and five artisan beers in special tasting glasses. You’ll note what you feel are the aromas, taste and the finish of the whisky. Then you’ll jot down the complementing and contrasting flavours of the beer that has been paired with that whisky.

Indeed, a beer with contrasting flavours can go just as well with a whisky, as a beer with complementary flavours, so it’ll be really interesting to taste and find out what you think. Does that dark, peaty whisky go with a nice pale ale? Or do you prefer a stout beer chaser to your crisp whisky shot? You’ll be asked to note whether you think each ‘boilermaker’ pairing is a match or not.

As well as enjoying the tastings, you’ll hear lots about the history and origins of beers and whiskies. It’s fascinating to learn how the distilling and brewing process resemble and differ, but all with the same aim in the end - to make a drink you love.

And you won’t just be on a liquid diet. During the masterclass, water and nibbles will also be served. And after the tasting is complete, you’ll sit down to your choice of dish from the B&K Academy menu, which features classic pub food with veggie and vegan options too. Book your place on the whisky and beer pairing workshop at the Brewhouse & Kitchen near you now!


  • Selected weekdays and Saturdays throughout the year (generally two dates per week) from Spring 2022
  • Dates and session times are subject to availability at your chosen venue


  • Avon  Bristol
  • Bedfordshire   Bedford
  • Birmingham   Sutton Coldfield
  • Buckinghamshire   Milton Keynes
  • Cheshire   Chester
  • Cheshire   Wilmslow
  • Dorset   Bournemouth
  • Dorset   Dorchester
  • Dorset   Poole
  • Dorset   Southbourne
  • Glamorgan   Cardiff
  • Gloucestershire   Cheltenham
  • Gloucestershire   Gloucester Quays
  • Hampshire   Portsmouth
  • Hampshire   Southampton
  • Hampshire   Southsea
  • London   Highbury
  • London   Hoxton
  • London   Islington (Angel)
  • Nottinghamshire   Nottingham
  • Staffordshire   Lichfield
  • West Sussex   Horsham
  • West Sussex   Worthing

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 18


  • Not suitable for spectators

Anything Else

  • Bookings for up to 8 people can be made online
  • Should you be organising a party of more than 8 people please advise when booking your date
whisky and beer
B&K Whisky & Beer Pairing Masterclass for Two
Whisky & Beer Pairing Masterclass for Two
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