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Animal Experiences

    • Meet and greet the huskies
    • A Husky ride experience
    • Take a one mile ride (around 25 minutes)
    • Film show about husky racing
    • A one to one meerkat experience
    • Learn about the meerkats and meet them personally
    • A hot drink is included
    • Plenty of photo opportunities
    • Learn about different types of hives
    • Observe the bees at close quarters
    • Home cooked lunch and tea and coffee are provided
    • Courses start at 10am and finish at 4pm
    • A llama trekking experience for two people
    • Instruction on how to handle and meet the llamas
    • Trek over 4 - 4.5 miles taking around 2 hours
    • Meet the mothers and baby llamas
    • See dolphins, porpoise and seals
    • Use a hydrophone to listen to under water sounds
    • Minke whales are occasionally sighted
    • Experiences run April to October
    • A full day with Border Collies
    • Learn how to handle and train the dogs
    • Learn about farming, sheep and sheepdogs
    • Shepherd a small flock of sheep
    • Watch badgers and experience a guided wildlife tour
    • See indigenous wildlife in its natural habitat
    • Be taken around in one of the 4x4 vehicles
    • Takes place at Cowdray Estate
    • A day of many activities with a Shire horse
    • Learn basic information on harnessing
    • Plenty of hands on opportunity with the horses
    • Tea and coffee throughout the day
    • Meet a Meerkat, Serval, Bosc Monitor and a Tortois
    • An opportunity to handle the animals
    • Experiences take place on selected dates
    • Takes place in Telford, Shropshire
    • Be an animal keeper for the day
    • Undertake many of the tasks a keeper would do
    • Available on selected dates
    • Takes place in Telford, Shropshire
    • Get up and close with 3 formidable carnivores
    • Meet a Red Fox family and feed them
    • Stroke and handle the Snakes
    • Meet the Servals and stroke them
    • Horse and carriage driving lessons in West Sussex
    • Learn to drive a pair of horses as you take the reins
    • A taster lesson or a full lesson available
    • Both experiences give you around 40mins of driving
    • See crocs & venomous snakes at a specialist centre
    • The chance to swim with crocodiles & have a cuddle
    • Three different croc experiences to choose from
    • The chance to spend 5hrs with the reptile keepers
    • A horse drawn carriage ride around the countryside
    • Learn about equine house-keeping
    • Help groom the horses
    • You will be on the carriage for around one hour
    • Enjoy a horse drawn carriage ride in West Sussex
    • Ride in a Regency period Barouche carriage
    • Picnics filled with local produce available
    • Adults can enjoy Champagne during the ride
    • Meet the Meerkats or their Lemur and Serval friends
    • Get hands on and feed the animals
    • Entry to the Wildlife park included
    • Meet the Meerkats in Oxfordshire
    • Learn all about the Meerkats' lives as a family
    • You get to feed them inside their enclosure
    • Lots of opportunities for photos & cuddles
    • Learn the traditional art of shepherding
    • Meet the sheepdogs and have a training session
    • Learn to use a sheepdog whistle
    • Runs on selected weekdays and weekends
    • One or Two hour sealife cruises available
    • High Speed RIB skippered by an RNLI crewmember
    • Explore the stunning Cornish coastline
    • Chance to see wild seals and dolphins
    • Your chance to capture the big cats on camera
    • Guidance from an experienced photography guide
    • Close up photographic opportunities
    • Access to the safari park after your session
    • Capture your pets personality with a pro photoshoot
    • Choice of photoshoot or pamper plus with extras
    • A 5''x7'' portrait of your favourite image included
    • Studio Locations all over the country
    • Tuition from an experienced instructor
    • A morning riding lesson and an afternoon trail
    • Breakfast and a BBQ lunch are included
    • All equipment is provided

Experience days for animal lovers

We are truly a nation of animal lovers if the popularity of our animal experiences is anything to go by! Whether you adore seeing your feathered friends fly, admire the prowess of the big cats, love your reptiles or think your dog is the best thing on four legs, we all know us Brits are suckers for a cuddly creature.

Perhaps just as well then that we've got a brilliantly eclectic range of days out, courses and experiences that involve all sorts of species of animal, from mammals and birds, to reptiles and fish. And in each case you'll be given a wonderful insight into their characters, natural habitat and habits, all whilst having the privilege of getting up close to them too.

From Llamas and Lions, to Collies and Crocodiles - we have an ark-full of animals!

If you know someone who really wants to get involved in looking after animals, we can highly recommend the zoo keeper and wildlife keeper courses. On these sessions you get to shadow a keeper during their normal working day, lending a hand with everything from feeding to training and structured play.

These sessions are great if you want to go one step further and actually own one of the more unusual pets, as you can ask all the questions and find out what looking after them entails. For example, we've done the research for you if you've ever wondered if you can legally keep a crocodile as a pet in the UK!

For those who like the idea of a working partnership with their living things, how about sheep herding with Collie dogs, drayman skills with the docile Shire Horses, or heading off on a trek with fluffy Llamas? Go for an extra measure of adrenaline in with your encounter with the thrill of being pulled along at speed by a team of excitable Huskies. Or take a proper walk on the wild side with the mysterious and often misunderstood wolves.

You can also combine wildlife spotting with a boat ride on the ocean waves when you go sea life watching in Scotland - our remotest experience day, but surely one of the most rewarding. Imagine if you're lucky enough to be accompanied by a pod of dolphins playing alongside the boat, or spot a Minke whale arching his bank with a leap out of the water?

Close-up encounters to learn more about your favourite animals

In fact, anything zoological, we've got it covered. What's more, with these animal experiences all promising close-up encounters, we highly recommend you take a camera so you can catch your furry beast of a lion at play, the moment the snake uncurled his forked tongue, or when you caught sight of those cuter than cute Meerkats standing on their hind legs looking curiously at you.

And whether your day out is hosted by a keeper at the zoo, a wildlife expert in the forest, or an animal trainer in a park, you are sure to learn lots and want to keep coming back to try more animal antics and adventures.