Beekeeping Course in Kent

Fort Amherst, Chatham

  • Learn about beekeeping in Kent
  • Group courses at Fort Amherst at Chatham
  • Take home a jar of local honey 
  • Includes a light lunch at The Pantry cafe


What's Included

Half Day Beekeeping

  • Enjoy a beekeeping experience at Fort Amherst
  • Get kitted up in your bee suits and visit the live hives
  • Your beekeeper will demonstrate the life cycle of the bee and the real workings of the colony
  • Opportunity to view the bees coming and going, some laden with balls of pollen, you may see some young bees emerging from their cells, and even the queen!
  • Lots of interesting facts and information
  • A cream tea lunch is included comprising of a scone with cream and jam, a selection of sandwiches and a choice of either hot or cold drink
  • Take home a lovely jar of local honey and certificate

What Can I Expect

Bee amazed on a beekeeping course in Kent! Where better than the Garden of England to learn all about keeping bees? You'll discover the life and work of these busy bees on these small group courses held at lovely Fort Amherst in Chatham.

The Kent beekeepers at the Fort are utterly passionate about what they do and we love the programme for these three-hour courses. First off, your beekeeper host will explain and show you the life cycle of a bee and how a colony works.

Then once you've got your bee suit and gloves on, it's time to go to the 'live' beehive and see what's happening. This is the moment the hive's roof and ceiling will be deftly lifted off to expose the bee colony to see what's going on.

You'll learn how the colony works together as a highly efficient team. From surrounding the brood nest with honey and pollen, to being responsible for bringing in deliveries of fresh nectar collected from all those Kentish flowers, each bee has a role. You'll have to look closely to spot the Queen, as she's kept well protected by her loyal subjects!

You might even witness the birth of new bees, emerging from their cells all wobbly and unsure of themselves - and you'll be amazed at how quickly they grow into worker or drone bees. All of the various stages of the life of a bee and their roles will all be explained to you, as you investigate the working beehive.

Your experience ends with a rather nice light lunch taken in the Pantry Cafe at the entrance to the Fort and a jar of the lovely honey to take home with you too.

We think Amherst Fort is a great location for these beekeeping courses in Kent, within the 20-acres green space that links to Great Lines Heritage Park. The humans and the bees love it!


Half Day Beekeeping

  • Selected dates between March and June
  • All dates are subject to weather conditions and availability
  • Sessions generally start at 11:00 finishing at 14:00

Current 2024 Dates

  • 30th March 
  • 27th April
  • 25th May
  • 29th June
  • Additional dates will be added, subject to demand


  • Fort Amherst, Chatham

Suitable For

  • Minimum age 12
  • Under 16s must be accompanied by a participating adult
  • You will form part of a group of up to 15 participants for this experience


  • Not suitable for spectators

Anything Else

  • Participants should wear long-sleeved tops and sensible footwear
  •  Vegetarian and vegan lunches are available.  Please specify when booking your date
Bee Keeping Experience in Kent - 3 people looking at the bees
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