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African Drumming Experience London


• African drumming workshops in east London
• Learn to play traditional African djembe drums
• Two-hour group sessions & one-hour individual lessons
• Teaching is by the 'call and response' technique

What's Included

2 Hour African Drumming Workshop
• Group session lead by experienced African Drummers
• Learn traditional African music to create different rhythms and beats through drumming and song
• Djembe drum hire included
• Break where soft drinks can be purchased
• Experience uses traditional African chants, sounds and songs to learn the rhythms authentically, no previous experience in music is needed

Master Drummer Experience
• An hour long lesson with a Master Drummer

• 1:1 tuition
• Learn basic techniques and traditional rhythms, including Bass Tone and Slap
• Chance to learn a solo
• Includes Djembe drum hire

What Can I Expect

It's good vibes all the way with these African drumming workshops in London! We are offering two-hour group African drumming taster experiences and one-hour one-to-one drumming lessons too. Both are led and taught by Master Drummers who certainly know how to get the rhythm going.

You'll be learning authentic African beats using traditional djembe drums. These often highly decorative drums are played with your hands and when you get a harmony going with multiple djembe drums beating in time, it really is the most mesmerising and uplifting of sounds and sensations.

It takes many many years of study and practice to be a djembefola (that's a master drummer), but in just a couple of hours you'll be able to learn the basic bass tone and slap techniques used to play African drums. Teaching is done in a 'call and response' style, so you literally copy and repeat what your drum master is doing. You'll soon capture the essence of basic African drumming rhythms such as the 'crocodile walk', Jole and Kuku to great effect.

The sound of African drumming is a powerful one and is sure to move you. It's pretty uplifting stuff and what's more, it really is an activity that everyone can enjoy together. And there's no need to read music or know your scales for these magical musical workshops.

As well as learning to play the drums, you'll also hear about the history of African music and the significance and importance of the djembe drum in music and culture. It's fascinating stuff and helps you understand why drumming has even more importance than just being a captivating musical sound.

Lessons take place at a music studio in east London. It's a community-based project that's not for profit, so taking part in these African drumming workshops will ensure the survival of the initiative, so everyone can enjoy and benefit from the captivating rhythms of the djembe drum.


• Workshops usually run on Tuesday evenings at 6.45pm and the first Saturday of each month at 1.30pm. Additional Saturday workshops at 4pm are added according to demand

• Master Drummer Experience available by appointment. Daytime, evening and Saturday slots available


• Bethnal Green, London

Suitable For

• 2 hour session suitable for everyone, including families and children over age 8 years old (all children attending need to be accompanied by participating adult)
• Master drummer experience is only suitable for adults, min age 18


• Only participants allowed in the studio

Anything Else

• For the 2 hour session you will form a group of up to 25 participants
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African Drumming Experience London
2 Hour African Drumming Experience
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