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Tandem Skydives - UK Wide

Locations Nationwide
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• Our most flexible skydiving voucher
• UK-wide validity at drop zones near you
• A tandem parachute jump from 10,000ft
• Friends & family can watch the freefall fun


What's Included

  • A tandem parachute jump from a height of 10,000ft or more
  • At your choice of skydive school from around the UK
  • Experience the thrill of around 30 seconds of freefall
  • Reach speeds of around 120mph
  • Enjoy several minutes descent under a parachute from around 5'000ft
  • Jump with an experienced tandem instructor using a dual harness
  • Pre jump ground training and safety briefing
  • All equipment including jumpsuit, gloves, goggles and helmet is provided
  • Provisional membership to 'British Skydiving' is included (not included in Cambridgeshire, North Wales or Peterborough)
  • Allow spending a full day at the airfield for your jump
  • Complimentary premium gift packaging from Into The Blue

What Can I Expect

‘If I want to do a tandem skydive near me, do I come to you?'. Yes is the answer. This flexible, nationwide tandem skydiving voucher covers loads of venues around the country. 

Tandem jumps are our best-selling type of skydive. In essence, the professional skydiver is the one who does all the work and you just hang in there and enjoy the ride! 

All instructors are 'jump masters' who have undertaken rigorous training and made hundreds of parachute jumps around the country, if not the world. Tandem-style experiences allow complete novices to feel the thrills of free falling, without all that training.

You'll prepare for your skydive by harnessing yourselves together whilst you're still making your ascent in the plane. It feels like you're wearing the instructor (who also carries the parachute) like a backpack. To exit, you'll find yourselves waddling towards the open door…and on the signal away you go.

So what does it feel like to skydive? The free falling is actually quite serene and you enjoy a floaty feeling. It only lasts for around 30 seconds, so try to relish every moment!

When your instructor deploys the chute at around 5000ft, expect a jerk as the falling stops and you go upwards for a second or two. It's only then your brain really registers the sensation that you are descending.

With four or five minutes of floating back down to earth 'under canopy' to enjoy, you might be treated to a few turns and moves if you're up for it. Your skydive partner may even hand you the toggles for you to control your tandem ride for a few moments!

Before you know it, the ground will start rushing towards you and it's time to bring your thrilling tandem skydive to a close by executing the perfect landing. Knees up, your instructor's feet will hit the ground first and with any luck, all you'll need to do is stand up.

Utterly exhilarated, it'll be time to celebrate your tandem skydiving success with all your near friends and family who have been eagerly watching. Buy your nationwide tandem skydive vouchers now!


  • Weekdays and weekends throughout the year (unless specified)
  • Specific days of the week vary according to your chosen venue
  • All dates are subject to availability and weather conditions


Vouchers are valid for any of the locations listed.
Choose your preferred location when registering your voucher after purchase.

  • Cambridgeshire Chatteris Airfield
  • Cornwall Perranporth Airfield
  • Devon  Dunkeswell Airfield
  • Durham  Shotton Airfield
  • Lancashire  Lancaster (November open Friday, Saturday and Sunday December/January closed Feb-March open Friday, Saturday and Sunday March-October open all week except Tuesday)
  • Lincolnshire Hibaldstow Airfield
  • Nottingham Langar Airfield
  • Peterborough Sibson Airfield (March to October)
  • South Wales  Swansea Airport (March-November)
  • Suffolk Beccles Airfield
  • Wiltshire   Old Sarum Airfield

Suitable For

  • Approximate weight limits are 14.5 stone for men and 13.5 stone for women
  • Weight limit at Peterborough is 15.7 stone
  • Weight limit at Durham is 15.5 stone for men and 14.5 stone for women
  • If you are near these limits it is advisable to check in advance for your chosen venue
  • Minimum age is 16, under 18's must have written parental consent
  • There is no maximum age however over 40's must have a doctor's certificate
  • All participants must complete a 'Declaration of Fitness' form before the event


• Spectators are welcome to come along and watch the action
• All venues will have a clubhouse for visitors and spectators
• Some venues have dorms or camping facilities if you want to stay overnight

Anything Else

  • Jump heights will vary depending on your chosen location and weather conditions on the day
  • Most locations can arrange filming of your jump for an additional fee
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  based on 6 reviews

Rating: 5 stars
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Was a special birthday present. Absolutely fantastic experience. Bucket list done. Now what next...
Rating: 5 stars
Gemma Ross
My skydive experience was absolutely amazing I would definitely recommend this to anyone. I did thi...
Rating: 5 stars
Kevin Johnson
Absolutely amazing, want to do it again
Rating: 5 stars
Genuinely mind blowing - you will not experience a bigger adrenalin rush.
Rating: 5 stars
karen haines
fantastic day!!!!!! Thank you
Rating: 5 stars
Michael King
Excellent fantastic amazing experience