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Skydiving Suffolk/Norfolk Border

Beccles Airfield, near Norwich

• Skydiving at Beccles Airfield or Norwich
• Tandem jumps from 13,000ft
• School run by expert ex military parachutists
• Stunning coastal views (Beccles)

What's Included

  • A 13,000ft tandem jump
  • Pre Flight Briefing and training approximately 20 minutes
  • Ascent in the parachute aircraft lasting 15-20 minutes
  • Enjoy the sensation of freefall with 13'000ft jumps giving around 40 seconds
  • Approximately 5-6 minutes under the parachute to enjoy the views
  • Allow spending 2-3 hours at the venue
  • Complimentary premium gift packaging from Into The Blue

What Can I Expect

Go skydiving at Beccles Airfield and be one of over 10,000 budding skydivers who jump from this centre on the Norfolk/Suffolk border every single year!

This school, based at this former USAF airfield, makes the most of the fact that there are no altitude limits, no air traffic control restrictions and no other aviation traffic from the drop zone area. And all that, of course, makes it the perfect skydiving location.

The team here is amazing. Owners Jason Thompson and Grant Richards have done many thousands of jumps between them and are both ex military parachutists. The aim of the sky diving game here is to be professional, but approachable and friendly at the same time, putting you at ease throughout your course - especially when (for most of you) it's your first foray into that freefall feeling.

So you've decided you want to go skydiving. The quickest route is to opt for tandem skydiving, as there is a just short ground training session - and then you're off, strapped into a harness with your instructor attached. 

You will be exiting the plane from a whopping 13,000ft above the ground. Now that's high! You'll experience freefalling before the parachute is opened and then your canopy ride back down to the drop zone gives you around six minutes of calm after the rush.

And when you land you'll feel amazing. The sensation of freefalling is pretty indescribable. And in fact, many tandemers can barely speak at first. But when you do gather your thoughts, you're bound to have a huge grin on your face, as you thank your instructor and ask when you can go up and do it all over again in those clear Suffolk skies!  You're sure to have an incredible skydiving experience out of Beccles. 


• Jumps operate from January to December
• 13,000ft jumps are available on weekdays and weekends
• All jumps are subject to weather conditions on the day


• Beccles Airfield, Ellough on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, near Lowestoft

Suitable For

Tandem Jumps
• Minimum age 16, under 18's will require a parent or guardian's consent
• A good general level of fitness is required for all jumps
• There are no formal upper age limits
• All parachutists need to sign a declaration of medical fitness
• The weight limit is 16 stone fully clothed and weight must be in proportion to height


 Spectators are more than welcome to come and watch and you can make use of the facilities and watch the action from the viewing area.

Anything Else

• There are toilets, changing facilities, showers and disabled toilets on site
• There is a licensed bar and diner on site providing hot and cold food and drinks
• A recording of tandem jumps can be purchased directly with the operator