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Skydiving Swansea

Swansea Airport   

  • Tandem skydiving in Swansea
  • Jump from 12000ft
  • Amazing Gower Peninsula views
  • 40mins ground training then jump!

What's Included

  • A tandem skydive from 12,000ft
  • Experience the thrill of freefall and enjoy a high performance canopy ride
  • Short training session to learn what to expect and the position you need to adopt for landing
  • You will be provided with a jumpsuit, gloves, goggles and headgear
  • You will be fitted into the dual harness and attached to a fully qualified instructor
  • Enjoy spectacular views as the aircraft takes you to 12,000ft 
  • Freefall at 120mph for approximately 45 seconds
  • Your instructor will deploy the parachute by 5,000ft
  • You will be presented with a certificate at the end of the jump
  • BPA membership fee is included
  • Complimentary premium gift packaging from Into The Blue

What Can I Expect

Calling all super skydivers of Swansea! This is your chance to do a tandem skydive over the Gower Peninsula in South Wales at this long-established professional skydiving school based out of Swansea Airport.

Whether it's a surprise birthday gift, something you've always wanted to do, or you're in it for charity, absolutely nothing in this world can beat your first skydive for pure, adrenaline sensations. The Swansea skydive team will be there to make it all happen for you.

Headed up by Carl Williams, you're in good hands in Swansea. Carl has won team and individual skydive awards at National Championships and has competed for GB in the World Championship. He's sailed past the 4500 tandem jump mark with ease and, along with his colleagues, has many, many hours of experience. They have been skydiving in the skies above Swansea since 2007.

To get you into the zone, here are some skydiving stats for you : 40-minutes of ground training. An 18-minute flight to reach altitude. A full 45-seconds of 120mph freefall from 12,000ft. After that, the canopy will be pulled at 5000ft and it's a fantastic ride back down to earth.

If, in between whooping with delight, waving and smiling, you take time to look around you, you'll realise the views are spectacular. You're in (or rather above) the heart of the Gower Peninsula with its coves, caves, beaches and cliffs bound to impress you.

Once back down and landed safely in the drop zone, there's just one thing on everyone's mind. ‘That was a-ma-zing' and ‘When can I do it again?' is what pretty much everyone says when they've completed their very first skydive above Swansea. Of course, if one jump isn't enough, you're very welcome to buy another voucher right here right now!


  • Weekends from March to November
  • Sessions are subject to availability and weather conditions
  • In the event of unsuitable conditions your jump will be rescheduled


  • Swansea Airport

Suitable For

  • Maximum weight for men is 15 stone and 13 stone for women
  • Weight restrictions are fully clothed
  • Minimum age 16
  • Under 18s will require the signature of a parent or legal guardian
  • Over 60s must attend the centre for a pre-assessment
  • All participants must sign a self declaration fitness form. Should the participant have any medical conditions the medical form must be signed by a GP prior to the jump


  • Spectators are welcome to come along and watch the action, subject to current Covid restrictions

Anything Else

  • Video and photo packages are available for an additional charge, payable when booking your date
gower skydive
Skydiving Swansea
12,000ft Tandem Skydive
Total Price£269.00