Private Flying Lessons

Get your wings with our selection of flying lessons! If you've ever dreamed of being a pilot or just want to have a go at the controls an aeroplane, you've come to the right place. Flying lessons are a big part of our heritage, as we are the sister company to the people who were behind the world-famous Biggin Hill Airshows. With that sort of pedigree, it's no wonder we can boast one of the biggest ranges of flying schools the length and breadth of the UK.

You will be taking to the air in a modern light aircraft from a fully CAA registered flight school or training centre. Many use two seater aircraft such as the Cessna 152, whilst the most popular four-seater is the Piper Archer. Lessons in aircraft with four seats cost more, but it does mean you can usually invite someone to join you as a back seat passenger for your flight. Read more...

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Learning to fly isn't cheap and you may be wondering just how much flying lessons cost. Well, with our introductory flights, you can get airborne for less than you think. If a quick zip up into the sky in a Cessna suffices, then you can grab yourself a taster lesson for under £60.

If you want more time to soar the skies there are introductory sessions that last anything from 20 minutes to a full hour. Whatever flight duration your choose, there will always be time for you to have a go at flying the plane for yourself - and believe us, keeping the aircraft steady (known as 'straight and level' in aviation speak) whilst maintaining altitude isn't as easy as it sounds.

Those budding aviators who really want to lift the lid on recreational flying should go for one of our longer flight packages, such as a 'land away', where you take off from one airport, fly to another, land have a quick cuppa in the clubhouse and then head back to your plane for the return leg.

We also have pilot starter packs for anyone who fancies taking those first aviation steps to gaining the PPL (Private Pilots Licence) giving you multiple lessons.These sort of lessons give you extra air miles with extended flying time, so you can really get an insight into what piloting a light aircraft is all about.

After a plane walkaround on the apron, it’s into the cockpit for the pre-flight checks to be sure that pulling back on the stick pushes the elevators up (and the plane into a climb) and inversely, pushing forwards forces the elevators down causing you to descend. The pedals at your feet control the rudder to help you turn and then moving the stick left or right lifts the ailerons left or right for you to make your turn. (See, we told you this flying lark wasn't easy!).

After start up (at this point you'll understand why you're wearing an intercom headset - it can be pretty noisy in these small planes), it’s time to taxi to the runway. Once the delicate matter of taking off has been completed and you're out of your initial climb it's your chance to shine on these flying lessons. As you utter those immortal words 'I have control' it will be you flying the plane. We think it's amazing how sensitive the controls are and if you've got the flying bug, you might even be able to try and a couple of turns. Wherever you go in the UK, enjoy your fledging flight!