30 Minute Flying Lessons Nationwide

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  • Our best value flying lesson experience gift
  • 30-minute experience flights chock to chock
  • Nationwide locations available
  • Over 20 airfields across the UK to choose from


What's Included

  • 30 minute trial flying lesson at your choice of airfield around the UK
  • All experiences include a welcome and pre-flight briefing
  • Once airborne you will get the chance to take control yourself
  • Flight times are quoted 'chock to chock', ie. from when the plane starts to taxi, to when it switches off at the end of the lesson
  • Some schools will also include a personalised certificate as your post-flight gift

What Can I Expect

Chocks away for our full range of the cheapest flying lessons around the UK! These affordable 30-minute flight experiences are at a range of nationwide airfields. All flying lessons are ideal for beginners, both adults and teenagers, from the age of 14 years.

If you've ever dreamed of flying your own plane, then these best-value, half-hour flying lessons are a low-cost way to get your first taste in the cockpit. Each introductory lesson includes a safety talk, where your pilot will explain the basic techniques for flying a plane. Once you're safely up in the air, you'll get the chance to take over the yoke and pedals to fly the plane yourself!

The light aircraft you'll be using depends on the airfield and flying school that you opt for. All of our low-priced lessons offer the chance to fly modern, well-maintained, two seater aeroplanes including Pipers and Cessnas. They are a much cheaper alternative to larger aircraft, which often incur higher lesson prices due to increased operating costs.

Your flight gives you the opportunity to begin learning a totally new skill, as well as offering exceptional value for money. As they're suitable for anyone over the age of 14 (although some weight restrictions can apply,) they make for a great gift for birthdays or special occasions.

With a wide range of locations around the UK, there's bound to be an airfield near you offering these affordable 30-minute flight lessons.

They're also a cost-effective way of finding out if becoming a pilot is something you'd be interested in. If that's the case, then it's worth knowing that your flying lesson counts towards your air hours, should you opt to pursue a PPL (Private Pilot Licence).

So why not give someone you love the gift of flight over the stunning countryside of the UK with our beginner flying lessons? Any would-be high flyer is sure to love the challenge of these best-value, 30-minute lessons.

Want longer in the air? Then take a look at our 60-minute flying lessons available nationwide . Dream of becoming a pilot? Go for our multi-lesson pilot experiences .


  • Weekends and weekdays throughout the year
  • Flights are weather dependent and subject to availability
  • Although time slots are allocated please be aware that aircraft lessons are subject to a number of factors which may potentially cause delay to your scheduled time. Whilst every effort will be made to help keep you on time we ask for a degree of latitude owing to the nature of flying, air traffic delays and weather considerations


Vouchers are valid for any of the locations listed.
Choose your preferred location when registering your voucher after purchase.

  • Buckinghamshire  Wycombe Air Park, Marlow (M) (weekdays only)
  • Co Durham Darlington - Durham Tees Valley Airport (weekdays only) Please note that this experience is currently fully booked until September 2024, vouchers can be booked and redeemed after September (updated 22/05/24)
  • Cornwall  St Agnes - Perranporth Airfield (G)
  • Devon Honiton - Dunkeswell Aerodrome (G)
  • East Sussex Lewes - Deanland Airfield (M)
  • East Yorkshire Beverley - Beverley Airfield
  • Essex North Weald - North Weald Airport
  • Gloucestershire  Stroud - Aston Down Airfield (G) (weekdays only)
  • Hampshire Bishops Waltham - Lower Upham Airfield (M)
  • Lancashire Blackpool - Blackpool Airport
  • Lancashire Cockerham (M)
  • Lincolnshire Grantham - Saltby Airfield (M)
  • Nottinghamshire   near Worksop - Netherthorpe Airfield
  • Northumberland Longframlington - Atheys Moor Airfield (M)
  • Oxfordshire Abingdon (M)
  • Oxfordshire Chipping Norton - Enstone Aerodrome (G)
  • Powys Welshpool, Mid-Wales Airport (M)
  • Scone Perth Airport (M)
  • Somerset  Taunton (M)
  • Staffordshire Burton on Trent - Tatenhill Airfield
  • Surrey  Blackbushe Airport, Camberley (M)
  • Wiltshire Marlborough - Clench Common Airfield (M)
  • Wiltshire  Calne - Yatesbury Airfield (M)
  • Wiltshire    Swindon - Sandhill Farm Airfield (G)  

(G) Motor glider aircraft. If conditions allow part of the flight can include a demonstration of gliding if requested

(M) Modern lightweight 2 seater aircraft which are technically classified as microlights

Please note locations are subject to change

Suitable For

  • Minimum age for a flying lesson is 14 years old
  • Under 18s must be accompanied on the airfield by an adult
  • Height restrictions: minimum 4ft 6ins, maximum 6ft 4ins
  • Maximum weight of 14 stone (take a look at lessons in four seater aircraft for higher weight limits)
  • Please bring two forms of identity including a photo id, e.g. a passport
  • Flight lessons are all at Civil Aviation Authority approved clubs


  • Friends and family are welcome to come and watch the take off and landing
  • Flight schools offer different levels of facilities, however most have a clubhouse
  • Most venues have toilets, viewing areas and refreshments

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30 Minute Flying Lessons Nationwide - Woman Standing with Plane
30 Minute Flying Lessons Nationwide Get this Experience


5 out of 5 stars

Average Rating: 5
Total Reviews: 115

Find out what other customers think of the experience



  based on 115 reviews

Rating: 5 stars
Neil Devlin
Very enjoyable experience all round. I was initially nervous having never been in a small plane bef...
Rating: 5 stars
Max placidi
It was really amazing. The instructors were very friendly and made it fun and I would most defini...
Rating: 5 stars
Neil Armstrong
Absolutely amazing and was surprised how quickly I was allowed to take control of the aircraft and ...
Rating: 5 stars
Ronnie Blyth
15 days ago
Absolutely fantastic 30 minute flying experience with Kevin Whitehead at Perth Airport. I couldn't...
Rating: 5 stars
Nic Web
4 Months ago
Great place and location. Lovely people who enjoy what they do.
Rating: 5 stars
Carl White
6 Months ago
Great experience! I was handed control and given a series of manouvers to do to assess how I would ...
Rating: 5 stars
Ken Denyer
6 Months ago
Thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Paul, my instructor explained everything so even I could get the...
Rating: 5 stars
Gill Gurney
7 Months ago

Fab experience and Greg was amazing very informative

Rating: 5 stars
Gill Gurney
7 Months ago

Fabulous experience and Greg was amazing

Rating: 5 stars
Kerry Betts
8 Months ago
My son had a great time. Pilot was kind, friendly and helpful. Gave good advice on how to get start...
Rating: 5 stars
Xavier Nunez
It was amazing! I loved the session, the weather was perfect. Instructor was very nice and skilled,...
Rating: 5 stars
Charlotte Buckley
My son had the most amazing time! The staff were very friendly and put him at ease. He absolutely ...
Rating: 5 stars
Justin Bell
Wonderful experience flying over Devon and controlling the plane
Rating: 5 stars
My son absolutely loved the experience and can’t wait to fly again! Thank you
Rating: 5 stars
My 15 year old twin sons were thrilled to receive this as a birthday present. Greg, the instructor,...
Rating: 5 stars
Brilliant present for my husband - the instructor (Nick) was a great chap. Calm, relaxed and clear...
Rating: 5 stars
Fantastic experience highly recommend
Rating: 5 stars
Had a really great session with Alex, he allowed me to have a lot of control once we were up. Reall...
Rating: 5 stars
Amazing experience, I don't know how it was to buy the experience but being given it as a gift was ...
Rating: 5 stars
Fabulous experience. The instructor Ian was fantastic, a very experienced pilot who made the flight...
Rating: 5 stars
Had an amazing experience, Very professional. Thoroughly recommended.
Rating: 5 stars
Absolutely amazing experience and I would recommend for anyone wanting to learn to fly
Rating: 5 stars
It was fabulous to get back in a little Cessna again. Almost flying vintage! As am I. Highly recomm...
Rating: 5 stars
Gordon Dawson
Really enjoyed it, a very experienced instructor/pilot.
Rating: 5 stars
Everything was perfect. Had a great flight with a knowledgeable instructor. Would highly recommend
Rating: 5 stars
Alexander King
Superb experience for my 16 year old.
Rating: 5 stars
Oli Deakin
Had an excellent time. They gave me a really good experience, doing as much flying as possible from...
Rating: 5 stars
Turweston and those involved there are just brilliant. Could not thank my wonderful instructor more...
Rating: 5 stars
Great experience, highly recommended. friendly staff.
Rating: 5 stars
Connie Martyn
The whole experience was delightful. The little plane was lovely and the pilot friendly and reassur...
Rating: 5 stars
D Lloyd
Much better than I expected, staff were really friendly and helpful. Great flight, good weather and...
Rating: 5 stars
Paul Henderson

Excellent experience. Nick was so informative, friendly and professional

Rating: 5 stars
Constance Martyn
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. The little aircraft was fun and the pilot friendly and reassuri...
Rating: 5 stars
Sy dignam

Amazing experience would highly recommend

Rating: 5 stars
joanne phillips
The guys at Welshpool were brilliant,was a great experience and son loved his flight,great cafe and...
Rating: 5 stars
Anne Haddow
I'd known that the take-off and landing could be tricky so was a bit nervous but also excited. It ...
Rating: 5 stars
Phil Cooke
Just excellent. Most enjoyable.
Rating: 5 stars
Noel O'Leary
Exceptional flying in a light aircraft that you could really feel respond to the thermals and sligh...
Rating: 5 stars
Tony Eaton
What a fantastic experience. Scary but at the same time most exhilarating. Brilliant pilot, thankfu...
Rating: 5 stars
Mark Harris
Great fun and an amazing experience. Roger, the instructor/pilot was a gentleman and I both learnt ...
Rating: 5 stars
Paul Kennedy
A really great experience ... very knowledgeable and friendly staff and pilot... no fuss... ‘hands ...
Rating: 5 stars
Adele sansom
Brilliant flight, great people lovely little plane. Will be back.
Rating: 5 stars
A very exciting experience but felt safe with the instructors. Will certainly recommend to friends ...
Rating: 5 stars
Dr Bryan Goodrich
Freindly welcome and a fantastic experience. Took control of the plane and flew right over Spinnake...
Rating: 5 stars
A great experience well worth the price. Staff were friendly and informative. Will go back again.
Rating: 5 stars
Joe Bartlett
Had an amazing time flying with solent flight. The guys were the best and made me feel like I had b...
Rating: 5 stars
Vicky fidler
It was very enjoyable and informative this is a great experience and cant wait to do it again the s...
Rating: 5 stars
Trevor Larvin
Both myself and my significant other had a 30 minute flight experience for gifts which we booked wi...
Rating: 5 stars
Jessica Masambundu
Good customer service. There was a delay with the aircraft but the instructor informed us in advan...
Rating: 5 stars
R Izzard
My son was given a flight experience for his birthday at North Weald. Due to weight restrictions he...
Rating: 5 stars
Marc Nicholls
Excellent service and Training.
Rating: 5 stars
I did 30 mins flight from North Weald Airfield. Beautiful mini-plane, friendly pilot and a lot of e...
Rating: 5 stars
Evan George
Fantastic experience flew from Redhill. Pilot very good and told me what was happening at all times...
Rating: 5 stars
Nick king
We where away for the weekend in Southampton so decided to use my flying lesson on route to our des...
Rating: 5 stars
Absolutely fantastic experience. The staff at the flying centre used in Blackpool were amazing - ve...
Rating: 5 stars
I purchased a flying lesson for my other half for Christmas, he'd been eager to try this for a whil...
Rating: 5 stars
Amy Brammall
Fantastic flying experience. The guys were great at Kirmington and we had a brilliant time!
Rating: 5 stars
Very good instructor and a lovely flight! To be repeated
Rating: 5 stars
Andrew Galloway
The whole experience was great, everything went well, and the instructor was perfect for a beginner.
Rating: 5 stars
Harriet Haslehurst
Everyone was so friendly and helpful. Was definitely long enough and very enjoyable. Would definite...
Rating: 5 stars
Laura Wallace
Absolutely amazing! Would recommend to anyone! The staff and instructors were so friendly and help...
Rating: 5 stars
Really enjoyable. Although only half an hour, if felt like a good amount of time.
Rating: 5 stars
John bassford
Excellent day out. Reception first class pilot training first class would highly recommend the expe...
Rating: 5 stars
Very good. Smooth and easy , start to finish. Very friendly and would recommend. Will go back.
Rating: 5 stars
Had great day at Hull aero club Beverley Peter my flight instructor was very friendly and most help...
Rating: 5 stars
John Burns
Great day had by all. Wonderfull experience all round.
Rating: 5 stars
Michael kightley
Very good enjoyed the experience. The staff at Gamston air field we're excellent.
Rating: 5 stars
It was difficult to get in touch with Solent Flight to begin with but once it was booked their staf...
Rating: 5 stars
Stuart Bennett
Fantastic, I have done 2 previous flying experiences. This was the best.
Rating: 5 stars
Great experience, unlike anything I've done before thanks to hubby. Instructor was friendly and pu...
Rating: 5 stars
Paul Wood
Loved it. Friendly instructor made the day.
Rating: 5 stars
Robert Farrand
Very enjoyable and well organised
Rating: 5 stars
Paul Ridgway
Excellent experience. Staff were very helpful and friendly and the instructor made the day fun as w...
Rating: 5 stars
Adam Bessell
Awesome day out with the family and, as the experience was a gift from my wife, I had to return the...
Rating: 5 stars
In all respects first class
Rating: 5 stars
Scott Phillips
Absolutely brilliant
Rating: 5 stars
Abigail Foley
Incredible! I used to be an air cadet and due to bad health I had to leave earlier than would have ...
Rating: 5 stars
Linda Carroll-Bentley
The day was easy to arrange and a fabulous experience. I would recommend to anyone who is thinking...
Rating: 5 stars
Sue Mackevych
Brilliant experience! The flight was a birthday gift and it was straightforward to book. A great id...
Rating: 5 stars
An amazing experience, got to fly the plane, and Stewart who did the lesson is a fantastic guy!
Rating: 5 stars
very good experience and simple booking process!
Rating: 5 stars
Paul Siddall.
A brilliant day. Cannot praise the staff enough. The booking was really easy. My family was made re...
Rating: 5 stars
James Godden
Absolutely fantastic!
Rating: 5 stars
The flying lesson was excellent, the club in beverley and they were fantastic. Very pleasant experi...
Rating: 5 stars
Andrew Griffiths
Got to the airfield,withybush,Haverfordwest quick cuppa at the very nice cafe yhen was met by the p...
Rating: 5 stars
The pilot put me completely at ease and explained everything in enough detail for a novice but not ...
Rating: 5 stars
Jonathan Shsersby
I really enjoyed the the experience the flying lesson was great and the booking was made so easy an...
Rating: 5 stars
Andrew Scott
30 Minute Flying Lesson at Beverley (Linley). Was able to upgrade to a 4 seater plane, so that my ...
Rating: 5 stars
Andy Hennegan
2 seater flying lesson in a (fixed wing) Cessna 152 at Coventry Airport. When i arrived i was able...
Rating: 5 stars
Andy McNally
It was brilliant and I'm actually thinking of putting in for lessons.
Rating: 5 stars
Paul Deakin
Whole experience from arranging booking to flying all very good
Rating: 5 stars
Jo Bateman
I had a fantastic flying lesson in a 2 seater plane in Turweston, Northants. It was great fun and ...
Rating: 5 stars
Richard Charleton
Wonderful experience. I would definitely do this again!
Rating: 5 stars
michael edward miller
Things got off to a bad start when I tried to book a flight with a company near Stratford upon Avon...
Rating: 5 stars
john hunt
very friendly people.
Rating: 5 stars
Bruce Reeves
Flight was a birthday present from my wife. Brilliant experience, instructor was very good, let me ...
Rating: 5 stars
rob hutchinson
The actual flying experience was fantastic and if things had been more organised I would have given...
Rating: 5 stars
I received a flying lesson for my birthday and had the best time. It was an amazing experience and...
Rating: 5 stars
First flight where I have been able to taxi, take off and land
Rating: 5 stars
Awesome expirence...
Rating: 5 stars
Chris Harbour
I purchased a flying lesson for my nephew for his birthday it was excellent the whole process from ...
Rating: 5 stars
Irina T.
This flight lesson was a suprise for my partner. He got it as a gift and was really happy. We went ...
Rating: 5 stars
hannah lamont
fantastic experience and a great xmas present or gift
Rating: 5 stars
Fab experience would highly recommend.
Rating: 5 stars
very enjoyable,would recommend the experience,first rate.excellent xmas present.
Rating: 5 stars
I received this as a present, the booking was easy and the staff friendly, my pilot put me quickly ...
Rating: 5 stars
I got this as a present for my girlfriend and it was brilliant, we flew at Compton abbas and the st...
Rating: 5 stars
amy oldfield
Brilliant! !!! Immediately put at ease by the pilot, got to take the controls for a short while a...
Rating: 5 stars
i bought it for my boyfriend for his 30th and he loved it! he wanted to book another lesson straigh...
Rating: 5 stars
Jan Frame,
Just to let you know the gift was for my son and myself and five other family members went alo...
Rating: 5 stars
Jolan Evans
It was a great experience and has inspired me to become a pilot! by Jolan Evans
Rating: 5 stars
I was very apprehensive about my 30 minute flight. The pilot was very kind, and taking the control...
Rating: 5 stars
Muriel Anderson
We bought an Into the Blue trial flying lesson for my stepmother's 85th birthday present. We were a...
Rating: 5 stars
Gayle, by email
I went on a half hour trial flying lesson from Into the Blue and have since done more hours and I a...
Rating: 5 stars
Guest review from Review Centre
This is the second time I have bought a flying lesson from Into the Blue and recently got my Mum to...

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