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Rally Driving Experience

    • Laps in front and rear wheel drive rally cars
    • Various driving durations available
    • Learn how the pros do it!
    • Value for money rallying experiences
    • Drive two WRC style rally racing cars in Staffordshire
    • Four laps in the VW Polo R & in the Ford Fiesta RS
    • Ultimate voucher adds in a high speed rally ride and timed lap
    • Both cars are race-tuned WRC-type rally racing cars
    • Drive a Mitsubishi Evo 9 or a Subaru Impreza STi
    • Expert instructors to guide you through the stage
    • Choice of venues in the North of England
    • Authentic style tarmac and gravel rally courses
    • Drive Ken Block style rally cars in Staffordshire
    • Ford Focus RS & Subaru WRX Sti around amazing courses
    • Four laps of the track in each of the cars chosen
    • Unique gymkhana-style Ken Block driving experience
    • Experience FWD, RWD and 4WD rally cars
    • Rally spec cars with harnesses and roll cages
    • Coned out hairpins, straights and sweeping corners
    • High Octane Extreme Rallying Experience in a mini
    • Rally drive in a classic MKII Escort
    • Multiple durations to choose from
    • Tuition in the car, not in a classroom
    • High Speed passenger rally ride included
    • Mitsubishi Evo vs Impreza Sti - which is the best
    • Drive 2 iconic rally cars on dirt stages
    • Rally instructor on board giving driving tips
    • Fully 'works prepared' cars
    • Drive a Subaru Impreza Sti on tarmac
    • Rally instructor and Passenger hotlap included
    • Handbrake turn session in a hatchback
    • Free 4x4 passenger rides for spectators
    • Unique rear wheel drive Subaru Impreza rallying experiences
    • Various drive time options to choose from
    • Hampshire venue
    • Options available from just 14 years old
    • Drive the legendary rear wheel drive Escort RS2000
    • Includes a passenger ride & timed lap challenge too
    • Dedicated Rally stage with concrete and gravel
    • Many of the instructors have competed in rallies
    • Competition spec Citroen C2 Rally Challenge cars
    • Practice runs to learn the course plus a timed run
    • Stage Times and driving rally assessment to take home
    • Flat out instructor rally hot lap included
    • Old school & new school rallying experience in Bicester
    • Drive Escort Mk II RS2000 & Subaru Impreza WRX STi
    • Rear wheel and all wheel rallying at its best
    • Passenger ride and timed gravel rally lap challenge included
    • A Full Day learning to drive a Group N Rally Car
    • 6 1:1 driving sessions on an authentic rally stage
    • Locations across the North of England
    • Options with the Mitsubishi Evo and Subaru Impreza
    • Experience a Subaru Impreza WRX at 100%
    • Ride alongside an experienced rally instructor
    • See how the experts execute Scandanavian flicks
    • A rally experience suitable for ages 14+
    • Multiple sessions in a group N Mitsubishi Evo
    • Discover the limits of grip, steering and braking
    • Various driving durations to choose from
    • Locations in Yorks, Lincs and Derby
    • Learn understeer and oversteer rally techniques
    • Individual Driving Certificate included
    • Drive fully prepared rally cars
    • Various driving durations to choose from
    • 100% authentic Welsh forest rally stages
    • Run by Mark Higgins - Rally America Series #1
    • RWD Ford RS2000 or FWD Mitsubishi rally cars
    • Learn at 'The Rally School of Champions'
    • Rallying on a purpose-built 1mile tarmac stage
    • Circuit overlooks main Knockhill Circuit in Fife
    • Three driving sessions & one high speed demo run
    • Drive the fully rally race prepped Ford Fiesta ST Zetec
    • Rally driving experience at Silverstone the heart of UK motorsport
    • Trip Advisor 'Certificate of Excellence' holders
    • Range of cars and durations to choose from
    • Personalised driving certificate included
    • Half Day Rallying Experience in a Group N Subaru Impreza
    • 1:1 tuition over 3 driving sessions
    • Onboard radio comms just like the professionals
    • 3 locations covering the North and Midlands
    • Drive a high performance Apache Rally Buggy
    • Onboard 1:1 tuition from a pro-instructor
    • Learn how to drift, lock and control the car
    • Sessions can be adapted to suit your skills!
    • Rallying & offroading combined in Leicestershire
    • Drive a 4x4 Land Rover though the Jungle Zone
    • Go rallying in a race-prepped Subaru WRX
    • Anytime & weekday vouchers available at this venue
    • Learn to rally cross in an agile Rage buggy
    • 0-60 in under 4 seconds on dirt!
    • Full and Half day driving options available
    • Passenger rides also available
    • A fun packed day of driving events in Scotland
    • Race, rally and kart at Knockhill's famous circuit
    • In-car teaching in fully race prepped vehicles
    • Spectators can watch from pit lane or race control

Get ready for the thrills and andrenaline on rally driving experience days!

When you go rallying you'll be driving a car in a way you'd never dream of doing out on the public roads (and it would be highly illegal too for that matter!).

It's all about going hard on the brakes into the corners, then getting a bit of a powerslide on as you grapple for grip. A handbrake turn or two and you’ll then be smoothly powering out of the bend with the rev counter bouncing as you change up the gears. 

Drive classic rally cars on proper rally stages

As for what you'll be driving, we've got all the famous rally cars lining up to be driven. You can hark back to the old school with some of the best-loved vehicles from the 1970s and 80s being revved up for your experience. There’s everything from the revolutionary front wheel drive pocket rockets to the first all wheel drive rally cars.

Think back to the halcyon days of the Ford Team RS when the iconic Ford Escort RS1800 Mk 2 was ripping up the grit and gravel of the fledging World Rally Championship that it actually won in 1979. We always get loads of enquiries from motoring fans who want to have a go at the wheel of these absolute classics. You'll be pleased to hear that thanks to the dedication of skilled auto mechanics (it's getting continuously harder to keep the older cars on the road and even source parts for them) you can.

The Welsh countryside and a rally experience go perfect together

What's more, we've got rally driving experiences where you can take an Escort Mk 2 out onto the rugged trails of Wales.

Synonymous with GB rally stages, nothing beats the forests of Powys for a technically challenging stage and it really is one of the most exciting places to hone your driving skills in the whole of the UK. The school is run by four times British Rally Champion David Higgins, so what he doesn't know about tearing along rutted and bumpy tracks in Wales isn't worth knowing.

But don’t take our word for it, watch how thrilling rally driving in Wales is for yourself!

Elsewhere, many of the circuits are based within former airfield complexes. The great advantage at this sort of venue is space. You've got loads of room to try out your doughnuts, with long, twisting circuits that are purpose-built to give you a fun and testing, yet driveable course.

Try modern all-wheel drive rally cars too

As well as the old classic vehicles, we've got modern classics too. We’re talking the sparring duo of the Subaru Impreza and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, who came head to head in the WRC stages for many years in the 80s and 90s. Both all wheel drive, these cars are truly superb to drive and the grip is just unbelievable, meaning you can really push the envelope when you're at the wheels of these Japanese wonders.

Bringing the rally car driving experience bang up to date, how about giving the ProDrive Mini Countryman a try out? It's four-wheel drive, it's been race prepped by the geniuses at Warwickshire's ProDrive and (in homage to the Italian Job) it goes fast enough to blow the doors off, probably. Think full on roll-cages, five point harnesses, full face helmet with intercom, your expert rallying instructor sitting beside you in the co-pilot's seat.

In essence, no matter what the car or where the stage is, you've got yourself an intense and brilliantly gripping rally driving experience day to remember!