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Chocolate Making Classes

Chocolate Workshop
Based On 20 Reviews


Save 30% From £34

    • Introduction to the history of chocolate making
    • Create and decorate chocolate truffles
    • Make your own giant chocolate button
    • Take home around 15-20 of your handmade chocolates
Chocolate Making Edinburgh
Based On 2 Reviews

Edinburgh, Scotland

Special Offer From £49

    • Chocolate making workshops in Edinburgh
    • Taste & make lots of delicious chocolates
    • Try some really unusual 'Scottish chocolate' recipes
    • Gift-wrap your chocolates to take home with you
Chocolate Making Party Kit


From £64.95

    • A chocolate making party kit
    • Make truffles, fudge and flavoured chocolate bits
    • Make approximately 15 chocolates per person
Chocolate Workshop Brighton

Brighton, East Sussesx

Save 30% From £34

    • Chocolate tasting and chocolate making in Brighton
    • Create scrummy chocolate truffles to take home
    • Learn the art of cutting, dipping and decorating
    • Make your own giant chocolate button
Chocolate Workshop Manchester
Based On 4 Reviews

Townhouse Hotel, Manchester

Save 30% From £34

    • Create chocolate truffles to take home
    • Taste chocs whilst you hear the history of cocoa
    • Learn the art of cutting, dipping and decorating
    • Make & decorate your own giant chocolate button
Cocktail & Chocolate Making

near Shoreditch Park, North London

Save 25% From £56.25

    • Cocktails and chocolate making combined!
    • Take part in a fun Friday evening workshop
    • Lovely North London location right by Regent Canal
    • Plenty of time for tasting - and take chocs home
Cooking with Chocolate Essex


From £99.00

    • Use 'Willies World Class Cacao' chocolate
    • Make Chocolate Fondant, Belgium Truffles and more..
    • A notebook and pen to make note of the recipes
    • Takes place in Danbury, Essex
Deluxe Chocolate Making
Based On 18 Reviews

Birmingham, Manchester & Leeds

2 for 1 From £59

    • Learn about the history of chocolate
    • Make Belgian truffles by hand
    • Dip and decorate your truffles
    • Package 30-50 truffles to take home
Luxury Chocolate Making London

Central London

Save 50% From £40

    • Taste chocolate from around the world
    • Make chocolate truffles and fudge
    • Blend your own chocolate martini
    • Package your chocolates to take home
Premium Chocolate Making Hampshire
Based On 26 Reviews

Old Alresford, Winchester

From £59.00

    • Create your own handmade chocolates
    • Take part in the lolly decorating competition
    • All ingredients and packaging are provided
    • Light refreshments are included
The Ultimate Chocolate Workshop

Bournemouth, Bath & London

From £49.00

    • Chocolate workshops in Bath, Bournemouth & London
    • Make Belgian truffles from scratch & decorate them
    • Learn all about tempering during a demonstration
    • Chocolate fountain will be free-flowing throughout
Chocolate Treasure Hunt

Central London

Save 30% From £24.5

    • A chocolate-themed treasure hunt in London
    • Work as a team, solve the clues and eat chocolate!
    • Run on selected Saturday and Sunday afternoons
    • Extra choc for the most creative selfies too!
London Chocolate Tour


From £45.50

    • Guided choc & sweet treat tours around London
    • Guaranteed to 'fill you up' with chocolate tastings
    • These expert choco tours were established in 2005
    • Ideal for any sweet toothed chocolate lover
London Taste Explorer for Two People

Central London Locations

From £37.50

    • Self-guided London tasting tours at your own pace
    • Choose from coffee, chocolate or beer tours
    • Sample artisan products in several locations
    • Tours don't have to be done in one single day

You make the chocolates - but do you get to eat them?

Funny you should ask that. Yes, you do get to taste an awful lot of yummy chocs when you go chocolate making! In our mind, that's the most important bit, so we make sure there's always plenty of it in every workshop. On some classes you even get to combine that fab choccy taste we all love with something like nibbles, or very welcome glass of bubbly to help celebrate your new-found chocolate making prowess.

Learn about the history of cocoa and chocolate

To begin your session you might well hear a little about the history of the humble cocoa bean and how it got made into a chocolatey drink and moulded into bars. Then you might be shown some of the basic techniques that are used to transform the melted version of this fabulous coca into hand-made delicacies.

But before long there's only one way this lesson is going to to go and that's hands on, as you can see from this chocolate making workshop video

Get stuck in making gorgeous gooey chocs

Time to don your apron, roll up your sleeves and literally get stuck in to the fine art of creating gooey truffles, crunchy praline and a whole lot more. Some of the courses take you into a world of wonderfully creative flavour combinations that go way beyond the chilli chocolate craze we all went through, whilst others stay very traditional.

You might find yourself enrobing, piping, stacking and rolling all manner of chocolate-based sweet things, but in the end no matter what the method, the result is the same - a handmade chocolate that looks and tastes so much better than your usual industrial chocolate snack. And when you've created a nice little gift box or bag to go with it, you've got yourself a lovely gift to take home with you.

Well, we say that, but in our experience when it comes to taking the fruits of your chocolate making labours away with you, most of them get polished off before you even get back through the front door.  That's testament to just how delicious the handcrafted cocoa delights you have made are sure to be!

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