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Target Air Rifles North Yorkshire

Coniston Cold, Skipton   

• A one hour air rifle experience
• A choice of paper or knock-down metal targets
• There are three permanent ranges
• All ranges have covered roofs
Target Shooting Session



What's Included

• A one hour air rifle experience
• Briefing is done on a one to one basis
• There are three permanent ranges
• All ranges have a choice of knock-down metal targets or paper targets
• A minimum of 2 participants is required for this experience
• You may form part of a small group of up to 4 people

What Can I Expect

Check your stance, line up your shot it's time for air rifles in Yorkshire! Your experience takes place at a premier shooting ground in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, with rolling countryside all around you, a warm welcome and great facilities on hand too - we love the open log fire on a cold winter's day in the clubhouse!

Target shooting is an Olympic sport that is accessible for all ages. You might think that to be a hot shot you need to be big and muscly, but that is simply not the case. It's actually more about brains than brawn, as you'll find you need to concentrate on stability, calmness and co-ordination to be a success with the air rifle.

Our Yorkshire centre is home to a whole range of shooting sports, including the three different rifle set ups. Each one offers both the traditional paper targets (the ones with black coloured rings on), as well as knock down targets that pop right back up again after you've given them a good ping with your pellet.

You'll be using modern sporting air rifles here in Skipton. These guns have longer barrels than pistols, which means they are more accurate and have a longer firing range. Typically, you might start off at around 10m and as your shooting improves, the distance increases to keep the challenge up.

These air guns all use metal pellets as ammunition, so before you start your session out on the range, your expert tutor will talk you through the workings of the gun and how to load. They will also show you the various stances (you can stand, sit, kneel or lie down in shooting) and make sure your have the right gun for your physique.

In fact, gun fit is one of the most important elements. It's all about the length between the trigger and the butt of the stock so that you are comfortable in your stance. Once this is correct, it's over to you to work on your trigger finger positioning, body alignment and breathing. Novices tend to hold their breath whilst shooting, whereas you'll learn the trigger should be released halfway through a nice, steady exhale…cool, calm and collected in Coniston Cold!

Once you're all set up, you'll have around an hour to shoot air rifles at this Yorkshire ground. Of course, everything you need is included in the package, but if you get hooked on this challenging air gun sport, the centre has an excellent shop with a full range of goodies from 12b shotguns, ammunition and rifles to shooting clothes.


• The shooting ground is Tuesday to Sunday, all year round
• Ranges have a covered roof so weather will not affect your experience


• Skipton, North Yorkshire
• The venue is a CPSA Premier Plus shooting ground

Suitable For

• The minimum age for participants is 12
• Under 18s must be accompanied on site by an adult
• All equipment needed is provided on the day
• Comfortable clothing and sensible footwear are recommended
• No one who is pregnant can participate but are welcome to watch


• Spectators are welcome and can see all the action under a covered viewing area

Anything Else

• There is a cafe and toilets on site
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Target Air Rifles North Yorkshire
Target Shooting Session
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