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Classic & Vintage Driving Experiences

Ford Bullitt Mustang

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Special Offer Was £139 NOW £59

    • Drive a Steve McQueen-style Bullitt Mustang
    • Experience takes place at Bovingdon Airfield track
    • Enjoy 10 driving laps of this replica movie car
    • Includes sighting laps in hot hatch as a passenger
Jaguar Classic Le Mans Experience

Test Track, Warwickshire

From £295.00

    • Drive a rare Jaguar C-type and an XK140
    • Events takes place at the famous test track
    • Experiences organised & hosted by Jaguar
    • Around 50mins of total drive time in the cars
Vintage Car Taster Hire

Redditch, Worcestershire

From £29.00

    • Best value vintage car hire & drive packages
    • Drive on a self-guided 60min tour in a classic car
    • Full fleet of classic cars for you to choose from
    • Fill all available seats in the car at no extra cost
Classic Car Driving at Bicester Heritage

Bicester, Oxfordshire

From £109.00

    • Drive classic cars at superb Bicester Heritage
    • Exclusive access to this fascinating venue
    • Centre uses original buildings of RAF Bicester
    • A fine fleet of classic cars to choose from
Classic Car Road Trip with Morgan Factory Tour

Redditch, Worcestershire

From £125.00

    • Classic car road trip & Morgan factory tour
    • Drive beautiful cars on open roads in the Malverns
    • Watch the skilled workforce hand-make Morgans
    • Lunch at the on-site Morgan cafe is included
Five Car Classic Car Tour

Redditch, Worcestershire

From £99.00

    • Drive five different classic cars on open roads
    • Choose between Welsh border or Cotswolds routes
    • Fuel, insurance, lunch & event back up all included
    • A full day out driving stunning classic sports cars
Heritage Jaguar Driving Day

Redditch, Worcestershire

From £125.00

    • Drive classic Jaguars out on the open road
    • Cover 160 miles on your round trip from Redditch
    • A cross country rally completed in stages
    • Take turns in driving the different Jaguars
1965 Ford Mustang Experience
Based On 5 Reviews

8 Locations

From £29.00

    • Drive a genuine 1965 Ford Mustang
    • Get behind the wheel of a true American classic
    • A choice of private circuits around the UK
    • Experience this old school V8, 500bhp Mustang
1968 Mustang Fastback

Heyford Park, Oxfordshire

Special Offer Was £99 NOW £69

    • Drive one or two great classics at Heyford Park
    • 6 laps in the Mustang & six in a Jag as an add-on
    • America meets England with the classic car duo option
    • Friends & family invited to watch the motoring fun
American Classics
Based On 3 Reviews

8 Locations

Save £40 From £34

    • Drive classic American cars
    • A superb trio of cars from across the pond
    • Wide variety of voucher options available
    • Cars include vintage Corvette, Camaro SS & Mustang
Austin Healey 3000 Driving Experience
Based On 2 Reviews

Heyford Park, Oxfordshire

Save 30% Was £99 NOW £69

    • Drive a rare Austin Healey 3000 at Heyford Park
    • This is a genuine right hand drive MkIII model
    • It's a roadster, so if the sun's out it's top down
    • Our only venue offering the Austin Healey
Best of British Coupes Experience

Heyford Park, Oxfordshire

From £189.00

    • Drive two great British coup├ęs out on the track
    • This experience pitches Aston Martin against Jaguar
    • The classic E-Type coupe vs the modern DB9
    • A British motoring match made in heaven in Heyford
Classic Car Choice
Based On 4 Reviews

Heyford Park, Oxfordshire

Special Offer Was £99 NOW £89

    • Classic car circuit driving at Heyford Park
    • Drive British, German & American motoring icons
    • Drive six laps in each of the cars you choose
    • Friends & family are welcome to watch the driving
Classic Mini Cooper S Driving Experience
Based On 2 Reviews

Heyford Park, Oxfordshire

Save £20 Was £89 NOW £59

    • Drive a classic Mini Cooper S at Heyford Park
    • This is a genuine 1970 Mk III Cooper S
    • Enjoy retro charm of the Italian job-style mini
    • Built just down the road at the Cowley plant
Classic Porsche Experience

Heyford Park, Bicester, Oxfordshire

Save £30 Was £99 NOW £69

    • Drive a classic Porsche 911 around the track
    • Enjoy 6 laps of Heyford Park with you at the wheel
    • Superb racing look to this stunning Porsche
    • This is a recreation of a 1972 911 Carrera RS
Corvette Race Car

8 Locations

From £29.00

    • Drive an iconic Chevrolet Corvette on the track
    • This is a genuine 1972 Third Generation 'Vette
    • Handle the 600bhp from the 6.0l engine on this GT
    • Choice of laps, choice of circuits available
Dodge Charger Experience

Leicestershire, Yorkshire, Surrey, Warwickshire, Fife

Special Offer Was £59 NOW £39

    • Drive a General Lee Dodge Charger on the track
    • Takes place at a choice of circuits around the UK
    • Styled just like the iconic Dukes of Hazzard car
    • Standard or extended drive options available
Drive a Steam Car

Daventry, Northamptonshire

Save 20% Was £129 NOW £105

    • Drive a very rare Stanley Steam Car
    • Tour the roads around Daventry and Warwickshire
    • A choice of tour drive lengths to choose from
    • Find out how these early 20th Century cars work
E-Type Driving Experience in Scotland
Based On 1 Reviews

Near Fife

From £209.00

    • Drive a glamorous & gorgeous E-type Jaguar
    • Activity takes place at Knockhill Circuit in Fife
    • You will be driving on the International Circuit
    • Four laps in a saloon then six laps in the Jaguar
Ford GT40 Driving
Based On 3 Reviews

8 Locations

Save £50 Was £99 NOW £49

    • Drive replica of the Le Mans double winning GT40
    • It's GT for Grand Touring, 40 for 40" car height!
    • Proper racing clutch makes this a formidable car
    • Drive at your choice of race track around UK
Gone in 60 Seconds Mustang Experience
Based On 11 Reviews

8 Locations

From £39.00

    • Drive an Eleanor-style Shelby Mustang classic
    • Just like the car featured in 'Gone in 60 Seconds'
    • A choice of distances and venues
    • Live out the epic Nicolas Cage movie in this car!
Italian Job Mini Driving

Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire

Save 50% Was £99 NOW £49

    • Sheer driving fun in a classic Mini car
    • Take the Italian Job to the race track
    • 10 laps of the Bovingdon track in this fab car
    • Sighting laps & high speed passenger lap too
Jaguar E Type Driving Experience
Based On 3 Reviews

Heyford Park, Oxfordshire

Save £10 Was £99 NOW £89

    • A Jaguar E-type FHC (fixed head coupe) drive
    • Take to the track at Upper Heyford in your Jag
    • A 4.2l, 265bhp classic with a 150mph top speed
    • The 'world's most beautiful car' said Enzo Ferrari
Mk1 Escort RS Drive

8 Locations Nationwide

Save 60% Was £99 NOW £39

    • Drive a classic MK 1 Ford Escort RS on the track
    • This is just like the Escort from Fast & Furious 6
    • Experience an icon of the 1970s rally world
    • Lots of tracks around the UK to choose from
On Road Classic Sports Car Day

Brent Cross

From £359.00

    • Drive sports cars on the open road from London
    • A fleet of cars across the decades lined up for you
    • Day run as a treasure hunt in teams of two
    • Drive up to six cars as you swap over regularly
Vintage Muscle Cars

7 Locations

Was £165.00 NOW £99.00

    • Vintage US muscle cars in a very English settings!
    • Drive one of three cars around a race track
    • Fleet is made up of classic 60s and 70s cars
    • Option to drive a replica Ford GT40 available
Vintage Steam Car Passenger Tour

Daventry, Northamptonshire

From £149.00

    • Passenger rides in a vintage steam car
    • This unique experience takes place nr Daventry
    • Tours are in a vintage Stanley Steam Car
    • Half or full full day steam car tours available
Drive Knight Rider

8 Locations Nationwide

Special Offer Was £99 NOW £29

    • Drive a Knight Rider car lookalike!
    • Take KITT for a spin on the track
    • This is a Pontiac Trans AM like KITT
    • Choice of laps & choice of circuits available
Dukes of Hazzard Experience
Based On 5 Reviews

7 Locations Nationwide

Save 60% Was £99 NOW £39

    • Drive a 'General Lee' styled Dodge Charger
    • Imagine yourself in the classic 80's TV show
    • 3 or 6 lap options to choose from
    • 8 UK Locations
Mustang GT 350 Drive

Leics, Warks, Yorks, Surrey, Devon

Special Offer Was £59 NOW £39

    • Drive a genuine 1960s Mustang GT350
    • Take this American classic for a spin on a track
    • Choose a 3 or 6 mile driving experience
    • A variety of venues for your Mustang drive
Smokey and the Bandit Trans AM Drive

Leicestershire, York, Surrey, Warwickshire

Save £20 Was £59 NOW £39

    • Your chance to drive a Smokey and the Bandit car
    • Take a lookalike Pontiac Trans Am out on the track
    • A choice of circuits around the UK to choose from
    • Cowboy hat, CB radio slang & double denim optional!

Drive the most gorgeous classic cars out there

There’s something quite magical about classic cars. All of these vehicles are veterans of the road and while it's true to say they lack modern motoring aids such as ABS braking, power steering and reverse parking cameras, there's something incredibly involving about driving these motors. You'll be harking back to an era when you really had drive these cars to get the best out them.

Looking round whilst stuck in the line of morning commuters to get on the motorway every morning, you'd be forgiven for saying modern motoring is dull. All the body shapes look the same, it's all about fuel economy, energy efficiency and driver aids these days. With these experiences we are taking you back to a classic age when 'going out for a drive' was a rather spiffing way to while away a Sunday afternoon and the cars were full of character.

Who can deny the romance of the timeless Aston Martin DB4? Who wouldn't agree that the Jaguar E-Type is beautiful (and in fact this very sleek car still regularly wins 'best looking car' polls?) Who could deny that the original Mini changed the world of city motoring? Plunge yourself into the lost world of car ownership from the halcyon days of the 1960s when the British automotive design and engineering industry led the world and manufacturing plants were working at full capacity.

Vintage open-top motoring 

It’s worth noting that several of these vintage motors are roadsters, so when the sun's shining driving with the top down is a must do and you can cruise the track or the roads posing like the best of them in your convertible. And just imagine the sounds swirling around you as you accelerate away from the lights. Pure bliss.

We've waxed lyrical about the British-ness of these experiences, but there are also a couple of American boys in on the act too, featuring the impressive Mustang. This car is a US vintage motoring at its best - the obligatory big, throaty, growly V8 engine and the aggressive larger than life styling definitely makes these vehicles stand out amongst the pack.

As for where you'll be going in these classic cars, it'll be track or road. We can highly recommend the experiences at Goodwood, the historic driving circuit that's synonymous with period cars, being host to the Revival festival.

Our other top tip is a roadtrip in a veteran car with picnic included. And to give you a taste of what you can expect, watch our open road classic car driving video - an impressive collection of motors, we think you’ll agree! All you need now are the leather driving gloves and not only will you have the right car in your hands, but you'll look the part too.