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Shoot Air Rifles

The is one activity that is sure to be a big hit when you line up your air rifle and take a pop at shooting the targets with ...

The is one activity that is sure to be a big hit when you line up your air rifle and take a pop at shooting the targets with your gun! We have got ranges around the UK that offer a very secure environment where safety is paramount and where top notch air rifle shooting instruction is par for the course.

If you've never tried air rifling before it is well worth giving them a shot. There's no need to be big and muscly, air guns are selected according to your height and build, so there's no massive post-trigger release recoil to worry about either. All you need to do is adopt the right stance for holding an air gun, be steady on your feet, keep your eye on the target and shoot. Read more...

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Air Rifle Shooting

Hazlewood Castle - Leeds, Castle Green - Kendal

From £30.00

    • Shoot the high powered and accurate rifles
    • Have a go at shooting a series of targets
    • Competition finale to see who can shoot the target
    • Unlimited pellets throughout the experience
Air Rifles & Pistols Bedfordshire


2 for 1 From £79

    • Exclusive expert tuition
    • One hour Air Rifles and Pistol Session
    • Takes place 7 days a week
    • All safety equipment is provided
Air Rifles & Pistols East Sussex

Crowborough, East Sussex

From £65.00

    • A two hour Air Rifle & Pistol shooting experience
    • Tuition from NSRA instructors
    • Get to grips with the range of air pistols and guns
    • All equipment is provided
Air Rifles & Pistols Sheffield


Special Offer From £35

    • Air gun sessions on the edge of the Peak District
    • Choose between air pistols or rifles on your shoot
    • Unlimited pellets and air gun hire included
    • Excellent all-weather shooting facilities on site
Air Rifles Cheshire

Frodsham, Cheshire

From £25.00

    • A 1 hour air rifle session
    • A qualified instructor throughout your experience
    • Have a go at shooting a series of targets
    • Takes place in Frodsham, Cheshire
Air Rifles East Yorkshire

Near Hull

From £45.00

    • A one hour air rifle experience
    • Three permanent ranges - 10, 50 and 100 metres
    • A choice of knock-down metal or paper targets
    • Located near Hull in East Yorkshire
Air Rifles Fife

Kirkcaldy, Fife

From £25.00

    • A Target Shooting in Fife
    • Use a 0.22 calibre Air Arms gun
    • Available on selected weekdays and weekends
Air Rifles in Brentwood

Kelvedon Hatch, Essex

From £18.00

    • Air gun sessions near Brentwood, Essex
    • Knock-down, paper and spinner targets to aim at
    • A range of 0.177 and 0.22 calibre shotguns
    • Archery session available as an add-on activity
Air Rifles Leicester


From £29.00

    • Air rifle shooting session
    • Sessions include, equipment and 60 shots
    • A competitive turn with a scoring system
    • Free entry to the on site museum
Air Rifles Lincolnshire

Bardney, Lincolnshire

From £20.00

    • Shoot at an outdoor range in Bardney, nr Lincoln
    • Try a variety of air rifle targets during your 1hr
    • You can add an hour of archery to your package
    • All the gear & teaching you need is included
Rifles & Pistols Devon

Newton Abbot

From £24.00

    • Three shooting ranges in one indoor centre
    • Shooting range is nr Newton Abbot in Devon
    • Fire air rifles & bb handguns at over 100 targets
    • Try the big screen simulated shooting games
Target Air Rifles North Yorkshire

Coniston Cold, Skipton

From £39.00

    • A one hour air rifle experience
    • A choice of paper or knock-down metal targets
    • There are three permanent ranges
    • All ranges have covered roofs
Target Shooting

Milton Keynes

From £36.00

    • Hit the target using CO2 Powered long range guns
    • Target shooting tips from qualified instructors
    • All ammunition and equipment is provided
    • Available Mondays to Saturdays throughout the year

Air rifle shoots from IntotheBlue

There's nothing like the satisfaction releasing the trigger on you air rifle and hearing the 'plink' of a pellet landing square on the metal target. On these air rifle experiences from IntotheBlue absolute beginners will be introduced to the sport of shooting in absolute safety.

Rifle shooting is, of course, an Olympic Sport and these beginner experiences will show you the basics of the sport that athletes like Peter Wilson excel at. We've dug out a video of Peter talking about his Olympic air rifle shooting career. It makes interesting viewing!

The different types of air gun and how they work

Air guns (the generic name for the rifles and pistols you’ll be using) use compressed air to fire the ammunition (rather than a conventional gun that creates a small explosion to propel the bullet out of the barrel). There are several different types of design, but most you come across are either pneumatic or spring air. 

Put simply, the gas expands (either air, carbon dioxide or another gas) and this compression increases density to create a greater pressure than the air inside than outside the barrel. As the shooter presses the trigger this compressed gas is released and the ammunition is propelled forward at speed and hey presto, you've fired a shot!

We won't bore you with all the air gun vocabulary like butt pad, stock, pistol grip, compression cylinder and muzzle, as the main aim of the game here is that you are shown how to shoot a gun safely. You’ll learn how to hold the gun correctly, how to load the ammo, the best stance to adopt and therefore how to successfully take aim and fire. After that, the fun part is getting down to some serious practice to see if you've got what it takes to be a skilled marksmen or markswoman.

A air rifle hand-selected for your build

Of course, as we don't all have the same physic - and you'll be pleased to know you don't have to have six pack and bulging muscles like Arnie to be a hotshot. So before you can bombard the targets with pellets, a suitable arm will be chosen for you, as all centres have a range of weapons for all different builds, ensuring novices are not hindered with a shooter that's too heavy for them, or with too much recoil.

As for what you'll be aiming at with your hand-selected air gun we have grounds that have both traditional static roundel-style targets and the 'knock down' type too. This is sometimes called field target shooting and basically involves you waiting for metal plates (often animal shaped) to pop up from anywhere.

Once you strike the targets they drop down, only to spring back up again at any given moment. This type of air rifle shoot requires serious concentration and a very keen eye to track your aim successfully, but we think it is the best way of bringing out that competitive sniper spirit in you!