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Bungee Jumping Experience

Tandem Bungee Jump Activity


From £120.00

    • Launch yourselves from a 160ft platform
    • The jump partner of your choice
    • Venues are available across the UK
    • Take the ultimate test of nerves
Bungee Jumping London
Based On 2 Reviews

O2 Arena, Greenwich Peninsula

Save £21 From £59

    • Bungee Jump from 160ft
    • Iconic backdrop of the O2 Arena in London
    • A personalised certificate of your jump
    • Great views of the Thames and London skyline
Outdoor Bungee Jump
Based On 7 Reviews


Save £20 From £49

    • The jump is usually taken from a height of 160ft
    • Feel the pressure on your harness as you jump
    • A crazy high adrenalin sport
    • Locations Nationwide
Abseil, Zip Wire & Parachute - Three Great High Wire Experiences
Based On 2 Reviews

Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham

From £60.00

    • The world's highest indoor zip activities!
    • Triple Whammy gives you 3 high level challenges
    • Take on the zip wire, free abseil & Powerfan
    • Located at Magna in the north Sheffield area
Unique Bridge Bungee Jump Middlesbrough
Based On 4 Reviews

River Tees

Save £21 From £59

    • A bungee jump from the only bridge site in the UK
    • Climb 210 steps to the top of the bridge
    • Take the 160ft jump
    • Personalised certificate of your jump
300ft Bungee

Bray Lake, Windsor & Tatton Park, Manchester

From £99.00

    • A 300ft bungee jump - the highest in the UK!
    • Available at Maidenhead and Manchester
    • The ultimate adrenaline rush
    • Jump over water
Extreme Sports Experience in Sheffield

Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham

From £99.00

    • Have a go at zip wiring, abseiling and more
    • Parachute descending and indoor bungee jumping
    • An adrenaline-packed day
    • Takes place in Sheffield
Indoor Bungee in Yorkshire

Magna Science Adventure Centre, Rotherham

From £50.00

    • Climb 143 steps to the top of the steel tower
    • Take the plunge and jump 150ft to the ground
    • Jumps take place in Sheffield
    • Music, lights, dry ice and a scary drop
London Tandem Bungee

O2 Arena, Greenwich Peninsula

From £160.00

    • Bungee Jump from 160ft
    • See the backdrop of the O2 Arena as you jump
    • Take the leap together on this fabulous duo tandem
    • A personalised certificate
Lovers Leap Tandem Jump with Champagne

Nationwide Locations

From £120.00

    • Perfect for Valentine's Day, or when you want to show your love!
    • Take the leap of faith together from 160ft
    • You'll be harnessed & tied together for your jump
    • A mini bottle of Champers to celebrate afterwards
Powerfan Freefall Descender

North Sheffield

From £30.00

    • An indoor parachute simulator jump from 150ft
    • Make the climb of 143 steps to the Jump Station
    • Drop at 97% of the possible top speed
    • This is a realistic free-fall sensation - indoors!

Anyone (mad enough) can bungee!

Let's destroy the common myth first: you don't have to be a student or antipodean to enjoy bungee jumping! As long as you're in good health (over 50s need a medical certificate) and up for it, anyone from the age of 16 can throw themselves off a platform at least 160ft off the ground either solo or as a tandem. 

Quite why you'd want to bungee has always mystified us, but as one of our perennial best selling experiences, it seems there's no shortage of daredevils all over the UK who want to fall through the air.

How bungee jumps work

The concept on all jumps is the same. At ground level you'll be given a body harness to wear, then weighed so that a suitable ankle harness can be selected for you. This involves calculating your weight, the height of the jump and factoring in velocity, which all goes to ensure that when you head overboard, your rope doesn't stretch so far that you touch the ground

Once you're on the platform with the ankle harness attached, you're hooked up to the pre-measured bungee cord. Then it's a case of 'One, two, three…bungeeeeeee' as you dive head first into the abyss. The law of physics dictates there will be a few seconds of free falling as there is nothing to slow you down, until the rope is at full stretch and it curtails your speed. And that's when you might be propelled back up again and you feel like you are bouncing up and down, before the jump technicians can catch you and release you, leaving you with both feet on the ground and blinking in disbelief at what you've just achieved!

The UK has all sorts of places to bungee jump from or off!

So that's what happens, but where will you be jumping? In most cases special cranes reaching up to 160ft in the air are placed in suitable open areas. You will be transported skywards in a cage and then you step out onto the aerial platform suspended over the ground. If you've got any fear of heights or vertigo going on, this is where it's going to kick in, bit don't worry, the crew is really patient, encouraging and generally brilliant at giving you the confidence to take that step.

We do have some very unique places in the UK where you can bungee. You can jump in the shadow of the impressive O2 Arena in the heart of London, you can fall at full speed in the midst of the Titanic quarter in Belfast or even have a go at some crazy indoor jumping stunts.

For those who are a bit 'Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt' we've got some serious extended height action ready to scare them silly as they step into the void at a dizzying 300ft off the the ground. But the ultimate in UK bungee jumping locations has to be in Middlesborough.

You will be climbing the 210 steps up to the top of the famous Transporter Bridge to take the almighty leap of faith over the impressive River Tees below, as seen in this thrilling ‘onboard’ Transporter Bridge jump footage. You even get taken back to shore in a boat on this one and there's a great viewing area for spectators to watch your expressions of sheer terror as you jump.

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