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Tandem Bungee Jump

Nationwide Venues

• Launch yourselves from a 160ft platform
• The jump partner of your choice
• Venues are available across the UK
• Take the ultimate test of nerves

What's Included

  • Team up with partner and take the ultimate test of nerves
  • You and a friend will be safely harnessed together before launching yourselves from a 160ft platform
  • Full safety briefing from a trained instructor
  • Jump from a choice of UK venues
  • Please allow around two hours on site for this experience

A crazy yet unforgettable experience but there's more bungee jumps here, just in case you develop a 'passion' for it!

What Can I Expect

It's a proper Skyfall - hold your breath and dream about the moment - with a friend or loved one. And remember, this is definitely NOT the end, my friend! The fabulous thing about a tandem jump is that you can share a great moment and a sensational thrill with the jump partner of your choice. Who will decide when to leap? Will you react the same way? What can you say on the way down? Will you be eyes wide open or wide shut as you rebound back skywards when the elastic bungee rope springs into action?

Once you have finally reached the ground, you will be filled with a euphoric sense of excitement and accomplishment. Sharing this jump with someone else, you truly will have an unforgettable experience as a daredevil duo.

Before you can take your tandem bungee, you will start off with a full safety briefing. You will then both be carefully weighed to ensure that the right length of bungee rope is used. Then it's time to proceed to the bungee platform where you are securely strapped on to each other and to the bungee cable.

Once you are inside the cage, the instructor will make the final safety checks and the crane will slowly raise the platform to 160ft. Both hearts will be pounding as the ground becomes a distant memory and the wide panorama opens out around you. Then it's time for the easy bit - look down if you dare, but it's all about just going for it and jumping. Adrenaline pumping, you launch yourselves from the edge of the aerial platform and away you go as clinging on tightly to each other towards the ground.

As this special jump is for pairs, we think it's makes a fabulous surprise present for your other half, or maybe a gift for a couple you know. And as for venues, there are tandem jumps laid on around the country. One thing's for sure, if you wanting to do a tandem jump to mark a certain occasion or even pop that question, it doesn't get much more whacky than this!


  • Jumps take place at a site near Windsor at least once a month throughout the year
  • Selected dates are also available in other locations across the UK


  • Belfast  Queens Quay
  • Birmingham   Cliff Lakes Waterpark
  • Brighton   Marina
  • Bristol    The Lloyds Amphitheatre
  • Cambridge   Priory Lakes
  • Glasgow   Riverside Museum
  • Manchester   Salford Quays
  • Manchester  Tatton Park
  • Windsor   Bray Lake Watersports

Suitable For

  • Minimum age is 14
  • Under 16s will require a parent or guardian's permission and signature
  • Customers 50 years and above should seek medical advice prior to their event to ensure there is no medical reason for them not to participate
  • Maximum weight limit is 19 stone
  • There are no height restrictions
  • Waist harnesses fit waist size of 40cm (15.7 inches) to 125cm (49.2 inches)
  • If you are not in good health you should NOT jump
  • If you have any of the following conditions you should seek medical advice before jumping; high blood pressure, heart condition, suffer from dizziness or epilepsy, damage to neck, back, spinal column, legs or eyes, asthma, pregnancy.
  • If you suffer from any of the above but have been given a doctors certificate, you will be requested to sign a non standard waiver
  • Alcohol - if you appear intoxicated you cannot jump
  • Please inform the operator if you are taking any form of medication
  • Glasses and hard contact lenses cannot be worn
  • Boots may need to be removed when jumping
  • Individuals with additional needs or requirements CAN JUMP!
  • If you find it difficult to participate in able-bodied activities but still want to be challenged and push your limits, Bungee jumping may be perfect
  • Please check with our customer services team to discuss individual requirements


  • Spectators are welcome to come along and watch the action

Anything Else

  • Video footage, photographs and T-shirts of your jump are available to purchase with prices starting from £15
  • The Berkshire venue has a lakeside cafe serving drinks and snacks