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Outdoor Bungee Jump

Nationwide Venues   

• The jump is usually taken from a height of 160ft
• Feel the pressure on your harness as you jump
• A crazy high adrenalin sport
• Locations Nationwide

What's Included

  • 160ft Bungee Jump for one person
  • Full safety briefing from a trained instructor
  • Jump from a choice of UK venues
  • Try this crazy high adrenalin sport in a traditional outdoor environment
  • Please allow around two hours on site for this experience
Another great adrenaline-filled IntotheBlue experience.

What Can I Expect

Great ready for your bungee jump. Once you have reached the jumping platform 160ft up and you are brave enough, take a look around at the awesome skyline and the drop below. You won't have too long though as the next thing you will hear are these heart-stopping last words just before you leap... '3..... 2...... 1..... BUNGEE!'

Bungee jumping is the ultimate adrenaline rush and the experience of a lifetime. It's up to you which way you go - forwards or backwards. Whichever style you choose, look before you leap and as you hurtle downwards towards the ground it really will leave you breathless!

Then as your heart is racing with the sheer excitement of it all, you'll soon feel the pressure on your harness and you know that the bungee cord has done it's job. Suddenly you're heading back skywards on your first rebound and you will be flooded with an amazing sense of euphoric achievement.

This is surely the world's most crazy high-thrills sport and there are many terrific locations all over the UK where you can take the high jump off a crane peering into the sky at a dizzying 160ft above the ground. Can't get enough of the leaping and falling? Then check out our main bungee jumping page for more thrills of a lifetime.

Of course this is an extreme sport but that does not make it dangerous! The experience of many thousands of jumps has been used to define safe methods of bungee jumping and to draw up a code of safe practice. This code was created in consultation with the UK government's Health and Safety Executive. So enjoy the excitement in the knowledge that your are in safe hands.


  • Jumps take place at the site near Windsor at least once a month throughout the year
  • Other selected dates are available at the locations across the UK


  • Belfast  Donegall Quay
  • Birmingham  Cliff Lakes Waterpark
  • Brighton  Marina
  • Bristol   The Lloyds Amphitheatre
  • Cambridge  Wyboston Lakes
  • Cornwall  Newquay Porth Beach
  • Doncaster  Conisbrough Viaduct
  • Glasgow  Riverside Museum
  • London  Coram's Field
  • London  Battersea Park*
  • Manchester  Salford Quays
  • Manchester  Tatton Park
  • Middlesbrough  Transporter Bridge
  • The Abyss @ Magna  Sheffield/Rotherham
  • Whitby  Larpool Viaduct
  • Windsor  Bray Lake Watersports

* Battersea Park, London is available for a £30 supplement payable when you book your date

Suitable For

  • Minimum age is 14
  • Under 16s will require a parent or guardian's permission and signature
  • Customers 50 years and above should seek medical advice prior to their event to ensure there is no medical reason for them not to participate
  • Maximum weight limit is 19 stone
  • There are no height restrictions
  • If you are not in good health you should NOT jump
  • If you have any of the following conditions you should seek medical advice before jumping; high blood pressure, heart condition, suffer from dizziness or epilepsy, damage to neck, back, spinal column, legs or eyes, asthma, pregnancy.
  • If you suffer from any of the above but have been given a doctors certificate, you will be requested to sign a non standard waiver
  • Alcohol - if you appear intoxicated you cannot jump
  • Please inform the operator if you are taking any form of medication
  • Glasses and hard contact lenses cannot be worn
  • Boots may need to be removed when jumping
  • Individuals with additional needs or requirements CAN JUMP!
  • If you find it difficult to participate in able-bodied activities but still want to be challenged and push your limits, Bungee jumping may be perfect
  • Please check with our customer services team to discuss individual requirements


  • Spectators are welcome to come along and watch the action

Anything Else

  • Video footage, photographs and T-shirts of your jump are available to purchase with prices starting from £15
  • The Berkshire venue has a lakeside cafe serving drinks and snacks


Average Rating 4
Total Reviews 9
Recommend to Friend 9
last week
First bungee jump, a bit nervous to begin with but the team were fantastic and felt very secure
2 weeks ago
Definitely doing this again. If you’re unsure, it’s over in a flash - just do it! Life is for living.
about 5 years ago
Couldn't fault it. Support from both 'out of the blue' and the bungee people themselves was great prior to the event. No hassle booking and using the voucher. On the day, timing was pretty fluid but they did a great job of getting everyone ready and making us feel comfortable. They were a very professional outfit. I wouldn't hesitate to use either company again. My one piece of advice would be to book merchandise in advance to make sure you get the discounted rate and the size/colour you'd prefer.
about 6 years ago
Thank you so much to the team at Cliff Lakes Waterpark who hosted my bungee jump on Saturday 19th November. I was terrified, and screamed the whole way down, but the team were fantastic and so patient.
about 7 years ago
The experience of doing the bungee jump was brilliant, however I do think there could be some improvements. Firstly, the music playing whilst we were waiting to do the bungee was very irritating. Also, we had booked on to do a bungee at 15:00 and 15:03. We arrived 25mins early, but had to wait a long time in a queue to do our bungee. We got to jump about 50 minutes after we had scheduled to. It was not fun having to wait around for this long.
Outdoor Bungee Jump
Outdoor Bungee Jump
Outdoor Bungee Jump Nationwide
Total Price£75.00